Twitch Prime: Care Package Lima [World of Tanks]

Greetings, Commanders! Are you ready for a Twitch Prime
surprise just before the holiday rush? You better be! Care Package Lima is here to kick off
the New Year’s celebrations early! It features a brand-new
exclusive style, rental vehicles, a unique commander
and even more! The lead up
to Christmas is a crazy time. The streets are lined with people. The stores are busy as ever. If you don’t get there early, you won’t get anything. But there is one particular gift that’ll be waiting for you
within Care Package Lima: a festive 2D Style. On top of that, the great rewards
for the Captured King Tiger missions will keep you entertained
over the holidays! Also included with
Care Package Lima are: two new medium rental vehicles, the Tier VI German,
the Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm, and the extremely rare
Tier VIII Swede, the Strv 81. You can purchase them with a discount
while the Care Package is active. The unique
“Prime Festivity” 2D-Style. And, a beautiful commander,
Angela di Natale, with three perks: Sixth Sense, Repair,
and Jack of All Trades. 3 days of World of Tanks
Premium Account, 20 Missions for x5 XP
when victorious,1 Training Manual, and the “Snowflake” medal
unique to Care Package Lima. To get all this,
сlick “Claim Offer” on the dedicated
World of Tanks Twitch Prime page. Link your Twitch Prime
and World of Tanks accounts. Then click the “Authorize”
button to redeem the offer. It’s that simple. To get the Captured King Tiger, you’ll need to claim the special
offer separately, but only once. Now let’s get your loot! Already in the game?
Just exit and log in again. Visit the official
website to learn more. Happy New Year, commanders!

3 thoughts on “Twitch Prime: Care Package Lima [World of Tanks]

  1. In Asia serve, I can not buy Strv 81 after getting the Lima package in the game at the moment, maybe later due to some bug I guess.

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