U.S. official: 10,000 ISIS members killed

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  1. all of that because usa made just a tiny little mistake destroying iraqis system ? imagine if they make a big mistake what can happened next… like china or north korea , than we really have a problem dont we?

  2. More propaganda from the American goverment. Trying to pretend we have been seriously fighting ISIS, when in fact we supplied they the whole time. John McCain must be pissed when any ISIS terrorist are killed at all. He claims he knows them personally as he claims and they are our friends.

  3. Fuck Isis the us is way powerful only thing that hard to find them the blind in with other people like what happened about news about Apple will not unlock the phone one thing is world go against Isis they kill but the us save one thing is we got the most power in the world strongest ground teams

  4. So the US have killed 10,000 Isis members without sending in ground troops for war, what are they trying to say they've done 10,000 Members with only airstrikes and drones? What about civilians out off those 10,000? So basically on each bomb they've dropped they have killed a lot in a group each time? I think not, thank you and good day.

  5. ya know casualties are a part of war but to get rid of those sick extremists US should just bomb the absolute fuck out of them! show them not to send threats and not to fuck with us

    10,000 ISIS fighters killed? 😂
    IF the figures by America AND Russia are correct ISIS should have NO fighters, police or anything left!

  7. USA doesn't terrorist..USA save the terrorist by legal government..because USA is biigest terrorist sponsorship…maybe after this USA is lost by north Korean an Russia not China. ..

  8. 'US Led war' hahaha that about sums it up. Led on both fronts. Obama's ISIS Army vs USAF random bombing lottery.
    The War is being won by the SAA on the ground because the good guys always win. Nothing but Fake news move along.

  9. It was a hoax that any ISIS were killed in 2015. The Obama administration was using the phony war against ISIS as a pretext to continue to oust Assad and mass murder minority Christians and Kurds.

  10. 10,000 is not enough long live our brothers in arms the us and the uk should and always will stand together down with isis

  11. what's the isis uniform and why is the us acting happy they're the ones leading training funding giving weapons too and have pretend bad airstrikes when that's not enough this is why I hide under my bed and watch dumb news videos like these to not pay taxes

  12. 10,000? Now they got 240 millions of go. Obama hid most of them last year but Putin will take care of those left behind

  13. Good U.S. kill Terrorists. U.S.people are good but dirty politicians fund Terrorists. U.S. Great country. Love you.

  14. what a shitty news by CNN… lol… CNN is full of shit, propaganda and fuckery… this video is an example… It was RUssia and only Russia who smashed the shit out of ISIS…

  15. Yeah kill them of thirst….sure. I've been there and nobody drinks that nasty ass water. The Euphrates is full of dead dogs, people, trash, and sewage. The dam provides power, not water….lol.

  16. What a stupid woman! No wonder nobody tunes in any more. I just did by mistake. There is only one thing worse than a fool, and that is a person who blabs without a brain!


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  18. really ,,,,,,,,,you ccn clowns and your listeners don't have a clue it's embarrassing for you and frankly this wanderfull country,,,,,DISAPPEAR please and take the left with you

  19. Trained, paid and otherwise helped by Obama,….making Europe an even bigger sh#t hole than it already was made in about 40 years by liberals with a false and clearly dangerous globalists view.

  20. Trained, paid and otherwise helped by Obama,….making Europe an even bigger sh#t hole than it already was made in about 40 years by liberals with a false and clearly dangerous globalists view.

  21. Wow 10k terrorist dead & it only cost us 7 trillion $$ & over 26k dead Americans Ya we showed them alright we got them good lol 😝

  22. Fake news CNN made a typing mistake, they wanted to type:
    U.S. official: 10,000 Innocent Middle East citizens killed

  23. First off, the US is not leading the War on ISIS. Do not believe the claims of killed, these are the same people who invaded Iraq.

  24. എന്താണ് ഉണ്ടായത് ഒന്നും മനസിലാകുന്നില്ല

  25. And that's 10,000 Illuminati soldiers burning in hell about to go to the lake of fire for eternity ETERNALY DEPRIVED of everything except pain suffering TORMENT torture's and foul oder hahahahahahahahaaha

    All satanic society members can't repent good riddance

    Energy out is energy back

  26. Trump killed the rest in less then 2 years. Obama stated it would take years to defeat ISIS. Like over 20 years. Obama caused this mess when he sent troops home from Iraq.

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