TXT VLIVE: Who’s the Second runner-up?*Hint* The Member That Can Do Everything Well..

Hello. I’m Taehyun. You are all good. It’s me. This is our vocal room. There’s a piano. This is where the songs I’ve created come from. It’s not in the studio, it’s in the vocal room.
It’s where a good song created. I heard you’re doing that today, right? Relay V LIVE Beomgyu was number one. I’m number two. Did Beomgyu tell you?
I don’t know. I didn’t see it. This is the uniform for today It’s all different. I’m going to show you this. Pretty, right? I haven’t eaten yet. Did you all eat yet? Is it time for dinner? Oh,is it a little early for that? Yeah, I’m gonna talk about concept photos.
So we’re turning it on one by one. Did you enjoy the concept photos? It came in two versions. day and night. I can’t remember the name. With Sanctuary. Was it Arcadia? Something like that. That’s right. Just for convenience, I’ll talk about the daytime version of the night version In the daytime version, They were all taken on the same day. In the daytime version, Not all of them were shot the same day. Two on the same day, two on the same day.
This is how I did it. My favorite picture in the daytime version is… There’s that picture. This angle from the bathroom set. I have to reenact for you. There’s a picture of it. But personally, I have a picture on the main page. The one in the bookcase. Honestly, I don’t like that. I think it could’ve come out prettier. That’s a shame. It’s too burdensome. as far as I can see And Everything else seems to be okay. The night version is I think the night version came out pretty well. I got a lot of praise for the night version. The night version It’s actually a concept we haven’t had before.The
Night version, especially ‘ That’s why Taehyun is so charming. ‘
I’ve heard a lot of voices saying that. So I… I’m at least trying to get the night version to work.
I like it better. But they’re both pretty. The album hasn’t come out yet,right? Oh, I saw the album yesterday.
Of course I thought it was already released. The album is pretty. In real life, There’s a lot of stuff in it. Until here only There’s a lot of fun. Is there another episode? Oh, that! That’s… There’s a shot of star dust. It was really hard. That’s really… I’ve been sprayed with something like a fire extinguisher. It is sprinkling star powder. It’s not like this.
It get out like a cannon. That’s why I didn’t see him do it. ‘And Taehyun, I’ll go in.’ (The staff)
I said yes. They say you’re a star-studded god. I see. ‘Don’t panic.'(The staff) I said yes. That’s why I’ve been doing this pretty. It’s all of a sudden.
That’s why I can’t take care of my face. Put the sparkles on my face and on my head. I’ll just give it another shot, and I’ll give it another shot.
That’s the picture that came out That’s probably all done in two or three. And then, after I get back to the dorm, for a week,
The house was very shiny. Oh, swimming pool. A swimming pool? Did you go to the swimming pool at the concept photo?
I can’t remember. First of all, is it? Something like video, right? Just jumping in? That.. That’s.. It was just fun. It’s been a long time since I went to the swimming pool. It’s not like a long time ago. I went there. Over there What? Where are you? Gapyeong Is it coming out well? It’s not good, is it? Ah, shall I run? I’m so excited about the members making fun of me. It’s just that I’m here. I’m going to change the filter. Hold on. Challenge Challenge I’ll take the original one. Shall we run? SooBin, you’re Because of Soobin. It’s okay. I’m fine. I uploaded two other brothers yesterday. You can. That’s all for the fun of the team. It’s gonna be a little bit easier. I’m not going to give a spoiler. I’m a spoiler a long time ago. I’m not the one who spouts when I’m in such a hurry. Well, there’s no fun in it. Long before our first album came out,
I’m sure you used the color of the heart What happened then? When the release of the mini album, A track list, a teaser, a video teaser. Highlight medley. Did it go out like this? I don’t know what’s going to happen now.
I really don’t know. Then, we will meet tomorrow in Changwon, right?
That’s right. in Changwon I’m going to sing the mini-album songs You’re right, aren’t you? It’s a release on the 21st. That’s normal, right? There’s only one album that were out already. But I’ve worked hard on it again. Because when the album’s in a hurry, it’s actually… I’m practicing my album. We’re really going to be on stage in Changwon.
Because it’s the stage where you have to stand. Yesterday and again. I’ve had time to catch our songs. They fit better than I thought. They don’t forget. That’s why I am Because our members are good. I hope you’ll come tomorrow. Isn’t both of them pretty,right? Tada I’m getting really big! Did you see my profile that already updated? I gained weight! I’ve been working out a lot lately. So, I’m trying to get into the music center that I have to wear a jacket, but it doesn’t fit anymore. I was so happy. And I’ll talk about the music video. Music video They said it looked really good. I didn’t see it. I didn’t see it yet, but it came out really well. It’s just that. I don’t know who’s next. I’m not gonna let you know. I know. Who’s next? Guess who~ That’s all I’m gonna do. Back? There’s a tea drink in the back. with a brand name on it Next up, Soobin, Yeonjun, Ning Ning. It’s one of three. That’s right. That’s right. Well, I’d like to stay longer, but… I’ll leave. There are a lot of things here. Filter~ Was it this a while ago? I read some funny comments. The next runner isn’t a member of us. That’s not gonna happen. He’s nearby, but that’s not gonna happen. Why is Bang Sihyuk turning on V LIVE? I’ll go. See you later. See you tomorrow. Bye~~ (The flying kiss OMG>

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