TUTORIAL: Type O Negative – Anesthesia

Hi folks! Today I’m guiding you through Type O Negative’s Anesthesia. It’s a pretty simple song. To begin with you have the main theme which A, G, E and F and then on the left hand A, C, F so reversed F major. Just lower your thumb on the E key and you have A minor. Notice these pauses here. Make sure you clean up your pedal very well before them. The right hand is pretty simple. Note here that you have G, D and G so G major (I think). Then chromatically down one. Back to F major. And then A minor. Basically you have the second verse which is similar to the first one. And then you have another one of those variant themes and then you have the final verse which I like to do in octave, so you’ll start with the variant theme. And after that part you have the “I don’t feel anything” part. It’s a bit different from the original version, like I start with this D minor chord and add an A and on the left I have D minor. Rising up to E, then F, then down. And then the singing was with the right hand. And then you have the beginning left hand. Now that you have this part done you move on to the next one, which is like the “thousand tears worth a single smile” on E and G#. And up to A. Left hand added. After this part you have this interesting variation going on. So let’s hand goes down chromatically. I’ll just play it one octave higher just so you can see everything. And I’m going to use my right hand because it’s kind of hard not to use it. You have to kind of jump a lot and just faking it is much easier here. And another one of those themes and then you just move on to the next part which is the “I don’t feel anything” I believe. But you keep this chromatic thing going on the left in this. And then you just end it on this F# chord. You let that ring out for a while, you bring right hand up and there is kind of interesting chords. A, D#, F#. Then lower the highest down to E then D#, D. Leave one finger out. This is the whole song. I hope this was of use and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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