UAW members vote on strike deal

6 thoughts on “UAW members vote on strike deal

  1. The three plant closings guarantee many no votes on the contract. In my opinion, I believe this contract has less than an even chance of passing.

  2. If the uaw stays on strike people are going to lose houses and cars no child support. Lordstown is going to close no matter how long the uaw is out. Uaw will get less if they stay on strike. Uaw is only hurting itself. Negotiations in itself is give and take how long can a member live on 275 a week. Vote yes the uaw is not the loser here. But guarantee gm can last longer they have the money. Parts will begin to be built, gm will figure out how to get the plants in Mexico to run. Gm will start to lose market shares. I am not a union member but I am not against union either. The uaw votes yes on this contract they will be the winner. Stay out on strike the public will turn against the cause and the union will lose the positive public opinion.

  3. I have been watching this strike from the outset. I have never been in a union personally; but I have benefited from unions growing up. I really will be surprised if this passes. Lordstown should never have been closed at all, and there is no reason why the Blazer cannot be built here in the U.S. It is greed on the part of GM, yet I also have to wonder why Mary Barra is so hard on the Lordstown plant? It seems as though she has made no effort to work with the union to keep it or the town. GM benefited from the tax cuts, so why do this? If this contract gets ratified, I will be shocked.

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