Twitter Tutorial For Beginners

hello everyone and welcome to our class
on Twitter now before we begin one th ing I want to mention this class is designed for anyone out there who is brand new to
Twitter and also for those of you who maybe have been using a little bit but just need
help with some of the basics. I do want to mention you will
find over the course of this class I am NOT going to mention by name my
twitter handle it will appear on the screen inevitably but I’m not going to mention it by name
the reason being is I am NOT one of those people whose is
trying to get a million followers. That’s not my goal My goal in creating this class and all of our
classes is to help inform the people out there who really need
this information. If you do want to follow me I’m thrilled I’m flattered but that’s
not the goal with this class so I hope you enjoy it
without any further ado here’s our class on Twitter coming up
next on The first step in creating new Twitter profile is to go to and fill out this little form here just put in your name email address and password. One little tip I want to give you is if you’re having trouble creating really good passwords you may want to
check out a class that we did recently called 1password. I will put a link to in the
description the video for those people were interested in that kind of thing now also in the sign up process you can
end up creating your Twitter handle this just your profile name.
You can see mine here on the screen but as I mentioned I can actually say it out
loud just my own little reasons anyways once you’ve created that
you’re going to start to assemble the other elements of your profile and I’m
gonna go to the edit button here so I can really start
to display them the first is to find a photo so it can be a photo
at you it can be a photo of your logo if you’re doing this as a business whatever you want it might even be your storefront then you can put your name again it
could be your name it can be the name of your business whatever your preference and then a
short little description now this description can include
hyperlinks can include hash tags I’m gonna give you
definitions in just a moment also a trick if you have a very long
website address how to shorten it then you’re gonna put your location and
if you do have it you can also put your website address
here at the very very bottom you can also choose a theme color although it’s not really all that
important whatever you choose you also see here at the very top of your profile you can put a header
photo now please please ignore mine I’m actually about to swap it out any
day now I just haven’t had a moment to design it. on your head a profile for those of you who are doing this as an individual a lot of people will do just a wide screen photo could be if you could be of nature could
be where you live. For those who are in business I really strongly recommend hiring a
professional graphic designer there’s a bunch of different options out
there course one really inexpensive option not necessary
the highest quality but is inexpensive a to at least mention is
there is a website out there called It’s a little website where you
can pay people five dollars to do a gig for you I’ve
used them occasionally for things like this so you might
want to check them out when you go to the website to
search for the word Twitter. You’ll find plenty of people who are willing to design your profile header now once you’ve created your
actual profile let’s start talking about the actual
uses for Twitter now earlier when I taught this class I asked everyone for those people out there who didn’t use Twitter
why didn’t they and the big are the number one reason I
receive from people was that they just didn’t really see the purpose of it and my argument has always been you have
to craft your purpose and then you have to make
what you put out there and who you follow to match that purpose So the top uses for Twitter are number one news and it can be news on a
local national or international scale whatever
it is that interests you that’s what she should go for one of the
best examples I loved during our live class was a gentleman
who said he has a kid who attends school and he wants
to find out when schools closed whether due to weather whatever reason maybe so the school will tweet out if schools
closed it’s certainly a lot easier than having
to watch the news watch little ticker go across the bottom of the screen by
the way for those of you out there who are parents are interested in doing that
I’ll give you an extra little trick about that in a
little bit second reason comic relief over the course of this you
are gonna end up seeing who I follow and you want things you may
pick up on as yet I follow quite a few comedians I love Jimmy Fallon love Chris Hardwick
people like that Dana Gould People who just make me laugh I
like to fill my life with laughter with people who are kinda you just happy positive people I’m
so I tend to follow a good amount of comedian so for that little joke here in there
that’s one of the reasons why do it next is per trending topics this is useful
for some people in business depending on what it is you do on a lot of the
different screens you’ll see on Twitter for example even if I just go to the
homepage you’ll see here at the top left corner
there are trending topics okay a lot is trending topics are
either there because our news stories that are
taking place are or have taken place on also
celebrities got weed out different have staggs topics and that will trigger a
trending topic so it’s a good way to stay
informed what’s going on both in real news in pop culture that
kinda thing to the next is for sales leads as well as customer leads are using
Twitter for business is definitely something that has grown over the years and what are the best ways to do that is
to use Twitter ads I think we’re gonna probably end up
doing a separate class on Twitter for business but you can use
that if you’re business a small business I’m
I would like to give you right now want the greatest little
simple simple tricks for businesses and this is
really for people who those of you who have a brick-and-mortar
store okay see a place where people come into everyone knows it’s a good
idea to put a poster up and say hey tweet s on you know to follow us on Twitter but
you have to give them a motivation and sometimes he also have to give them
easier way to do it I may give you a special little
hyper Lake in the description of this period is
something i think is pretty cool it’s a special kind sticker they can go in any business and the sticker has embedded within it
and and FC chip what that means is for people who
have a smartphone especially lot of the newer smartphones
they can actually hold their phone right up to the sticker and dot will
automatically make them like you on Twitter same thing
applies by the way to Facebook saba links to both of those in the description of the video I just
wanted a little tricks I wanted to give you today I was gonna given at the very end the
class but a you made it this far but will report a
right off the bat so that’s a one little reason business
keeping gauged with your customers another trick I
would like to give you is that the key to a successful tweet is one that is engaging think dialogue not monologue not to say that
it’s not occasionally okay by if you’re trying to do this again for
business you want to engage with your followers next thing I is for local news okay sometimes there’s gonna be you know
what do we do tonight where do we go out for dinner well actually look right here this is a little local a market where I
live you know they’re tweeting out their specials okay the one little thing I would say
these guys could probably done better it’s a great idea to include photo as photos let’s face it photos make a pop I
next reason is customer service there’s a million
stories out there on Twitter about people who use Twitter for
customer service purposes my piece of advice to you is be
appropriate especially if you’re the one who’s maybe not the happiest customer are an
example give you I was my colleague Mark Collier who does
all her website design he’s about to Tana classes on Word Press with PC classes online I mark was tweeting one day about this app called
Flipboard and their at the time competitor and was
talking about what he liked the competitor better than Flipboard well the footboard
CEO saw that tweet and started private messaging with Mark
asking him what they could do better to make him
kind of start using their service so marks a smart guy gave them a bunch
of advice couple weeks go by the actually took it
to heart they included those suggestions and
updated footboard so now I can say that my employees
actually part of the successive footboard in some strange way
so that’s an example also a great example using Twitter for
customer service is when you’re having airline trouble I myself was stranded in
Houston Texas recently started tweeting with JetBlue within to
minutes they responded to me they can make it a
lot easier and I’m just give you another little tip
if you’re on a flight and your landing and your connection is
really really tight you tweak the airline they will
sometimes hold the flight if they know that your baby just running
five or 10 minutes late really good piece of advice I recommend using that one I next thing is for sale specials kinda already
mentioned it or i I didn’t mean to but if you our business
you have a special art example I like to give his if you’re
a bakery okay if you have a better product is about to go bad let’s get rid of it so we don’t have to
you know just throw it out the senate weed out to their followers
say hey come in the next half an hour and get forty percent of all this
product and it’s a great way to easily advertise
that special in it I could cost you anything to do that now let’s go over some definitions now
so these I policies I my to I apologize are
really really basic I tweet a tweet is a
message it’s a public message that you put out
there to the world you can do it by going to the home screen to Twitter you have a 140
characters to compose this message included in that you can
have hyperlinks again I will give you a trick to shorten
them in a little bit photos that will also shorten the number of
available characters I and hash tags which brings me to the
next definition: ashtec’s an example the hash tag I might
be you know today I later on this evening
is the Oscars okay so I could say you know routing for you know Bradley the Cooper happens to his name right I for tonight’s and then hash tag oscars and you’ll see as soon as I started
typing that gave me suggestions in this case it’s the year
2015 people oscars 2015 so what it means is that if
someone were to either click on Oscars 2013 birthday search for it my tweet will appear among the responses
a great example of how that is becoming more and more popular there’s different talk shows like at
midnight the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon where they will put a quick hash tag out
like worst Christmas present ever and it’s a challenge you know the
viewers have a 140 characters minus the hash tag
to come up with a funny you know worst Christmas present story
and it’s funny enough they might even get on national television so it’s a way
for those shows to interact with the fans and a are able to organize those thoughts by
using ashtec’s so tempted berkeley the hash tag is
going to be the subject up whatever your writing about you know
in my case I do tend to focus on a lot of the Apple
products so my maybe you know a the hash tag Apple
watch is coming out soon something like that just group it
together hash tags ultimately will also help you game in followers because if someone is
looking for who is the you know expert when it comes to Apple
products I want them to be able to search for Apple and have my name pop-up as an example next definition we’re gonna go over is a DM
also known as a direct message so the difference between
a direct message in a tweet is that a tweet is going to
be public for everyone to see a direct message is just between two
people I like to read the official definition of direct message cuz it just seems to be well written about
that you can understand it so here we go you can only send a direct message to users who follow you and you can only receive messages from
users that you follow I hope that made sense so I it’s
basically just that one-on-one conversation you can’t send a direct
message to just anyone om so thats cognex definition I let’s see here next
me every tweet okay reach week very similar on Facebook
too are sharing someone else’s status source sharing someone else post
so for example if I really this looks really good to me
you see here this little symbol right here and when I hover my cursor over while
the options is retrieved it just means that when I click that its gonna go out as if it were me okay
but I’m putting out the same information there is another option but
you don’t have access to it from the Twitter website
something I found very strange let me screen over here for a moment to
the Twitter ap for Mac csce in this case if I click on that same icon there’s a second
option called quote REIT we quote re tweet
means that I can had my own whatever to it so I can say you know check out this great special
something like that on a Kodak next definition: his favorite favorite very similar to a thumbs-up I
in YouTube alike on Facebook just basically you
saying good job like the content and Satan click right
here you can see this little star on every post click back to favored the post lot of
times if someone sends me you know a message saying you know good
work for what we’re doing no a favorite I it says new samples where just
acknowledging that I’ve seen it and I appreciate their kind words the next definition: wanna go
for is the usage %uh the at symbol so when you’re
composing a tweet sometimes you want to bring it toward someone’s attention it would say I’m tweeting about what
else Apple essay can’t wait for details on the upcoming hash tag Apple car which tape rumored to be releasing
in 2020 and I want to bring it to Tim Cook’s attention okay well Tim doesn’t know me
he probably will never ever see this you never know so what I would do it I
would at this point add the at symbol and because I R E
followed him it’s gonna come up right away but i wanna hit T II am you can seize a third option there
sonya add the at symbol and start to put in
someone’s name it just basically means that they’re
going to be be notified up it up here where it says notifications in
the case of a celebrity the other than actually sing it are fairly slim but I’m actually friends with the couple
celebrities in some them to actually read quite a few of those comments and even though they don’t
respond to a lot of them they do actually see them so that’s one-way to tag someone in a
post that is the way to tag someone in a post
I next thing we’re gonna start to talk about is navigation Twitter now right now I’m
sure you from the Twitter website a lot of people in the use Twitter to
use the various aP’s I myself I actually really enjoy the basic
Twitter app for iPhone on I don’t use anything really special I
started kinda experimenting a little bit with the new one called Twitterrific om haven’t
really for much but opinion about it risks I’m used it a lot om but the navigation above the website is
pretty darn simple so obviously up here at the top
left we have the home page that gets you to your main
Twitter feed next we have notifications in this includes things like people who favor did your tweets people
who have tagged you in messages people who
favorited I’m sorry people who have followed you
recently I et cetera she’ll find out those little
notification sort of like the globe icon on Facebook next we have messages these
are just private direct messages they’ve received from people I for up to clear this one apparently
it’s someone who’s asked me about I O S eight it would slow down his phone I said nope
shouldn’t slow down police didn’t for me so that’s read ok for your private
messages our recently they also introduced now you can do
group private messaging it’s a new feature that just came out recently and then we have the discover button
appear in this is kinda freaking go to find out what’s trending find out who
maybe you should follow okay you find all those categories up
here so I can go to for example popular accounts at the show
me people who are popular in music you know kind of all they’re regulating
expect Katy Perry Lady Gaga Rihanna all those people their sports figures
people who are big in photography et cetera as a whole bunch a different
categories as you can see right here om finding friends this part I have to just be totally honest with
you is really disappointing for me there is no way for those me who use
Facebook there’s no way to simply import your friends from
Facebook to Twitter that is to say tell Twitter who is Mike
who have my friends were already on Facebook are also on Twitter other services do that they don’t on the way that you can get around it I is
by using either Gmail or Yahoo both of those services have a method so
that you can import into them your contacts from Facebook and then once you’ve done that you can
import your Yahoo contacts to Twitter it’s really roundabout its it’s not fun by any means who knows
maybe we’ll do a class II just I its anything but intuitive who to
follow okay just kinda looks at who you are
already following I’ll images kinda make suggestions for who
you might want to follow by cassette & follow comedians
entrepreneurs leaders people in technology that kinda
thing that’s why it’s throwing out the suggestions right there
and also you have access to activities so this is for example people who I follow you know what
they’re doing you know so where to mention Chris
harbour Cay favorited someone else’s tweet okay whatever that may be I next I want to go over sum up the Settings
these are really important I’m have to blur apart the screen I apologize smile on privacy reasons but if you go
here to the very top right corner Twitter you click on your
profile photo you go here into settings okay now the
main thing I want to talk about right here is security and privacy and again sorry I to blow up are the screen I
don’t want all the information out there so here are the different things like
kinda recommend to people first one under privacy okay this bottom
section here photo tagging this can help prevent a PR
nightmare my recommendation is to do either the
middle option and probably a the middle option only allow people that
you follow to tag you in photos okay you don’t want
one of those celebrity look-see moments to happen to you I also if I scroll down here you’ll see a
few others tweet location this is important for your own privacy
reasons arm my recommendation is to unchecked this
option by default this is checked and what that means is that
when you send out a tweet its gonna actually put your location
where that’s important is if you’re not at home if someone god forbid was going to
burglarize you they know you’re not home so my advice
is to I’m check this option and also delete
all previous location information I want to
give you another reference here at this point go
slightly off topic so be quick for those of you who have concerns about
your privacy I have a blog post I put together
recently all about privacy and what tools I recommend for the average person it’s
pretty easy to follow there will be a link in the description
in the video I hope you’ll check it out next here if you go down to
personalisation this option by default is checked my
advice is to uncheck it same goes for promoted
content okay just means that basically when you see ads I don’t want them to be tracking
what web sites I go to to form to tailor what ads I C okay and then die that’s about it what I
would like to do at this point folks as I would like to go through just a buncha little tips and tricks I want to try to
keep this video as compact as possible so here in no particular order are just
a bunch of tips and tricks first thing I would like to mention is
the general composition I’ll a tweet on specifically one thing
to probably steer away from you wanted basically when you’re
creating a tweet you want to start with content so putting whatever word you want at the
beginning at that point in putting the hash tag here and there may be put in a hyperlink put in an
afterthought and at the and at the tweet if you’re
going to tag anyone tag them at the end here’s the
reason why to do that armed so if I start with
co-star are tweeting about an ap that we reserve
you’d are called next glass okay if I put their name very very beginning the only people cool end up seeing this Tweet are myself
them and people who follow both the bus
that’s the reason why you typically never start a tweet with someone’s profile name stairway from
that the next trick I would like to give you is for when you want to share hyperlinked after all when you go to a
lot of different products your YouTube video the link is pretty long you need to
shorten there’s a certain times have different services out there here’s just simply who I use I
found them to be very friendly very easy to use in free so I use a
service called bitly you can create an account if you
want or not om and the way it works is when you have a
link you want to shorten you just copy and paste it right
here and they will give you a much shortened hyperlinked that you
can then copy and paste back into Twitter so there’s
one that i created just a moment ago so they click
that little Lincoln echoes to a much longer website URL if you do decide to create a account with deadly want the other
nations you gain access to is analytic see concede
exactly how many people engaged with that link %uh many people
click on it especially great for businesses of course the next record like to give you is its
always a great idea to had image to your tweets and there’s
different ways you can do this of course you could have a phone or an iPad whatever may be in shooter photo
yourself but sometimes you just need a quick little graphic now I am NOT a lawyer I’m
not giving you legal advice today but one of the things that you can do
for getting images is to go to simply images got Google dot com when you go to that you are
searching google just for image is nothing more so if I
need a quick image of a cupcake bomb I got Mike cupcake image but I can
throw into my tweet but those be out there who want to take
this to be a little bit a further level are I would like to just give a
shout out to an ap that I love I use it all the time for
those be who are on Apple products this is great piece of software called Pixelmator one Apple the year couple
years back it’s pretty easy to use it’s very
similar to Photoshop Elements in my own opinion I just wanted to be
slightly friendlier than Photoshop Elements we have classes on it about links to the
class and the product in the description the video the next he’s a good guy so I’d like to
give you you can actually see here that I take to heart myself when someone follows you it can be very
tempting to show your thanks by following them back
a lot of people tend to regret doing that if you look at mine here you see I only
follow a little bit over a hundred people if you start to follow back every single
person who follows you I feel that you may discovered that that
Twitter experience is a little bit tarnished because now
you’re not just seeing the people you care about really try to focus on that just follow
the people who you actually care what they have to
say and that’s not by any means that is not me telling you
to follow me I only want people to follow me who have
an interest in what I’m talking about so whatever your passion
is you should go after following people who
share that passion the next trick I would like to give you
something I made reference to in the very beginning how to get mobile alerts for Twitter are
the best example I can think up is if you are parent give a kid in
school schools cancelled you want to know about it here’s how you do it first you have to
do is you have to tweak your settings so go back to settings by clicking on your
little profile image go into settings from here you can click
on the second I i’m sorry the mobile option
which is about midway down and we’re gonna scroll
down just a little bit here forgive me a minute to blur out part the
screen here and you’ll see here that the text notifications I recommend
checking this option right here okay so you can
get text message alerts on your phone for
really anything with Twitter the problems you don’t get too many cuts
obviously messaging rates apply and you don’t want to be spam to death
either for those of you who I do have you know you do have kids in
school my recommendation is talk to the school and ask them if they
have a dedicated Twitter account just for school cancellations delays in major
announcements like that once they do have that check this option so then when you give
Twitter your phone number they will send you I’ve text message
alert only when this account tweets out 92 she has
now set that up are so I don’t have kids sum to show you a different example here I may use these
guys were here the awesomer for the city core tech gadget freaks arm this this is one of the best blogs
on the internet in my opinion you click on their profile
so pops up like this see that little gear icon one of the
options is turned up on mobile notification so
if I were to do this anytime they tweet it
goes right to my cell phone I get that push message alert you may
have also noticed them the previous screen there’s also a way to make the account silence itself if it’s
between certain hours obviously don’t get a text message if
it’s three in the morning but you know if it’s one in the afternoon they’re
going to let out school early you’re gonna wanna know about that
for those before in business are ok to give you a couple quick pieces advice are first is that you can
track your analytics on Twitter by simply going to the website analytics dot
Twitter dot com and this want to show you basically how
you dead how many impressions did you make how many engagements did you make
enduring gauge min rate as a percentage now I i’ve had I believe already
mentioned it earlier in this class maybe I didn’t I am NOT a Twitter freak
I just kinda tweaks like sharing fun information I’m not Kim Kardashian
I’m not Connie West om I’m not going after million followers
so you can see my numbers here pretty pathetic but up compared to other celebrities out
there other businesses who do this a lot more than I do you know you
obviously want to try to hit as high numbers possible the impression number
not quite so important the engagement number years and especially of course as a
percentage this is just good information for letting you know what you’re doing right what you’re
doing wrong and what you can do better so use that information to your
advantage the other thing you can’t deal is you can take out in had on Twitter
similar you just go to add stock Twitter dot com
it works similarly to the way that Facebook does that’s what’s really nice though about
Twitter is the ability to really target location information let me give you an
example my favorite business plan for working with Twitter our food trucks food trucks that are for
example in New York City are constantly moving from neighborhood
to neighborhood they can create targeted add that hits a very specific geographic
area saying hey guys come get your you know gourmet taco at them were at this corner in this corner
it’s a great way to get the information out for a fairly inexpensive cost so if you want to create a Twitter
at I think we’re gonna probably do a devoted video to creating Twitter ads in the near
future but I when I can really go for a much today
well folks that does it for me for today I wish you very happy tweeting this is David a Cox with PC classes on
mind %uh comity enjoy this class leaves a comment below you watching us
on YouTube course we really do appreciate it if you click the Like
button and be sure to check out our web site PC
classes online dot com that’s all for me everyone class

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  9. Twitter is particularly essential to the group of people desperate to do high school over but this time with a hope for popularity. In that sense it's a popularity contest meets free association meets narcissism – and those are its best attributes.

  10. Thanks Twitter for Suspending me. We'll finish up the Book on You Tube. Biggest Mistake Yet. This is Trump's Hate Campaign. You're excused.

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  13. David, 💜 ur content teaching Twitter, but just checked your account…you haven’t Tweeted since 2016❗️ 🐦 #FBResistance #Twitter

  14. Don't tell the truth about Muslims. The Islam loving LibNazi turncoats at Twitter will suspend or lock your account. I speak from experience.

  15. is there a way to send a tweet to multiple people at the same time or i have to send it individually to each person?, please reply

  16. Whatever, I got a little heated the other day, in the midst of Android update and everything, got locked out, so I just uninstalled.
    I don't get much out if it, more interested the nature of this surveillance business model etc.
    Seems like the weekend partime cubicle workers whoever they are ? Are more judgemental. Hopefully I won't reinstall it.
    YouTube is not as wild as it used to be, as a student of #Sanskrit I used to have Indian Hindu nationalists dog pile on me!
    Pseudo Quasi free speech at best.
    Facebook forget it.
    YouTube has been very helpful for hobby and entertainment, ergo try to behave myself, but for the more refined rarified things such as Sanskrit etc forget it!

  17. Twitter sucks this platform bans people for taking up for themselves and defending people against bullies they don't know people's stories and they don't care. Twitter sucks. Twitter cares more about the bullies feelings than an actual person whose being bullied. This site does not care about your thoughts or feelings.

  18. I just opened a brand spanking new twitter account.
    This was my first tweet:
    I would like see regime change in the US
    Starting with the removal of strongman Bolton the Clown

    30 seconds later I received the following:
    Your account has been locked

  19. Twitter are sh_t suspended me bear Pendragon arth blue eyed pharoah 🤛🍞👊👣👣👣😫 king and I knew Ng of your country you bunch of ignorant idoets learn

  20. I hope you crumble into dust pharoah Celtic king of your country you have gone against Jesus Pendragon you idoets and cernunnos and Santa your life's are going to be one so sh_t

  21. Like for me now they just for spite did a little extra punishment for me. They disabled my account which should have limited access to Twitter and made it to totally disabled for the rest of the suspension time. Is that how they run it professionally and according to their own rules or just like they want?

    And mind you: The rule they said i had broken was just an argument between me and another user which they chose to blame me for .

    The rule they pointed me to which they claimed i had broken didnt even apply, word for word that wasnt the case.

  22. Great class. I'm just learning twitter. Your video is worth 1000 words read over & over. You sail smoothly through basic conceptd, have a great voice, and you're easy to take notes from!

  23. They have as well hijacked your freedom of speech, provide no to little support. Block your account when they feel like it without even providing any valid reason for it if they give you a reason at all.
    They can, and will, just hit the block button as they see fit.
    To then report them to themselves isnt possible since they want you to include a tweet you´re supposedly reporting and without access to Twitter, since you´re blocked, you can´t proceed and include one with any report since any URLwebaddress from within Twitter isnt accessible.

    It´s their own little haven of dictatorship which they rule as they see fit and are totally disregarding your rights and even their own rules which they break as well since they disregard them when blocking you to totally fabricate some illogical reason for it which they apply and it´s not even a relevant rule for the reason.
    It´s a word police state on Twitter on the net where they can behave just as they want if they feel like it.
    I wont be there anymore even if i can. It´s corrupted and somebody needs to shut them down or take away their rights to play around with the community.

  24. When they ALSO make sure that you can´t reach them effectively. Not through e-mail, not on the internet and with no telephone support to contact them on at all, i have really tried to find a way.
    Then it´s on purpose since that´s how they want to run the fascist community.
    Just like they want without any means to reach them and so they wont receive any objections.

  25. On their BLOG we can read:
    "Serving healthy conversation".
    That line of text speaks tons to me what they´re actually doing on their Twitter media.
    Are they serving YOU when all they do is to control what you can say or not?
    Big brothers lies all over again. They serve their own agenda and not me or you.

  26. y'all i need help. so i can see replies on people's posts, and there are posts that i can reply to on other accounts (on said accounts, the person is not following me, so that is not the issue) that i can no longer reply to on my new account. this leads me to believe that there is something different in my settings that doesn't allow me to reply on people's posts. the only way i can make commentary is by reblogging. i don't understand the issue, someone help

  27. Twitter is a cesspool of misinformation coupled with anxiety. White trash rules twitter, example Donald Trump.

  28. Hey,

    Super cool Video.

    What other hints have you got?

    Right now i'm looking at other methods


  29. Then why even mention that you won't mention your name??? By the way, Adam looks like he wants a little more than some simple advice. Lol!

  30. Twitter is Fraud group,I have never use Twitter.
    My Chunghwa Post (Bank)
    Unlike me, 100% are scammers.

    There are a bunch of scammers, posing as me
    More than 9 years,
    On many platforms.
    Create a lot of fake accounts with my yahoo email address.
    I only use Facebook and YouTube.
    Other platforms are scammers

    Any talk, not at my home
    100% is a liar

    I use my own money,
    Play any game.
    Never received sponsorship

    2006-2018 all games and platforms
    I have never used a headset to talk to people.

  31. Let me know if you heard this message I just sent to you because I have some great informative information for you that you might be able to capitalize on

  32. Let's try it..
    This is a self-rescue system that is going to change the world from people being trapped inside their home during a fire or having the chance to back themselves out of a window and get to the ground immediately

  33. I suppose it is beyond your capabilities to explain to me why when I have marked the loveheart red to register that I like a tweet I then go back later and find the it unmarked as if I had not liked the tweet. Get your act together.

  34. I'm here because my account got suspended but I barely even posted. I think a moderator may be trolling on Twitter. I read over the rules but couldn't find one I violated. Any help would be useful. I think my account will be unbanned in a week but if it isn't, a moderator is 100% trolling. You can even check my account @inflatedz for proof.

  35. I got locked on my Twitter account because of “suspicious activity
    “ I just followed some people and liked some post

  36. For "beginners", eh? I'm a beginner. You started giving away the neat tricks early on. I need more basics, ( certainly at the beginning ). Baby steps. Where were they?

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