UMR Desktop Site Tour for Members

You’ve been asking for it.
Well now, we’ve got it. We’ve made even better! During the past year, we’ve been listening
to you about the features you wanted most and we’ve been working hard to improve our
site. Now, you’ll find that managing your claim
and benefit information is easier than ever. And, getting started on the new site is quick
and easy. If you’ve already registered on our site, just go to and login
directly from the home page with your username and password. New users can register for online
services in just three simple steps using our simplified registration process. You’ll notice right off the bat that
has a fresh new look and that it takes fewer clicks to get to the information you need.
There’s simplified navigation with easy to use menus and simple icons that make it easy
for you to quickly find important tools. And, finding claims is quick and easy. Just click
claims and then select how you would like to filter your results. Once you find the
claims you’re looking for any associated EOBs if available can be viewed by clicking the
EOB button. There’s also new dynamic video content to
help you learn more about your health and benefits. And we’ve taken extra time to simplify
the language throughout the site to help make it easier for you to understand your health
information. Expanded help is also available in English and Spanish. They say a picture is worth a thousand words
and it’s true. Our new graphical displays make it easy for you to understand how much
the plan pays and how much you pay as well as the amount met for individual and family
deductibles, out-of-pocket and annual maximums. Finding a provider is easy too, just click
find a provider to display your provider network link. And when you’re on the go you’ll find
that our new site is as easy to use as our mobile site with similar navigation and expanded
features and content. You can also take advantage of cool new tools such as ID card ordering,
printing and faxing. We’ve made it easier for you to learn more
about making healthy choices. At UMR we’re committed to supporting you on your journey
to wellness. Our new health center will offer you access to useful health and wellness tools
that help you manage and track your progress. You’ll also have acess to expanded health
and wellness information topics to help you address your health needs at different times
such as when you’re dealing with a health emergency, when you’re dealing with a chronic
condition, or when you just want to learn more about healthy living. Are you ready? It’s easy to get started right
now. Log in or register to begin taking advantage of our new site loaded with new and easy to
use tools and features that make it fast and easy for you to manage your health and benefit
information and to get and stay on track towards becoming a healthy new you!

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