Two ABQ city councilors want to bring back red light cameras

12 thoughts on “Two ABQ city councilors want to bring back red light cameras

  1. No way, these cameras cause more accidents than most realize!

    There is no one the verify their accuracy!

    As well no one pays the tickets! They just return to sender!

    It's not enforceable! They do not work!

  2. Former APD chief Ray Schultz said it didnt help traffic enforcement as the city was left with hundreds unpaid tickets and the city had a hard time getting money back from the Australian company behind the cameras. It was cost ineffective. Issac benton needs to be voted out.

  3. Speeding is the least of Albuquerque problems. Seriously counselors there are a lot of other issues that you counselors could be tackling how many days of the week do you hear Speeders on the news? None exclamation priorities for the Duke City would be so important. Struggling assassins of Albuquerque to even stayed living here and I certainly don't want to worry about a red light camera I want to worry about somebody carjacking me or any of the other crazy things that happened around here on the daily. Priorities

  4. Benton is a liar. He endorsed ART, along side Keller allowing Annette Piaz to stay as transit deputy director to make over 150K a year of tax payer dollars. Yet buses are on unsafe, drivers over worked, bus stops in shambles. Yet city council, Piaz, and the Mayor have many to piss away on them selves. Shame on the City of Albuquerque for even considering being back these lying shit cameras.

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