TVJ Midday News: Gov’t Working on Improving Police Stations Across The Island – November 21 2019

it’s Thursday November 21 good afternoon
I’m Herman green with your midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on
one spot in national security minister of the Horace Chiang is
reiterating the government’s commitment to improving the working conditions of
police officers he was addressing journalists after a tour of a trench
town police station on Wednesday TV J’s Anthony law was there and now reports
the police the first Lam and the premier law it was the LLC and we have to create
an environment if he’s comfortable working national security minister dr.
Horace Chang addressing the media after a tour of the trench town police station
in st. Andrew on Wednesday the police station is one of the 22 completed this
year under the ministry’s rebuild overhaul and construct ROC project sixty
stations are scheduled for repairs before the end of the 2019 2020 fiscal
year Superintendent Howard chambers heads the West Kingston Police Division
under which the trench town police station falls under way for much less
than what you are enjoying no enjoying the ambience of you know cool AC unit
the the aesthetic of the place have been improved and it’s also live the spirit
of the police but not all and police first of all the citizens at all they’re
ever pleased when they come in Saturday I can you know sit and wait to give
their report the Police Federation has long complained about the conditions
under which its members work just last week chief Gen Yers highlighted the
state of the building on Martin Street Spanish town Saint Catharine which
houses the st. Catherine north scene of crime division the Center for
investigation of sexual offences and child abuse ahsoka as well as the
proactive investigation unit a day after some members were relocated after nine
officers called in sick it was a similar situation at the criminal records office
in Kingston we look at a new office what we ought to work on we reallocate can’t
lock it down for long so they’re currently building one by you
do you see they work enough for maximum six to achieve because of the condition
and well it really I didn’t fair another spot to move to we getting there that
promise from dr. Horace Chang however the Lauren forces working in
some of these police stations are anxiously waiting on improvements to
their working conditions we’ll never be able to everything that is required for
them what the country was demonstrated those young men and women that we are
committed to work with them to carry out their responsibilities effectively
efficiently the most critical element to raise the morale gets the productivity
up and once we get learned all until making the end result is Graham she
wonders for the country Anthony look CBN News justice minister
del white chalk is warning some police officers who are asking justices of the
Peace to sign blank forms for the detention of persons under the states of
emergency now in effect to desist from doing so
Minister Chuck was addressing 34 new Justice of the Peace in Saint Elizabeth
on Tuesday where he said he will be contacting the Commission of police on
the matter there are some cases at the SOE we are some police men asking GPS
and informed and I tell him in no uncertain terms get the name so I can
report those policemen to the Commissioner you can’t ask a GP to sign
blank form and I said don’t you ever if you were ever heard to be signing blank
passport form blank character reference believe me I will be the first to
recommend to the kosis that you’ll be decommissioned the justice minister says
Jamaica continues to suffer as a result of corruption and wrongdoings
he warned JPS to stop facilitating these unlawful practices there are justice of the peace that are
facilitated it because oftentimes the signed documents for persons that I
don’t know and they will tell you that but they bring their ID so when they
bring the ID and say I am a B I assume they’re a me and assign it it is wrong
unless you know the person you’re not to identify that person as having that name
or for that matter recommend that person the House of Representatives on Tuesday
passed the human employment and resource training amendment at 2019 with 23
amendments the legislation makes the necessary legal provision for the merger
of the functions of the heart trust MTA with a National Youth Service NYS the
apprenticeship board and the Jamaican foundation for lifelong learning J FFL T
V J’s Prince Moore has the details closing the debate Prime Minister Anja
Holness said the merger will create an institution that will refocus all the
government’s training resources into one agency he says the specific aim of the
merger is to tackle the issue of unattached youth and getting them into
the labor force so that the economy can benefit institution mr. Holness noted that the merger is not
so much about cutting the wage bill or labor force in the organizations that
have been merged he argued that the legislation will streamline training
processes provide for such transitional measures as necessary to facilitate the
smooth transfer of administrative responsibilities to the trust it will
facilitate the issuance validation or recognition of certificates or other
academic qualifications distinctions or awards to current and former
participants of the training programs no merged
with the heart trust the bill will now be sent to the Senate for approval
Prince more TVJ news and it’s time for a break here on the midday news but stay
with us more news right after these messages welcome back continuing the news there’s
a call this afternoon from the Jamaica hotel and tourist Association for the
media to temper the reports of crime and violence the tourist body says the image
which is portrayed through the media where the print or electronic is hurting
the sector DVDs are Shane masters tells us more
with a number of new hotel rooms the comment stream in the next few years and
Jamaica is booming Airbnb Seto the ghta is calling on the media to be
cautious in their reporting on crime and violence
it says millions are being lost on an annual basis as potential visitors are
canceling their flights based on the crime and violence that is out on the
front page of the country’s papers and on radio and television nobody wants to
leave the grime of New York City and come to the crime of Jamaica
they’re coming for beaches they’re coming to to relax and get away from
reality and it is that idyllic even image that we in Jamaica selves and it
is that image that we must protray I am not saying that we can’t report on the
things what I’m saying is what is the value what is the cost of reporting on
those things but veteran journalist and CEO of the Western mirror Lord B Smith
says what should be done is a rebranding of hoe Jamaica’s tourism sector is sold
to visitors and investors I think our tourist industry has made us a nation of
schizophrenics we are bipolar because on the one hand we want to kowtow to the
tourism industry because that’s what brings in the money yes but what about
the natives why are we afraid for example if there
are problems in the tourism sector why we are afraid to expose it but but but
we don’t want to touch those things because it is the the goose that lays
the golden egg for Gleaner correspondent internets alvaro the news is not
negative but it’s the reality of the Tomic and society change in the meantime
Lloyd B Smith is calling for a balance between the countries hotel sector and
at the media or shade masters TV 10 News we go now to news from the region a
visit from US ambassador Kelly craft to Haiti on Wednesday has left Haitians
more frustrated they’re calling the ambassador’s visit for the unpopular
jovenel moise hypocritical video circulated on social media and what sub
of protesters expressing anger over the USS interference in Haitian politics
signaling crafts visit as the latest example of us meddling now critics point
out that while ambassador craft is calling for the end of corruption and
human rights violations in Haiti she ignores the fact that mr. Muys
is accused of being at the helm of these cases of abuse in the country and back
home a cry for help from small-scale farmers in st. Thomas over claims that
larger players are pushing them out of space due to their superior financial
power and influence the development comes amidst a brought a blossoming
business opportunity in that parish we have more in this report from TV James
Duane Anderson several communities in st. Thomas are
still reeling from the collapse of sugar with many former sugar workers now
unemployed but in the last few months and earning opportunity has opened up to
the residents not saying it is going to be forever
never we are wheneve you if by the input transporting I mean from you but the
demand for cassava is creating a land scramble in the parish larger players
have been flexing their financial muscle and influence to push smaller farmers to
the margins why these guys why we have that so well
because Revolution was an uprising the fact is that we are going back position
we are you lease the land softly and I don’t believe that is vegan
you are no softly did not land water by acreage took bigger players and I am no
member of parliament for eastern st. Thomas dr. Fenton Ferguson says his
concerns have been put to the Ministry of Agriculture he wants a more equitable
distribution of land so that small farmers can get a foothold in the
cassava cultivation business I know she was gone if there is an alternative to
the rule they are doing Addison TVJ news in international news Israelis Attorney
General has formally charged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a series
of corruption scandals the country’s Attorney General issued an indictment
Thursday charging Netanyahu with fraud breach of trust and bribery Netanyahu
has denied any wrongdoing claiming he’s the victim of a witch hunt and we go
down to news and sports 9 time winners in George’s College will take on
st. Catherine high and semi-final one of the ISA Walker cop at the stadium East
field on Thursday kickoff is at two o’clock with live coverage on TV J and
hits 92 FM in the later game last season’s beaten finalists Excelsior with
Battlecam Pedone at 4:00 p.m. and that’s where we put a wrap on the midday news
I’m Herman Greene please join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package on
behalf of the News sports and production teams good afternoon

22 thoughts on “TVJ Midday News: Gov’t Working on Improving Police Stations Across The Island – November 21 2019

  1. Keep on telling them what them put up cctv all over country and that will cut crime in jamaica have someone monitor the cctv 24 7 ..give the police more vehicles so them can catch the wicked criminal killing people and getting away with

  2. This is total nonsense not interested in the cost of we report things, it is utter nonsense this man is talking. We have a very very serious problem with crime in Jamaica, it is not negativity it is factual. I am surprised that the tourists industry is functioning as it is all throughout this high crime rate.

  3. Returning resident spend LOTS of money wen they return.
    Some, VIA their pension
    To my knowledge a total of 42 returning resident got killed in JA
    Between 2017-2018. 99% from England, now all that pension. "Money" stays in England no one gets it.
    Monies that would spend locally in JAMAICA. That Would boost the economy some..wat
    Let's average SAY 3000 pound a month × 42.
    Not to mention the many who got killed in the past.
    We could easily do 1million pound a month.
    But you knw who is LAUGHING?
    THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT OF COURSE! they dont have to pay that money out anymore.
    Those big guns wah unnu gi di "SATAN" dem really works.
    Now even the babes has to cry..out for help, wen they should be in school.
    OH' sorry we tried our best.
    Well buy the guns from these CRIMINALS & destroy them.

    Well good idea, but we dont have the money! Knowing we would have to pay them well.
    Ok' propose it to the general public wat your intentions are, also to 'parliament'
    an other necessary branch of GOV.
    Then make a vote on it, and let's see what happen.
    The vote would be to raise taxes for a while, so we can "allocate" the money to address such matter!
    I think the public would go for it,

  4. So MR Chuck i have traveled for the last 20 years move from part of the island to another . How will i set up accounts etc. When no one truly knows me.

  5. That's mean the j p must know the old Jamaica for him 2sing that makes no sense mr government look at what you are doing 2the people country

  6. This whole entire JP referencing system needs to be disbanded because I do not personally know any justice of the peace and I don't go to church and I do not have a personal doctor I don't get sick like that so no I don't have a personal doctor I it's really hard to conduct business in Jamaica because all of these requirements are ridiculous if I bring my passport obviously there is a process that you go through in order to get the passport so why do I need a justice of the peace or a notary public why

  7. If the media stop reporting the murders in Jamaica the government will not do anything about the current murder crisis on the island are u going the wait until there is a high rate of tourist murder then do something about it since the tourist industry doesn't want the media to report the crime situation invest in fighting of crimes with the billions of US dollars you all are making annually

  8. foreign government should not invest in jamaican government unless shown what there money is spent on to develop the country because they have no morals are value to the people of there country not even taxpayers have a say of what Goes on in this Country police should be payed very well because there job is very risky there health should be check up regular police Gear and Uniform should be upgraded Yearly for comfort and to protect them from criminals so they can't imitate police officers



  11. So if the police is working in bad condition can you Imagine the condition the Prisoners or in the JLP is perfect for Economic Growth but when it comes to Human rights and protection of citizens the JLP doesn’t care about anything els just Growth from JLP comes in power the most people die in Jamaica but every one would say the JLP is good for Jamaica but no it not because of Corruption and every side we need to have a Minimum wage that encourages everyone to work it is way too low and that is one of the reason y crime is so high So much returning residents and people who is working so hard last there lives because of growth we care about Tourism and Chinese investors more then any Jamaican Citizen

  12. Go suck oun mother a the same thing two blood klatt j.p do to me . and my blood klatt case a run almost three years…. A hate oun a who say a two year a case if try …

  13. Some of these JP's are even asking for money in order to sign your documents. There was a time when JP's would walk there communities and interact with the residents, that has stop and when you visit their office they're telling you that they don't know you.

  14. The United States ambassador to Jamaica should be barred from the country, she is very, very rude. Her job is to issues visas not to interfering in the country personal business, how she is going to tell Jamaica corruption. While the United States is committed the corrupted government in the world, their President is trying for impeachment. For trying to bribes foreign country to investigated one of the candidate, who is running for the president.
    That ambassador must remember that the most guns crimes is committed in the United States everyday,she needs to sent back to the United States. She is very, very much rude, she is using tatics about corruption to interfering with Jamaica business.
    Only because she knows that the Jamaican government is very weak, because the politicians does not want their visas to be taken away.
    So they are afraid to asked Washington to take her back home, and warned the United States embassy workers to stayed out of Jamaica private business.
    Because Jamaica is a very much a sovereign country ,it is not one of the state of the United States.
    Where Washington having any form of jurisdictions over it,so if she wants to remain in the country.
    She needs to shut her mouth, or else she will be sent back. The government of Jamaica must tell Washington that the country has been sending our resources there ,from 1958 to help built their economic growth also development.
    So they owned Jamaica a lot, also our lime stones from Rock Fort plant been going to the United States. Where they used to build houses, and other buildings with. Because they used it to make sheetrock, which they used on the inside of the buildings.
    The ambassador to Jamaica is very, very rude, the government does cares about black who was not born in the United States more than the ordinary. So she must not come to Jamaica trying to pour out her frustration on the people, her job is to run the embassy and .Not to interfering with Jamaica business as usual, they are using their bullism on every country they entered. It is full time that the government of Jamaica must put a stopping to it, Jamaica is just 550 miles from the United States. Based on geography Jamaican shouldn't need a visa to enter the country, because Jamaica is north America continent just like the United States. I want to know with all the educated people in Jamaica, also the United States. They does not know that there is no country named America,it is a continent. Where there are two continent north,and South Americas.

  15. Listening to Delroy Chuck about that the police officers is signing blank forms,he does not understand the intricacies about police works. When they are doing a road traffic duty, where they are going to get JPS those ours of the day to be with the team. He is so fool,fool,I hope the next election, that fool would not be in office. Just like how he was blaming the police officers for arresting his thieving labourites minister of education Ruel Reid and companies. For stealing the education taxes money for the poor people in general children, a man like Delroy Chuck is not fit to served the public at all. Because he is condoning with thieves to poor people in general, out of their education,it is full time to go.

  16. I am asking Dr Fenton whatever he want to named,what happened to those land leased that PNP party government gave to the people. I know a certain JLP party government minister who was MP in St,Thomas during the 1980s, he did want to take away the land from the people. I guessed he should asked that former minister JLP MP,about the land grabbing he did .When his government was in power, and he trying to take away all those land. He should checked on him ,and see how many actres of land he took. Then he could distributed it amongst the other farmers who was robbed, by that MP he knows himself.

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