Twi’lek Species Biology, Society, and History

The Twi’lek species are some of the most popular alien designs in Star Wars. Today I’ll be covering everything we currently know about their biology, culture and history in canon. Twi’leks were humanoids that were easily identified by their headtails or lekku. Most Twi’leks had to two lekku but it was possible for them to have four, as seen by Senator Orn Free Taa. They used their headtails in their language, Twi’leki, which was a combination of sounds and subtle movements of their lekku. Their lekku could also be used exclusively to create gestures that meant things like, “Hello,” “Goodbye,” or even, “I love you.” Maybe there was a gesture for, “I know,” as well. The species had two sexes, male and female. The men had ears that resembled human ears but the women had cone-shaped organs instead. The men also had sharper teeth while the women had blunt more human teeth. Twi’leks were able to have a variety of skin colors including white, orange yellow, green, pink, blue, purple or red. Their body temperature was higher than most other humanoid species. Force sensitivity was possible among them as evidenced by Padawan Eldra Kaitis and Jedi Master, Aayla Secura. Female Twilight’s were considered to be especially graceful and beautifu,l so many of them were forced into slavery, often as dancers. In fact, the entire species had a history of subjugation and rebellion. During the Clone Wars, their homeworld of Ryloth fell under the occupation of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. A resistance arose, led by Cham Syndulla, who worked with the Republic to overthrow Separatist forces. After the Clone Wars, Ryloth was under the control of the Galactic Empire and Moff Delian Mors. After five years of tyrannical rule, Cham organized the Free Ryloth Movement to fight against the Empire’s occupation. They even went so far as to attempt to assassinate Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, an effort that ultimately failed. Twi’leks were a common sight within the Rebel Alliance. Cham’s daughter, Hera Syndulla, became a general in the Rebellion and other cells including Saw Gerrara’s partisans, had Twi’lek members. And that’s currently just about everything we know about Twi’leks in canon. Are there any other species you’d like to see me cover this way? Let me know in the comments. If you haven’t already, please like this video, subscribe to the channel, follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and consider checking out my Patreon page. As always, thanks for watching and may the force be with you.

100 thoughts on “Twi’lek Species Biology, Society, and History

  1. Sure they had two sexes, but how many genders did they have? Did they have 37, like us humans? If not, I may get triggered!

  2. honestly, I feel we need some clarification on what aliens are still cannon and which still are stuck in legends.

  3. however on thw subject matter, I'm a little curiois how Rodian are in Canon, assuming thier's anything to add beyond what we've seen in shows and movies.

  4. You forgot to mention that after the imperial remnant abandoned ryloth , the twileks became a neutral world often rejecting the new republic's offer to join them.

  5. might have had more humanoid ears rather than cones, if she had cones they would be really small or she was formerly a he. Or possibly a hybrid.

  6. They seem to have changed a lot in the new canon, I remember reading in the old RPG books that Twi'leks lived on a harsh world with horrid heat storms, and that affected their culture and outlook quite a bit. Ah well, lots of changes, we'll just see how it goes.

  7. Hi Alex! Thank you for this video. I was wondering if you'd consider extending your coverage to include board games – well, more precisely Imperial Assault? They have their own stories and characters, which is great!
    (I came here on my path to look for information on Diala Passil, for your info. 😉
    Have a great day and may the Force be with you!

  8. Do a video on the Cathar! They may not be yet featured in the canon (or they are and I simply don't know yet) but they're a fascinating species with an interesting lore in Legends!

  9. I know that Twi'leks and humans can reproduce but what offspring would a human and a Twi'lek have? Is it a 50%, 50% or some kind of hybrid? I still don't know what Cut Lawquane's children technically are since we have no visual representation of what they look like fully grown. Does this mean that there can be brightly colored humans and Twi'leks with human skin pigments?

  10. I always wanted to know what those tails on there head was people told me that they were handle bars I never new what that joke was till I got older

  11. Ah. The teeth of Twi'lek men were always like that. I wondered if they were done like that in some sort of coming of age ritual.

  12. just going to admit that If i was a male human I would buy a female twi'lek and turn her into my personal sex slave and have sex with her whenever I wanted

  13. Kinda wish they had never drawn so heavily from Bib for the cannon appearance of male Twi'leks, especially when it comes to the ears and cones misconception.

  14. Just finished Lords of the Sith–such a great read!  I think I remember something about the men filing their teeth (the main female character had filed hers which was not typical).  So both male and female probably had blunt teeth but the cultural practice was for males to file theirs at some point.

  15. Here's a question, how come we haven't seen any Twi'leks in the sequel trilogy? Maybe I just haven't seen them but I there haven't been a lot of familiar species at all in this new trilogy.

  16. So when they get excited their Lekkus stand straight up and wag like a dog’s tail? And imagine kissing a Twi-lek and feeling their Lekkus wrapping around your head….especially if you don’t know that their Lekkus can move…..

  17. i thought the side horns on females would be where they could grow the second pair of head tails if they ever overindulged like orn free taa, because i thought he grew his extra ones from overeating, because he needed to store more fat. then again he had ears too, so..
    maybe females could have ears too, but they were hidden by the headwear.

  18. I'm wondering what is the significance of the females always having a head covering, while the males do not? Is this something akin to how muslim women are not supposed to show their hair to anyone but their husbands?

  19. I remember reading in a few places that due to Ryloth being an arid planet where food was scarce, not only were Twi'lek omnivores, as opposed to many sentient species classified as carnivorous, but they also had multichambered stomachs so that they could get every possible bit of nutrition out of anything they ate.

    Also that Orn Free Taa's extra "lekku" were actually a fat-storage mechanism which any Twi'lek could develop if they gained enough weight.

  20. i would request you to do a video on zygerrian species and notable few zygerrian characters in star wars universe….thank you

  21. Twi'lek , especially womans were able to produce ANY type of pheromone, thus making charm or love potions. They were great as warriors or assassins.
    Very erotic race, their nobles sold them to various criminall organizations.

  22. The fact that there have been twi'lek in just about every medium of star wars and this is all we know about them is kinda sad. Lets get more twi'lek stories instead of a bunch of new aliens that have no story at all. cough canto bite cough

  23. @StarWarsExplained The RPG books, especially the West End Games 'D6' series was such a good source of reference material that Lucas Films sent them to SW novel writers as source material. This meant that George Lucas considered them essentially 'source materials for others to work from.

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