Ukrainian Member of Parliament slamming 5 year olds for having Russian names

Olenka. – Olenka, beautiful! What is your name? – Misha (Russian name). Misha.. Well, let us talk about Misha. What is Misha in Ukrainian? And in Ukrainian Misha is Mikhailik. If Misha was living in UK, he would be Michael, right? And if Misha was living in France, he would be Michel. And if Misha is Ukrainian, he should be Mikhailik. How do you like it more, Mikhailik or Misha? Misha! Catastrophe! Catastrophe! Woman in background: In Ukrainian we are Mikhailik! Is it clear or not? What is your name? – Vika. Vika, which is Viktoria. Right? Viktoria. What is your name? – Olenka. Olenka, such a beauty! Never be Alena! (Russian name) Because if you become Alena, my child, you will have to pack and go to Moscow. What is your name, little sun? – Vitya. Vitya .. Well, ok, you can be Vitya.. And what is your name? – Katrusia. Katrusia! So lovely! Applaud! Katrusia! Not Katya (Russian name), but Katrusia! What is your name? – Romchik! Romchik! What is your name? – Danilko. Danilko! Incredibly beautiful, incredible! What is your name? – Maximko. Maximko, adorable! What is your name? – Lisa (Russian name). Lisa … Lisa … Elisaveta … And you know, there was a women magazine, a terrible magazine with the name Lisa. My child was reading it and asked me: “Mommy, what is it, Lisa?” If you take the word “licking” (lisati) and cut the ending, then it will become Lisa. Pity.. What is your name? – Maxim. If one of you is Marishka .. There is no Marishka’s here, right? Or maybe your friend is called Marishka? Then never call Marishka Masha (Russian name). If she is Masha, it is not our “form”. She should just go there where Mashas live!

85 thoughts on “Ukrainian Member of Parliament slamming 5 year olds for having Russian names

  1. She shows a sick nationalism blind to the fact that Ukraine is shared with a russian speaking population. The country should be divided along the waterways running from Kiev to Kherson. With the eastern part as a part of Russia. Natural borders will bring peace. 

  2. Iryna FARION =
    FARION ? really ? That family name doesn't belong to Slavonic Culture BRAH. Eastern Europe is not AZEROTH. Change your name first, then then names of others.

  3. Щирая смидомитка! Застрелить тебя надо! Тупая тварь!

  4.  This is an opportunity for easy money!

    Parents of these children should sue state of Ukraine and fascist regime (this bitch is representative of the state government and the fascist regime after the unconstitutional coup) and the European Court of Human Rights will 1000000% judgment in their favor, and parents will receive financial compensation for the fascist regime's torture of their children.
    This is an opportunity to Misa become Misa millionaire

  5. ёбаные фашисты. какая разница как зовут человека, хоть "123". я живу в германии и никто меня не заставлял менять имя на немецкий эквивалент и никто не издевается над именем, тем более публично, как эта шалава.

  6. These are the same psychological mindgames that destroyed my parents and made them leave their homestead. They lost everything and never really could cope with the past. This woman needs to be kicked until she pisses blood.

  7. fascism shall not pass!
    There'll be a new Nuremberg, and for this cunt won't be useful the excuse "I was just following order"…

  8. IRINA FARION mmmm ok, where are you from i think you are not ukrainian,and you pretend ukrainia nationalist you fucking bitch burn to hell!!

  9. Stupid bitch is shaming kids for their Russian names?!  Their parents are Russians, they have a right to name their kids any name they like.  Nazi bitch.

  10. This is not longer Ukraine. I'm ashamed of what my country has become. How fucking low can they go? Maybe its better not to ask. This is still year 1 of the 'revolution' and already they are brainwashing the children, instilling anti-Russian sentiment in extremely young children, shelling residential areas of cities/villages and killing innocent civilians, slandering and accusing Russia without a shred of evidence, carrying out false flag operations such as the downing of MH17 and attempting to frame Russia and pull Russia into a war.

    If you think the Kiev government has a limit to its immorality and disregard for human life I would advise you to think again. The oligarchs have pillaged from the economy all that they could pillage and extort. There's nothing left. They've invited the US/EU/IMF to pull the country into further debt and make a few more dollars. Instead of blaming the Ukraine's financial problems on their present and previous corrupt leadership and taking responsibility to fix the problem, they just blame Russia for ALL their problems.

    I hope the current illegitimate government is overthrown and those directly involved in these atrocities are tried and hung for crimes against humanity starting with Yarosh, Kolomoisky, Yatsenyuk, Turchynov, Dollarshenko, Tyahnybok and Lyashko.

  11. I had relatives, Serbs living in Croatia, they went through exactly the same treatment by Croats long before the war erupted. A few years later they were expelled from there. Many weren't so lucky.

  12. Spread this video around, more people should see it, especially since it has subtitles. It is because of things like this that people in Crimea don't want anything to do with Ukraine.

  13. She told 1 kid if they don't change their name they would have to go and live in Moscow like she knows somethings coming something big and nasty

  14. woow,russian propaganda engine…shes slamming 5 years old for having russian names? What for bullshit. Some people here are commenting becase there somebody wrote things in english and you clearny dont see whats going on there? Full of bullshit! Its clear that russians are doing the propaganda engine sofar so that there nation and world would hate ukraine! The real russian nazis on work to hate one nations.
    This is nothing else than learning ukraine nation, simply showing the kids what are common and real root names of ukraine but you are making such a big deal. Who cares and like this kids are going to remember that next week again? Its part of nation history to teach that to in schools…

  15. Pissing off the Russians is never a good idea… Arrogant nazis/neocons/zionists are doomed they just don't know it.

  16. I hope this bitch won't go to Lviv and start harassing children for Polish names. I can't believe, that there's a nazi country growing just at our eastern border.

    Someone should stop this shit.

  17. Украина не может быть единой. Россия, обязана забрать Юго-Восток бывшей Украины, в свой состав.

  18. Poor kids, brainwashing start ..I remember because I born 1972 in Czechoslovakia..that was comunist country – ideology and brainwashing children in schcool..Doesnt matter which ideology nacionalism or comunism, this is a same shit, prepare people make them as sheeps, start people programing early years as zombies and take them freedom of minds, speech, learn.. achhh jaj 🙁

  19. О, каква је коза ова нацистичка политичарка-плавуша! Заправо, нека ми неко каже како се "коза" каже на украјинском?

  20. Mrs. Farion is an example of stupidity of nationalism (an Ukrainian in this case) at its "best". One just can be astonished why such people regard themselves to be sooo civilized and European-like…

  21. I would smack this stinkin nazihoe down if she crosses ma way. fuccin daugther of a blood pissin gipsy whore.
    All them nazi-fuccers will get their punishment one day. I hope this day come close!

  22. She is a bitch but to be honest the Russians are no better …
    2nd world countries that looks like a first world from far but with 3rd world racist mentality.

  23. Of course this is bad, but why all russians fans, can't see the other side ?! Nowadays all bad feelings about russia arise, becouse of the nationalizm in UA, I do not to try jusify that woman, but Ukrainians have right to hate Russians, for many reasons, they for years was a vasal of Kreml. Now they can deciding, but Russia hardly disagree with this statement and opportunity to be a part of UE and NATO, what is the problem, UA are free or not ?! Why russians says if UA join to NATO we will response adequatly… That is Russian mentality… all belong to us. Ukrainians remember this they remember the turning off the gas taps and and meddling for years in their policy of each level. So any action has reaction. That all

  24. She speaks russian she is a moron and is that woman with no education and stupid brain mentality this is way mr president putin f*** them up in the s*** hip

  25. And these are the people, whom got into power thanx to American sponsorship of the undemocratic violent regime change in Kiev.

  26. What she talking about my wife is from Russia and her name is IRYNA

    This is the type of people in the Ukraine they are disgusting cheap sell there own mother people . 

  27. Prokommentirovala by eta ubludka imena moih detey, da v moem prisutstvii…

  28. If this whore touched or addressed my child like that, I would skin her alive with pleasure!
    Let`s see if this will be censored! }:-)

  29. What a truly vile human being. We get an insight into the dark depths of neo-fascism. This mentality has spread across eastern europe. Croatia is knee deep in fascism. It has been for well over 20 years.

  30. Ukrainians have sick hate for Russians because they are Russians. Same as Croat and Serbs. Croats have sick hate for the Serbs, because they are Serbs who converted to Catholicism.

    Salute for Russian brothers from Serbia, stay strong!

  31. Тварь конченная. Свою конченную уже дочку воспитывай. Оставь нормальных детей в покое. Хотя как гангрене объяснить, что от неё умирают и дети?

  32. I can speak Ukrainian all she said if he lived in a different country how his name Micheal would be pronounced. God forbid they stand up for their suppression.

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