U.S. says it has many ‘tools’ to deal with N. Korea

president Trump’s national security
adviser has warned North Korea that the US has many tools in its toolkit and
will use them to demonstrate its disappointment should the regime press
ahead with a provocation it has been hinting at for weeks now ES and J
stances off in an interview with ABC News on Sunday US National Security
Advisor Robert O’Brien said Washington will respond accordingly to any
provocation from the north his comment comes amid concerns the regime it could
be preparing to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile to
express its frustration over stalled in the causation talks with the US
according to O’Brien the US would be extraordinary disappointed if North
Korean leader Kim jong-un decides to take such a provocative approach but
will demonstrate that disappointment to the north asked about the possible
consequences of an ICBM or nuclear test O’Brien
declined to speculate but said the US has a lot of tools and its toolkit an
additional pressure can be brought to bear on the North Koreans despite the
threat from Pyongyang Christmas past with the regime’s so-called gift going
undelivered however South Korea and the US are still on high alert
amid assessments that the window for a provocation remains open
O’Brien suggests Kim jong-un may have changed his mind on the basis of his
good personal relationship with President Trump meanwhile the US Air
Force released a video showing how it would deal with a possible ICBM launched
by the north the video shows a simulation of an ICBM missile being
launched from a region just north of Pyongyang the video shows a Aegis
destroyer spotting the missile and the mq-1 predator drone a flying shortly
after the u.s. then responds with ground interceptor missiles but the video does
not show the warheads being destroyed watchers say the video shows how
seriously the u.s. is taking North Korea’s threats while also proving its
defense readiness is enje Arirang news

3 thoughts on “U.S. says it has many ‘tools’ to deal with N. Korea

  1. Well….I don't mean to say…"HOPEFULLY"….but I think the end near…..is that safe to say with the evidence given …I mean from all sources of TRUE universal information.

  2. He know.he is gona take it all back with extra.
    There recent space lunching shows there agendas.
    Russia china and poor countries are still holding us Europa from complete isolation. They did it to them selves.
    There enemy is nathanyahoo and his gangster party.
    The truth of cia fbi mi6 etc knows that.

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