UN Binding Treaty for Transnational Corporations on Human Rights: the view of The Left in the EP

So we are here in Geneva representing the Left in the European Parliament, but also an inter-parliamentary network – representing parliamentarians all across the world. We demand one clear thing: a binding treaty for multinationals to respec human rights – to end impunity and for victims to access remedies and justice. The European Parliament has requested in 10 different resolutions that such Treaty is negotiated, and that the EU actually engages in negotiations. So it’ up to the EU to deliver this. We are here so that finally a binding treaty for the respect for human rights by multinational corporations can be achieved. Still, the EU Commission excuses herself by saying that she lacks a mandate to push for those rights. That’s why we are here together with a global network of parliamentarians of the national parliaments of the Member States of the EU as well as from the European Parliament to finally initiate this process.” The same day that negotiations begin here in Geneva, the Ecuadorian people have once again given us an example of dignity by getting rid of IMF measures and showed us that any treaty that is not backed by the people will be useless. We are really proud to be here, not just as members of the European Parmiament, but as well as representertives of the hunderds of thousands of European citizens who are demanding a legally binding treaty. We’re happy to be here for the millions of people around the globe who are defending their communities against multinational corporations and environmental degradation. There’s a real mood here for change. We’re here to follow that mood through to demand all EU institutions take action on this and get the negotiations and implementing of this very necessary treaty.

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