UHV Annual Report 2018 Together We Can Achieve

(music) – I had the honor of being asked by the Disney Pixar company to write the novel adaptation of
their screenplay, “Coco.” The way I got the job was the editor that was in
charge of the project had taken a children’s literature course, and they had read “Confetti Girl.” When the city of Victoria
found out that I wrote “Coco: A Story About Music, Shoes, and Family,” we had a reading here
in Victoria in December. I especially loved seeing
all of the young people from around the Victoria area. In February I went over
to the the Katy Campus and again we had a wonderful turnout. Here at UHV, our students get
to taste the different genres, and we offer classes in poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction,
and even screenwriting. What I like best about teaching
creative writing at UHV is seeing the development of a writer and seeing a student realize their story. That brings me a lot of joy. – We love hosting the American
Book Review receptions. It’s another way for us to
get back to the community. I think the Reading Series
gives us the opportunity to interact with artists in a way that viewing a painting or going to a play or going to a concert
doesn’t really give you because you’re able to meet
with the artist personally. Having the author Debra
Di Blasi in our home, gave us an opportunity to meet her and ask her questions about her work. The American Book Review’s 100th author really speaks to the vision that UHV had putting together the series because this has been
going on for 10 years, and it’s been wildly popular. – I just love the idea that we have writers and poets that come here and share their stories, and I just love that,
knowing that they’re here, and that, you know, the next
day they could be in Paris, but for one night they’re
in Victoria, Texas. – I received the UHV Distinguished
Faculty Service Award this past May, in 2018. One of my biggest areas
that I’m really proud of is my ability to help bring in over three and a half million dollars in external grant funding to the University of Houston-Victoria. This has allowed for
stipends and scholarships for persons from disadvantaged backgrounds who want to become clinical
mental health counselors and then, after they graduate, work in underserved communities. These projects provide them stipends and even full-ride scholarships. The Clinical Mental
Health Counseling program is really excited to have
our first group of graduates from our scholarship program. They’re working with
children and adolescents and adults and families and veterans. It’s great to be a part of a
community that values service. – To be named Teacher of the
Year was a tremendous honor. It was a big shock to me to find out that even though I’d only
been teaching for six years, that I was the one they chose. I use superhero themes in my classroom to help inspire my students. UHV’s School of Education,
Health Professions & Human Development helped me
to become a better teacher. The professors at UHV were amazing at showing different ways to teach. I want my students to
feel like superheroes, to know that it’s up to
them how far they go, and every day we climb
that ladder together, and we discuss how we can do that, and we find the tools for them and the right way for them to learn, and that’s how they are
gonna eventually become superheroes of tomorrow. – The Strategic Master of
Business Administration Best in Class Competition, we had to compile a paper
that analyzed a company and create recommendations that would encourage them to be more profitable. For the competition we
had to analyze GameStop. I believe our team won because we worked really well together. Our information was accurate
and very thoughtful. Knowing that other
professors graded our papers gave us a sense that we could actually accomplish anything
in the business world by using our knowledge
from the MBA program. In 2017-2018 I was vice president of the National Society
of Leadership and Success. Every student is required to
come to leadership training. Since I’ve graduated I’m still working in the retail industry. I try and use my school
knowledge on a daily basis because it helps me, and it helps us try and really build a strong
business for our community. – I’m the Executive Director of the National Association of
Steel Pipe Distributors. We’re an industry association. We’re actually international in scope. We work on legislative and economic issues that impact the steel industry. Our NSPD board was looking
at really capitalizing on social media in a way
that we hadn’t in the past, and we reached out to
a few marketing firms and didn’t have a whole
lot of success with that, and it occurred to me that
University of Houston-Victoria was right here in our backyard. I reached out to Dr. Yang in the “Electronic Marketing” class, so she had a competition and had four teams compete
with social media plans. I was so impressed by the top two teams that we incorporated ideas from both, and you’ll see those ideas, those concepts in our social media plan today. I was recently invited to be a part of the President’s
Regional Advisory Board. The most exciting thing to me is to listen to the plans we have for UHV and how it really will be
the centerpiece of Victoria and to see the way the community has embraced
UHV is very exciting. I really believe that this will
make Victoria a destination. – Numerous ranking organizations recognize UHV degrees
for their affordability and quality during the past year. Included were the Master’s
in Forensic Psychology, the Specialist degree
in School Psychology, the Master of Arts in
Interdisciplinary Studies, and the Bachelor of Science
in Criminal Justice. Our MBA program was recognized
by two organizations. In the School of Education
95 percent of UHV students seeking initial
teacher certification passed the Pedagogy and
Professional Responsibilities test, which is one of the state exams required to be a teacher in Texas. Students took the state
exams in 11 different areas, and in eight of the areas, 100 percent of the
students passed the exam. In addition to the highlights in the video I just want to mention a few others. The School of Arts & Sciences received a National
Science Foundation grant in the amount of $645,000 to help increase enrollment,
retention, and graduation of low-income students majoring in mathematics
and computer science. The School of Business Administration streamlined its Global and Strategic Master of Business Administration programs to accommodate the changing
lifestyles of students and better prepare them to
compete in the business world. This included lowering
the credit requirements and fees for both degrees, also they did away with
the hated GMAT test, no longer a requirement. 11 students from the School
of Business Administration each received a $2,000 scholarship to help pay for a two-week trip to China where they learned about the history and the culture of the country and how those elements
impact business strategies. The scholarships were made possible by a $600,000 grant, or
actually a donation, in 2013, from Chinese businessman Bingxin Wu. The School of Education,
Health Professions & Human Development had other successes in
addition to the pass rates. The Commission on
Collegiate Nursing Education accredited the university’s
Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in
Nursing program through 2023, and the first 10 nurses
graduated from the program. Fifteen of the 27 Teachers of the Year at schools in the Victoria
Independent School District were UHV graduates. These award-winning teachers were selected based on nominations
from their campus peers. So let’s give a quick round of applause for all of our students and our success. (applause)

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