Tulsi Gabbard Sues Google For $50 Million

47 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard Sues Google For $50 Million

  1. it doesn't really matter if she has a case or not, this is a GREAT use of money to promote herself. i think it was a very smart choice, there is no such thing as bad coverage. having a BIG story about Google is going to make her more popular just from people seeing her name more often.

  2. “Aargh! This game keeps cheating!”

    I used to yell that at my Nintendo NES all the time… until I beat Regnar. We were. lol after that.

  3. Holy shit, guys BE CAREFUL. There are trolls in these comments that are literally word for word, punctuation for punctuation, the same and pushing for gabbard bullshit. "Ana hates Gabbard. It shows everytime they talk about Gabbard." I saw this from 5 "different" accounts. Pf course bannons sweetheart would have these type of kooks.

  4. Are you seriously accepting that Google does not know how to build in some check & balances on the night of a political debate this size? Simple things like "if accounts linked to any of these 20 candidates are flagged by our algorithms, manual intervention with executive approval is needed"? Do you realize what a cheap "get out of jail free"-card that is? "Sorry, it's the algorithm". Done.
    Other than that, this thing between Ana and Tulsi Gabbard has an impact on your coverage. That BDS reference was a very long stretch and smelled of smearing. And it's becoming a trend.

  5. TYT is nuts. If TYT's system always crashes when they most need it, then they have a stupid system. And if Cenk accepts that business model, he is a poor businessman. No business would accept this type of incompetence. Just because, they are stupid, doesn't Gabbard or other businesses will accept it.

  6. I can say I've been getting some weird goggle suggestions for all these right wing or sites that extremely Alt-right videos. Makes you wonder how their algorithm is program these days.

  7. I didn't ask google to photograph my house and stick it on the internet but they did it anyway. Not a fan of google

  8. Not buying it at all, any programmer will tell you Tulsi's account already had fraud protection parameters in place due to large volume, this looks very capricious and calculated. Secondly, I have faith in Tulsi's position on BDS, it's pragmatic and shows a mature understanding of geopolitics.

  9. Yes. Tulsi is right.

    She is a threat to the establishment and is definitely being targeted.

    Bernie has too much influence for them to pull this shit.

    But Tulsi is still on the comeup. Shes facing the kind of shit Bernie faced in 2016.

    Tulsi is the best candidate after Bernie.

    Bernie/Tulsi 2020

    That said i am disappointed in Tulsis vote on BDS. as well as Ro Khanna.

  10. It is not simply that the coders have inherent biases….indeed, that would be a very small, non-material issue. The bigger problem is that so many people buy into the "data science" algorithms at all. Much of the so-called analyses are simply data snooping. With a large enough collection of data (I.e. The so-called "Big data") you will find patterns in the data, and some when subjected to statistical analysis will have statistical significance, but will still nevertheless be meaningless…….yet, it seems the whole world is going kooky over this stuff.

    As someone with a great deal research experience and knowledge, I find this completely baffling……. Why aren't more people saying "the emperor has no clothes"?

  11. talking about impact of google on people minds or having giant impact, how about news channels? how do we regulate that? should we have more regulations? it is easy to critique but hard to provide solutions.

  12. Anna.! You are dull. That's not how SEO works. You pay for high visibility. You pay for it before it happens because of your marketing research. Google doesn't flag your account because you increase your exposure. THEY WANT THAT MONEY. Your bias is through the roof. You can't call yourself a journalist.

  13. Okay, everybody who sent in a Campaign Contribution to Tulsi Gabbard, congratulations, you are paying a lot of Lawyers to loiter around in Court. Oh, and I wonder which lawyers she hired. Probably friends of the family I would guess.

  14. We need 50,000 thousand more lawsuits to file day and night. Break them financially asap. All big tech are doomed for banning American 1st Amendment rights. Very bad move tech world.

  15. It bescause people like you Tulsi has 1%. You think Bernie "i wont pay my own employees 15 bucks" Sanders is gonna win? Again, thank you TYT for Trump reelection. PS Ana, Tulsi is 100% more women than you, get over it.

  16. It's unlikely to've been an accident. Google had plenty of notice that the debates were going to take place on the date and time, indicating there would be spikes in google adds, and subsequent spike in searches. ~ Anna appears to be envious of Tulsi. She's obviously spiteful toward Gabbard.

  17. Hey Ana, you supposedly read the lawsuit, but failed to read a 1-page H.R 246 ? LOL ! H.Res. 246 does not infringe on free speech. While we are at it, where were you when Tulsi was out there defending the 1st amendment rights of Assange and Manning, while Bernie was silent on it ? Oh wait, that goes against your anti-Tulsi propaganda, doesn't it ?

  18. Anna simply has “Queen Bee” Syndrome and feels threatened by Tulsi Gabbard. It’s quite funny and unfortunate, too.

  19. Damage caused like or lump it! Machine or Human error is made but there is a difference- one can think the other doesn't !

  20. Why are you guys misrepresenting the latest bds resolution? It doesn't ban boycotts, it, for the first time recognizes Palestine as a sovereign nation and guarantees our right to boycott but bans the government from taking a stance.

  21. Even if it's an algorithm issue, they could have known and prepared, that political campaigns will spend more money after the debates

  22. Ana is over the top unforgiving with Tulsi. If Ana read the lawsuit, then maybe she could also read the BDS RESOLUTION and stop calling it a bill. Open your mind!!

  23. Cenk is computer illiterate and hence made a complete wrong analogy. Anna, algorithms are biased not because codes are biased. Bias is actually a math/machine learning term (bias vs variance tradeoff etc). Bias occurs because datasets are biased and datasets are biased not because of malicious intent.

  24. Tulsi could have used this to talk about problems with Google but instead she filed a lawsuit that will do absolutely nothing. And as Ana pointed out, Tulsi is hypocritical in this context. It's classic Tulsi.

  25. "Why would Google risk their company to attack Tulsi Gabbard." says Cenk the person who doesn't know that they have been fined billions for biased manipulation of search results in the last election.

    omg… so glad Jimmy Dore left these idiots. They either are purposely lying or do not know anything.

  26. None of you cared when Google manipulated search results during the 2016 election nor did you care when they shadowbanned Alex Jones and other voices.

    You're reaping what you sow, TYT.

  27. Your arguments do not make any sense. An algorithm is just a tool, like a pen. You can't claim you did not sign that contract but your pen did, that is not a legal defence. Also, Google being a private entity does not allow them to ban or hide certain content. A paper manufacturer cannot dictate what you are allowed to write on their paper, Apple can not dictate which words you are allowed to use in text messages on the smartphones they produced. As a company their own freedom of speech is protected but they are now allowed to infringe those of others.

  28. 12:40 Ana says there is no reason/evidence Google is silencing Tulsi

    Tulsi is the most critical of our military than any other candidate. There is evidence that big tech companies like Google work closely with the military industrial complex.

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