UC Merced Class of 2014: Jamie Sweet

My favorite memory here at UC Merced was attending
my first National Society of Black Engineers conference in Toronto, Canada. This is my
favorite memory because I’ve never been out of the country and I got to see a different
part of the world, and experience it with different engineers just like myself. My goals
after graduation are either to attend graduate school or to enter into industry. Students
should choose to attend UC Merced not only because it’s a new campus and all the facilities
are new, but the students are wonderful, the faculty and staff are wonderful you can go
and talked to them literally whenever you want. And there is so many different clubs
here on campus you can almost do anything you want because its not as establish as the
other UCs its open to your creativity, your innovation and just whatever you want to do.

2 thoughts on “UC Merced Class of 2014: Jamie Sweet

  1. I've never met Jamie before, but I've seen her around campus. I do agree with her answer about attending UC M exceed because of its small size, creating professional relationships with professors, & the freedom to make a name for yourself. Go Bobcats!

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