Tưởng Nhớ ” Sulii Choi (Choi Jin-ri ) ” || Singer & Actress || Member of f(x), SM Town

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video! Thank you also for mourning this girl! I made this film to share and sympathize. Although I am not her fan. I only found her through an article. But I really mourn for her. I feel sorry for a beautiful and talented girl. But there are many sadness in life. I don’t know the exact reason why she did this. But this must be a very bad thing. All of this made her so desperate. They are all unforgivable crimes! Everyone has the right to choose their own life. Whether they are right or wrong, they must bear the results of their choice. However, if they disagree, no one has the right to intervene or make a judgment. Just because of your embarrassment, embarrassment, and blind interest in them. The result of an accident or intentional pain. This is also one of the most cruel crimes. Only the devil wants to kill someone. If you become a demon, You will also endure bad things. This is the causal law that has been denied for thousands of years. Life is an experience, a pay and a hopelessness. Turn on the light and knock back the darkness in your heart. Read and think carefully before taking action. Because that’s what you want, it’s also something that one needs to achieve. I don’t agree to teach others. Because I have a lot of shortcomings. But I am still trying to make up for these defects every day. Although knowing this is not an easy task. But to perfect my part and overcome all the challenges in life. I am prepared to accept their faith and sympathy… and so on. Cui Shali’s loss is a mourning and an example. The mirror reflects the reality and compassion of today’s human beings. Every day, for hours, there are still many tragedies around the planet. So, have you ever asked if you or your family might be a victim? And how to change it? This is the effort you need to make in your life. No religion or party can help you. It must be your own experience and discovery. Based on the human values ​​of the saints.

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