Tyrone Hamilton, Resident MSHDA Board Member

I was born and raised in a
little town called Hamtramck, Michigan. And I’ve been blind
since birth and I play music. I live by myself and I’m
doing great in my condo, I’ve been there seven years. You know, being blind
is not a problem, if you make it a
problem, then it will be, but I’ve overcome a lot
of obstacles in my time. I’ve been on MSHDA since 1984
and I did not know that it was gonna get going so good and I
didn’t know that I would one day be a part of MSHDA. My housing specialist
decided that he would let the people know here
that I was a good candidate to be on the Board,
on the MSHDA Board. So, every time we have a meeting
I’m learning something all the time. We don’t like to see anyone
to be homeless, you know? Everybody should have
some place to go. My whole idea is I wanna
see that everything is safe for the people
that are on MSHDA. I’m glad that I was picked to
be on the Board and to be that voice for people are, folks that
are trying to get affordable housing; very important.

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