Two years after Charlottesville

It’s been two years
since the deadly white supremacist rally
in Charlottesville, Virginia, and we continue to witness
tragedies at the hands of those indoctrinated by racist hate, most recently the mass
shooting in El Paso, Texas on August 3rd. Hate groups in the United States
have reached an all-time high. Americans today understand
that President Trump is emboldening this white
nationalist movement and helping to grow their ranks. New, online platforms have also
accelerated the spread of hate and extremism.
Two years ago, it took blood in the streets
for tech companies to take action on white supremacy
rhetoric. Now, some tech companies continue
to provide services to hate groups. It’s important that we call
White Supremacy what it is Domestic Terrorism. We need action by the
tech companies. We need legislation that allows
our federal law enforcement agencies
to focus on terrorism from the radical right. It’s a threat that won’t
go away on its own. We saw it in Charlottesville.
We saw it in El Paso. And it will continue
to haunt us. It deserves a full measure
of our attention.

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