welcome here Dylan our episode of ke w holy crap the episodes are just keep coming the behind-the-scenes promos just keep coming a lot of stuff is going on that's not even being posted on social media that's happening it's getting crazy out there twf fanatics are going insane right now as much as we all disagree with them Brad blaze has clearly brought this to a whole new level baby yes I don't know we're going we literally have three new subscribers we've had tons of views in an hour of our newest video that's just rumors whatever check it out for yourselves go to our YouTube channel make sure to check out all the songs that we credit throughout these episodes no regret we're kicking off this episode with a contract signing for my triple threat elimination match at night outs final 40 WS champion set bell and that's gonna be one hell of a match I feel I can't wait for night time do you know what date we're doing a nighttime follow I think I look see Brad blaze is very tight about these things he's changing a lot of things he may not change it welcomes a champion named Jeff Mason areas where I'm proud very people smile he is setting not sure where to send always setting up lol needs a seat I guess so I guess it won't oh and he's taken off this whole dirty shoes oh and then Oh would you think himself right there on the chair lucky there's not a prostitute over that table instead it's a glass table we can tell it gotta check if it's belts comfy and all that stuff lucky if he's king of the castle oh [Applause] psychosocial by Slipknot check about Spotify aqua music just like song contract signing without contract you standing what am I supposed to sit nowhere that's alright I'm an athlete I can stand on my feet I'm champion my mother said you got to bring out the contract good thing I brought it Casey man Hayes come down to make his mark in this triple threat which if you think about it this would not be happening without spike Jeff Mason doing what he did neither one of these men addressed right place this is everywhere you five music yeah you can't sign a contract with Le Pen's it's kind of funny spoke Japanese anyways for getting everything needs guys so this mr. uh shoot I didn't touch my shoes hey don't touch the fucking dude ELISA stupidest man like I wish I could afford Nike with a hot champ don't so which one you bitch you're gonna sign first so you mr. fetish man or so-called Prince of Darkness the darkness but you're scared the darkness look multi-shot [Applause] what so if finally both came out surprised don't don't touch destiny don't listen why does in your dreams we'll love their fucking shoe fetish man do you think gage actually has a foot fetish I don't know us oh they all sign the paper it's done it's a match it's official once again though just joy wasn't sore Jeff's doing what he did this match would not hold me to the side of a temple and AJ's is out like a monkey and boy Jeff is incredibly confident but he may have just signed if his sad for me exactly his last meal gonna be engaged you might have it can cut story right Oh Jay Simpson saw like Nicole Brown Simpson and her boyfriend drug dealer found on the side of the road and OJ's gone nowhere to be found if the club does not fit you must have quitted spike just Mason anywhere ravenous you say well I was intense it's quite the episode episode episode 5 already of the season so we got – this is just the season we got two people I'm not sure been champions already and one person has my champion gage has been champion Jeff is a champion quarterblack has never got a chance can you to come gage has been one of the most top-rated champions and tws history so this hasn't kept her long enough Jeff is the longest reigning TW opportunities your times in a row so the question is if Chloe wins it what type of champion will he be the darkest champion you've ever had I'm excitement is here there's a lot of rumors going around it will never been able to kick off for the spring we'll be able to definitely go into the fall hopefully you'll be able to keep us going because this is an amazing start to to see who our man could be tossed up they're from early math you'll see test some look at him he's that he's sponsored by he's gas among some positive look oh look out less these hairs he does not looks he looks I'm over he does not look right they look so much let's say nothing care the on by Kevin said if I got vicodin on them the Cory Matthews nope he's depressed yeah barely get in the trampled he's off his rocker right now ok let's cut to a chase Rob blaze come out here let's go he just call my bride to know how much to say he wants to say this last face right now like he said he just wants to Kent get to the chase that's all he wants he just wants to start this off the way he wants to start it to say what he has to say Brad coming over without a list of quenched supply since summer regard well earthquake there's some good-looking men back there here I feel and I feel like this just shows the intensity of the situation I heard I'll say hot for do you know what you have made my life a living hell all my friends they want nothing to do with me hey you know I don't blame them well I blame you to a certain point you made me this way you're pointing fingers at people that have no control over any I've got my whole life no ordinary life you've got to take control you've got to steer that way look people seem to don't understand the speed bumps along the way they don't seem to understand the heartaches the twists and turns that toy with your mind you luckily have your big brother to be those twists and turns 40 so I can be an employee safely and in a controlled environment so Cody this insanity is just a blessing in disguise I'm taking my anger out on the wrong people I said I said and done that engaged last week you thought he didn't know I got attacked my life thank you fast five years ago that day like death makes another to look like to come home angry upset after what what's wrong Brad just laying down to your room if you slam the door and here comes Mia just come in and check on you you got a fog a bottle of pills in your hand I think you said this I'm done with his life on it's over I'll bend in it today you know why's it I took accident I tackled you down you take them pills out understand I saved you that day but now that I think of it I didn't do jack off that was a day that Brad did that Brad died that's the day not the Brad I knew rather I loved hung out with that's the day that's a day he died and now we got this bread the news improve well heck you want to call it Brad feedback back there and I thought I was doing the right thing for our families but now I think I think I just think it's wait you're not the same anymore at some point I regret taking them bottles of pills away from you and I've been thinking wonder what would happen if I just sat there and watch him die Jess could have done something see what I did back then I'm gonna take it all back at night right I'm not gonna save them this time I'm gonna help you put you out of your fucking misery for good shooter died otherwise whatever it is I was its misery let it make its own choice let it be stupid on its own I bet you've gone insane now I'll let you do wherever the insanity drives you to do if you regret it and now you want to pull me out of my misery I would have no problems would have been to my baby brother but nobody else will be able to do I don't youth will be able to do but if someone should I think I'm done here I own this I can go whenever I want if I'm going to hit rock bottom they're gonna hit it with me – I'm gonna take you down with me don't worry big brother I've got the detour map right tonight a triumph and Cody did not like that Brad walked away and Cody does not we soon as sorry Cody so many times I feel it over art both brothers are getting under each other's skin that was a very personal moment a very deep moment for Cody Matthews to throw in the brad blazes face we do know the past of bradley's we know where everybody's passed here in t WF of course because it is what we do as a business we try to get close know each other but like this this has gone deep this is getting extremely intentions brothers I'm not even sure if we should I see this as a match and their triumph this is getting to a very personal personal vendetta so was gonna get hurt someone's gonna get over a service we're all running out and this is what is to come for now a trial I think one of these that one of these guys are want to leave enough body they got the end of a night Cody Matthews smashing Brad's face in the trampoline bar oh I'll go to already hurt again I'm running elbow Cody's fighting his demons are sliding it off you trying to trying to regain some control as a man as a human being Cody's always been like an honest respectful guy but we have not seen that type of guy in the Lyle oh my god that was hurt he's got a steel chair with a wooden seat this is a very painful chair to take a blow from mainly steel Center would if he had some with this I don't know if Brad blaze is gonna make it into oh that's a like a gunshot right off the back you know we know a history of Brad places back injuries Oh low blow black plays this is what he's gonna get upper hand one together bitch please two guys report was listed in their own ways you can see it clearly trying to get a chomping Brad falling back pulling brought up Brad tryna fight Henson in the gut is what I want to know what their ma I want know what their mom and dad think about these two fighters he's still ripping each other apart every single day and week this whole year so far more curious he's back getting back up it shows you that he never gives up but that's that could be one of his weaknesses you keep going back up where doesn't keep that knock down Oh sake also moving a some his brother Oh into a ribcage of Cory Matthews you look a mess ease down slurring around in pain for us taking a seat looks like this respectful can you look at us Cory has listened to what he said he did not like it was gonna story Oh clothesline Brad girls now let go tired of bricks it almost seems like Brad has the wind knocked out them when we took it straight to the chest Kobe's welcome Sabri what's he gonna do I think there's rope over over there good old shutter those coin slot they're on Brad welco he has that rope what does he think he's gonna do with us well he did just bring up suicide so Eggman I sure hope yeah can you let go of it for some reason I think he's owned reg Brad over there good the Rope felt long enough for each other Cory Matthews did say he went on to end Brad place and Brad blaze did say if anyone wants to do it it would be his being like all right like they said yes cause I hit rock bottom he's taking over oh yeah the post shoulder into a post once again cody has passed shoulder injuries and then he fell through a fence I've been that fence kind of hole Cody wait up and Plus brat tossed him and I think I think Cody's out that tease of you what a dramatic end to the brutal brat blazes this is what is to come it's gonna be a big fight it's gonna be a bloodbath aw that's one fight myself you although fans would not want to miss this pay-per-view if I real then I feel like there's only a big crowd there that's gonna make it a lot of that big big fill and a big fight feeling that no one won't submit I feel like now you're triumph this night of triumph will be one of the best ever and no matter who you are it will be one of your favorites if you've been involved if you've been watching if you're a new fan an old fan whatever it's gonna be one of the greatest craziest nano triumphs it's already been one of the craziest seasons most uploaded seasons will subscribe most viewed seasons of twf ever we are witnessing history ladies and gentle or at all look at all these talents jeff gage Corey Brad and Cody these are five wrestlers that could put on a great show for our fans and people are just asking for more possible talks of live events more contract signings newer new titles night of triumph may actually be at night this year who knows well I think that's all we got to say we'll like to say thank you for our songs that we were using of Jackyl and hide by Five Finger Death Punch go check them on Spotify or Google Music YouTube music they're a learn music things or did you say Egypt central to know Egypt central taking me down check them out on everything you check out music Apple music Google Play Spotify YouTube along with psychosocial by Slipknot lights out by Hollywood Undead and strife by Trivium yeah hopefully this is gonna and I like like the heat has already turned off I want to see the stove catch on fire like to say thank you for all fans that you know that's been telling people about us keep that up keep it up spread the word share the videos anybody you know as a wrestling fan I know I know some of us wrestling fans deep down inside are kind of ashamed to share the video be made fun of just shared on a messenger to some of your friends spread the word around yeah and like you just said but get made fun of but at night run these guys goals are going to prove their own not they're wrong these are just amateur backyard wrestlers and gentlemen the weekend we know it's amateur we know how amateur this is but we're trying our best we're doing our best we're improving each and every time we do it and so are these men and I'm telling you right now it may go somewhere you have to start somewhere to get that journey started on that path and we are so happy that people like you are watching and witnessing and witnessing it with us and joining us on this path for twf triumph Wrestling Federation thank you so much from the commentary team here at TW Fe and I guess at all folks see it the next episode of twf check us out on the youtube channel in the facebook play I feel like if you only be a big episode so if I was you subscribed hit that like button send links on Facebook Twitter snapchat do all that stuff tell your friends about it cuz this is non miss you don't want to miss this thing at all so I have a good day good night and good afternoon whatever you do be safe

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