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[ background music ]>>Narrator: So, when you
think of agriculture, what is the first thing
that comes into mind?>>Female 1: Farming.>>Female 2: Researching
in a lab.>>Female 3: Developing
new food products.>>Narrator: The interesting
part is that agriculture is a combination of all
three of these areas.>>Female 1: And even more.>>Remi Ojo: Hey! You must
be my new lab partner.>>Shireen Dhir: Yeah.
My name is Shireen Dhir. I’m actually a
graduating senior and I’m majoring in Applied
Biotechnology and with
a plant sciences emphasis. What about you?>>Remi: I am Remi Ojo.
I’m also a senior and I’m a Biological Sciences major. So it’s cool that we’re
both in the College of Ag. I haven’t really met that many
students in our college.>>Shireen: I agree.>>Remi: So have you ever
done research at UGA to kind of get your foot
in the door in Biotech?>>Shireen: Yes, absolutely. As a young scientist,
I’ve been able to work on many different projects such
as [inaudible] research, biofuel production and
restoration of valuable crops. And I think the most fascinating
part of research is sharing and presenting it
within the community. I really think that it
always is enlightening to see other scientist come together
and share their ideas. What about you? What made you choose
your field of study?>>Remi: Well, I chose
Biological Sciences because I knew I’d be exposed to
a broad scope of biology and I knew I’d be able
to do research in a variety of
different fields. So after I took interesting
biology classes, it was really cool to get in
the lab and kind of see those concepts brought to life and
it kind of made difficult
concepts much easier. So how have you benefitted
from doing research?>>Shireen: Well, I think
the fact of working in a close-knit community in the
College of Agriculture it’s really allowed me to
foster relationships within the laboratory and have a
mentor/mentee relationship outside the lab as well. I think the research opportunities
are almost endless here. What are your experiences
with research?>>Remi: I think what
you mentioned about the close relationships with
faculty is really important; people kind of
underestimate those. And research also encourages
critical thinking and investigation which you
can actually take back to the classroom and it’s
really helpful in those upper level
science courses.>>Shireen: You really seem to
be passionate about research. Have you ever been able
to present your work?>>Remi: I actually have. UGA has a lot of different
opportunities within specific colleges to
present your research. You gain a lot of
confidence doing that; you even get to know about
career opportunities involving research. Once you take advantage of
undergraduate research here, you can maybe even do summer
programs in cool cities that you never thought
you’d live in or get your findings published
in a scientific journal. So those are really
interesting opportunities.>>Shireen: Yeah,
I absolutely agree. I think one of the benefits of
going to a large institution is that you can name almost any
field you are interested in and get involved
in no time! [ background music ] (c) 2013 University of Georgia
College of Agricultural and
Environmental Sciences
Office of Academic Affairs

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