UCC a Significant Presence at National Trans Visibility March

[chating] Trans Lives Matter! [Chanting] Who’s Street? Our Street! UCC Community in Washington DC! Potomac Association! Central Atlantic Conference! Representing at Trans Lives Matter This is a revolution: Gender Revolution. “…Penelope,
however you feel is fine. If you feel like a boy act like a boy and Penelope
quickly corrected me. No mama, I don’t feel like a boy, I am a boy. I am a boy. Being able to
be true to myself, and be true to the world, helps me to give love and veterans
know love. And so I want people to know better that we should love one another
because God loves us first. If you’d ever told me that we were going to be
marching on Washington for the rights of transgender, gender non-conforming and
non-binary people, I would have said that you were lying. We are just a new UCC Church and so being able to apply our social justice, our
practice, here, in support of everybody. Because when we think about justice, it is for all and love is for all. There cannot be, whether we are straight, gay, bisexual, non-binary,
whatever it is, we have to stand for everybody. Because if one person is
attacked then everybody is attacked. [Chanting] What do we want? Equal rights. When do we want them? Now! I mean, if we as a denomination are committed to creating a just world
for all, the best way to, one of the best ways to create a just world for all, is to
stand against any and all oppression of anyone, anywhere, anytime. You know one of
the things about this church, is I’m not just a member. I’m a leader in this
church. And they made it very clear from the beginning that they understood my gift
and they helped me give birth. And so the church has been a midwife to me and to the
to the Trans Community, but we just have to heal. So if you need courage, I encourage you to find that light, to bask in it, stand in it, sit in it, bathe in it. It is God’s light. And I like to say as I wear it here, God is still speaking. God’s words
have not ceased. God is still around us and telling us to love one another. It is so
important for churches like the United Church of Christ to be present in a
march like the National Trans Visibility March. Our values, our witness, our
commitment to a Just World for All is very much something that includes people
of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and expressions. I’m so proud that the United Church of Christ was a sponsor
of this march. So we have to get away from punitive process–and this is what
the UCC is–it’s restorative and so that’s why I stay

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