Ultimate BBQ Sauce Taste Test

– Today we raise the bar BQ sauce. – Let’s talk about that. (groovy electronic music) – Good Mythical Summer. – If you’re going to Anaheim
for VidCon next week, don’t miss the Mythical booth in hall A, and if you’re not, you can
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I will be doing a live Q&A and a meet and greet so
see ya there or online. – Next week is the 4th of July and did you know for every
chicken wing you lose down your grill grate, an
angel gains a chicken wing? That’s the miracle of 4th of July. – Okay so in preparation
for your wing grilling, today we’re gonna help you
decide what’s the best sauce to baste those wings in. It’s time for There Are
Too Many Barbecue Sauces, So We’re Gonna Taste A Few, Find Our Fave, and Cut Out Losses. – Okay in order to narrow down the field, one side of our bracket will contain the four best-selling
sauces in America which are Sweet Baby Ray’s, Jack Daniels
Original Number 7, Kraft, and KC Masterpiece. – Okay and on the other
side of the bracket are what we’re calling the beast
eats and it contains what you, the Mythical Beasts
said you preferred based on your responses on Twitter. Now that also overwhelmingly meant that Sweet Baby Ray’s was
your favorite but it’s already in the best-selling
bracket so the next highest were Stubb’s, Bull’s-Eye, Head
Country, and Famous Dave’s. – All the sauces will be
the brand’s original flavor and we’re gonna be
tasting them head to head until we eventually reach one best-seller versus one beast eats to
battle it out for the title of best barbecue sauce. Let’s get to tasting. (rock music) – Number one best-seller,
Sweet Baby Ray’s, which everybody seems to love, versus Jack Daniels Original Number 7. – Okay Sweet Baby Ray’s
was actually invented in Chicago by Chef Larry who, not a lie, incidentally catered
Ellie’s parents’ wedding. – So it’s not Sweet Baby Larry’s. It’s named after his brother. That was his basketball nickname. Mm.
– That’s good. – Sweet, got a little bite.
– That’s really, really good.
– I’m gonna put my drumstick on the back if I need to go in again. Now, again, there’s so many choices. I was actually in the grocery
store barbecue sauce aisle last week making this
choice and I just felt– – Overwhelmed.
– So overwhelmed. – It’s like buying toilet paper. – And you know what I did? I got Sweet Baby Ray’s because– – But there’s so many of ’em. – Because of the packaging. This is very good. It’s notably smokier
than Sweet Baby Ray’s. I mean I’d be disappointed
if Sweet Baby Ray’s was not sweet, that would be weird. – It has concentrated raisin juice in it. – Is that what I’m tasting?
– Do you taste the raisin juice? Here’s what I’ll say
about Sweet Baby Ray’s. Sweet Baby Ray’s has a little kick that I really, really like. – Got something I didn’t
wanna eat in my mouth. – That’s good. – Right off the bat we’ve
got a tough decision to make. I chose Sweet Baby Ray’s
to purchase because it looks like a down home packaging. This is so fancy and you
know, they make whiskey and now they’re makin’ barbecue sauce. – There’s still a sticker though. – I was about to buy this
but then I like knowing that just some guy named Ray,
it’s not even the truth, is making this in his backyard. – I just think it tastes better. I don’t think it comes
down to the packaging. I think that it just–
– Right. – It’s sweet and it’s a little bit spicy. It’s a perfect balance. I’m gonna send this one along,
are you on the same boat? – Absolutely.
– All right Sweet Baby Ray’s movin’ on. (rock music) Now we got the second and
third best-selling sauces Kraft versus KC Masterpiece. Now this is Kraft which unlike
a lot of commercial sauces, does not contain high fructose corn syrup. – Mm. That’s weird, how would you describe that? – Mass produced. Large batch. Not small batch. – The label is representative
of the experience I’m having. Kinda generic but odd.
– This should be sold in an incredibly large container. – Now KC Masterpiece, this
is some thick, dark goodness. It’s got a cowboy taking
a knee on the label. You know if it brings
a cowboy to his knees, you better buckle up, bronco. – And this was invented
in 1977 which is a year I’m partial to. – This is clearly better than that. Which I’m gonna start
saying is pretty horrible. – Yeah, you know what, I’m
not saying I’m a huge fan of the KC Masterpiece. Got a little too much
molasses in it for me. It’s way better than Kraft though. – Oh yeah.
– KC Masterpiece, movin’ along! (rock music) – Now we’re over on
the beast eats bracket. We got Stubb’s, the number
one seed versus Bull’s-Eye in the fourth seed. – Okay Stubb’s was created by former Korean War mess sergeant C.B. Stubblefield at Stubb’s legendary barbecue
in Lubbock, Texas, 1968, and then it took until 1992
to become available in stores. – It’s a thinner sauce. It feels like it’s got
some more vinegar in it. – It has an interesting spice
in it though, I will say. I’m trying to place that. – The Bull’s-Eye used to be
the official barbecue sauce of Burger King’s Rodeo
Cheeseburger but then in 2007, Sweet Baby Ray’s swept in and took over. This is back when I used to
eat the Rodeo Cheeseburger. Sweeter sauce. – It has that I should go on
something at Burger King taste. – It really does, I mean, well, I think you associate it
with the Rodeo Cheeseburger, at least back in my heyday
and I think that is, that’s tipping the scales
in the negative category. – Yeah it’s just, again, it
has this not as much care went into this sort of taste. Whoever’s gonna buy this
doesn’t care as much. – I actually think it’s also overwhelming. – In what way?
– The taste. – (chuckles) It’s overwhelming. – It’s just too much, it’s–
– Emotionally. – It’s just a wall of sauce.
– Okay we’re in agreement. Stubb’s movin’ along. (rock music) And finally we’ve got your
second favorite sauce, Head Country versus your
third favorite, Famous Dave’s. – Never heard of this. – [Rhett] Me neither. Head Country began in 1947
when Bud and Freda Head started selling their sauce
from their Oklahoma ranch house. So this has got some history. – Mm. Smoky and sweet, kind of
middle-of-the-road in that way. – [Rhett] Mm. – Raised the eyebrows.
– That’s a good sauce. Your eyebrows go down, my eyebrows go up. – Yeah, keep it balanced,
man, like a good sauce. – And over here, I like this packaging. It’s kinda crappy.
(Rhett laughs) In a good way.
– Right, it’s a sign that maybe this is gonna be good. – It says rich and sassy,
see if it’s rich and sassy, started by Dave Anderson in
1994 in Hayward, Wisconsin? Okay, we got a Wisconsin sauce in the mix. – This is totally different. It’s a little sassy, it’s
got some spice to it. – It’s good, this is tough. – This one’s not easy. There’s not an immediate favorite here. I’m gonna just pop this off. Pour it out. It’s sealed for my protection. – Pour some of this out too. I like to taste it off the… – Get that straight.
– This one actually has a raisiny sweetness to it. It tastes a little bit
like a prune situation. I am very confident that
Head Country is better. There’s a pruneishness. – Taste the prune. – Like the Jack Daniels raisin. – This is tangier.
– Mm-hmm. – You know what I’m sayin’? I feel like it has a
little bit of spice too but it’s a more well-balanced flavor. I think we’re going into Head Country. – (chuckles) Head first. (rock music) Sweet Baby Ray’s versus
Kansas City Masterpiece. – [Rhett] So we’re movin’ on
to pulled pork for this round because we’re trying to pick
the best all-around sauce to meet all your saucing needs. – Uh-huh. – [Rhett] Sometimes that might be pork. – Having tasted a bunch of other ones, the Sweet Baby Ray’s is
much sweeter than spicy, hence the name. Kansas City, much smokier. – I typically don’t sauce
my pork to this degree. Just so you know. – [Link] I think it helps
in this situation though. – But when you’re trying to figure out what the best sauce is,
it definitely helps. – I’m trying to figure out–
– For me, having gone back and forth, I feel like
there’s a clear winner. I feel like the KC
Masterpiece does a good job of complimenting pulled
pork, I will say that, ’cause it’s got a smokiness to it. – I enjoy it a little bit
better on the pulled pork, but factoring in both rounds– – I just think that the
tanginess of this sauce is ultimately more pleasing to my palette. This is getting a little
too sweet, molassesy for me. – Oh really?
– Again, this is really balanced. Tangy, spicy and sweet.
– Versatile. – Yeah so–
– Sweet Baby Ray’s. – Movin’ to the finals. (rock music) Now Stubb’s versus Head Country. – Mm-hmm, where America comes together. I’ll go for some Stubb’s first since you’re already in there. – Okay, now that specific
spice I’m talkin’ about. That is a unique flavor. I don’t know what, you know
what I’m talkin’ about? – Yes.
– There’s something in there. It’s not that I don’t like
it but I don’t love it. – It’s actually milder. – What is that spice?
– Than both of them in the previous rounds. There’s really no sweetness in it so if you’re going for sweet, you’re not gonna go for Stubb’s. – I cannot identify the spice
based on the ingredients. Josh can probably help us later and tell us what we’re actually tasting. – Now for the Head Country.
– It’s almost like a Christmasy taste. – It’s mostly sweet, as
I may have already said. There’s a tanginess, not a smokiness. A sweet and tangy that I really like. – I gotta say Head Country, nope. Head Country does not
taste good on pulled pork. – I like it.
– I do not like it, but I also don’t like this. – So you just like, but
which one do you like less? Overall, factoring in the chicken as well. – I thought I was a big fan
of Stubb’s but I gotta say, there’s a flavor profile in
here that’s throwing me off. – Yeah.
– I think Head Country wins this round although I actually
am disappointed in how it tasted on the pork. – It’s movin’ on. (rock music) – Here we are at the finals,
the best tasting best-seller, Sweet Baby Ray’s versus the
yummiest fan fave Head Country. – Head Country.
– And we’re movin’ into ribs. – Let’s go to Head Country first, okay? They’re both in plastic
bottles which I love because when it’s empty you can smoosh it down and it doesn’t take up as much
room in your recycling bin. – Oh I’m glad you thought of that. – But again, that’s not helpin’ us. But this one’s got a flip top and that one you gotta twist off, so that’s a point for the
Head Country in my mind and– – That’s not what we’re judging. – But I like the label better– – Which one tastes better?
– On Sweet Baby Ray’s. – It’s not about the packaging. – ‘Cause it’s unassuming.
– It’s about which one tastes better.
– It’s unassuming, it’s not trying too hard. – First of all, Josh, did you
make these ribs from scratch? – I did.
– Did you raise the pig? – [Josh] I sure did. I named him after you.
– It’s a good rib, Josh. – This is a championship style rib. That’s a good rib, I’m
trying not to just judge it by how good the rib is. – Mm.
– I wasn’t distracted by the sauce, I’ll say that much. Both of us tend to like a dry rub rib. – Yeah, but–
– Wet rib territory. – [Link] That was very good. – Wow, these ribs are
so good that the sauce is secondary.
– Second fiddle. And that’s really what you want. You don’t want a sauce that
overpowers a really good rib. – Okay.
– They both pass that test. – We’re gonna have to
go straight sauce, Link. ‘Cause I thought that I just knew going in unequivocally that Sweet Baby
Ray’s was takin’ it home. But now I gotta just go straight sauce. – We’re going on the spoon? – Well we gotta. – [Link] Well here, let me,
let’s go in the same place at the same time. You gonna eat all that?
– Yeah I wanna know. I’m a curious, curious boy. – Now we gotta put this one–
– That’s not how you’re supposed to eat barbecue sauce. – All right so now I’m gonna fill my head with some Head Country. – I don’t like–
– There’s a lot more wordplay. I don’t know why I was just holding this out there like bleh. I gave you the wrong thing. – Something weird happenin’ there. – Whoa.
– That’s what I been tastin’. – When you taste it by itself
it tastes like cocktail sauce, like seafood cocktail sauce. – Yeah, not good at all. – What the crap?
– I don’t know how Head Country snuck its head
all the way to the finals– – It’s got Worcestershire
sauce but listen, it’s not fair to do what
we’re doing, stop it. – I wanna know!
– Stop it! This is not how you do it. I’m pullin’ for the Head Country. – You want the Head Country
to win ’cause you like the idea of a dark horse candidate ’cause that’s what your
speech was about when you ran for vice president in your junior year. – I didn’t win so it’s
a chip on my shoulder. – Yeah Lisa Bus beat you. – I think I beat myself. – Listen I’m not sayin’ this
because I’m a people pleaser and I’m trying to make all
the Mythical Beasts happy. I would not have known
that I like this sauce. I don’t use any of these popular sauces in my barbecue stylings.
– It is better. – This is a good sauce.
– It’s better because even when you eat it alone, it
doesn’t take a weird turn. So I think–
– Right. Head Country took a weird turn. – I’m not gonna feel weird
about going with the votes because this restores
my faith in humanity. – Yeah it’s popular for a reason, because Sweet Baby Ray’s is the best brand of barbecue sauce. – Ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. Sweet Baby Ray’s, congratulations! – Yes, thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – This is Tony.
– This is Jamie. – And we’re at the Central
BBQ of Memphis, Tennessee. – [Both] It’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – Ooh we’re jealous!
– Best ribs in Memphis! Click the top link to
watch us taste cranch and other weird combo condiments
in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. Will it taco? – [Rhett and Link] Yes! – [Link] Will proceeds from
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100 thoughts on “Ultimate BBQ Sauce Taste Test

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