Truth Matters: DxE Investigators Expose “Humane” Fraud at Whole Foods

(music) She’s not doing so well. We’re going to try to get her the
best veterinary care we can, as soon as possible. There’s so much dust and soot
that it actually hurts her eyes. So we just found her sprawled out on
the ground – she’s in really bad shape. – This chicken’s beak has been cut here. The problem with diarrhea like this is
you get maggots in two or three days. I mean for her to get this thin, she’s not
been right for at least the last couple weeks. The prognosis overall
is really, really poor. She is suffering at this point. – Hey, it’s Wayne. I’m at the vet and
I have kind of an emergency that I need your feedback on. Call me back. When I was growing up in Indiana,
I didn’t have many human friends. I was in an immigrant family, and we were very much disconnected
from the people around us. There were very few people of color in
central Indiana where I was growing up, so the friends I made were all animals. I would go out into the forest
and talk to the squirrels, have conversations with birds, and try to play with reptiles and frogs,
and usually they ran away from me, so they didn’t like me very much. But I’m lucky enough to have found at
least a few animals who do seem to like me. Lisa is my little girl. She’s more than happy to chew
up my arm if I’m having a bad day. Natalie and Joan are my two old ladies. They’ve been with me for ten years, and
love each other as much today as I love them. And I gotta say, in loving animals,
I’m not alone. This is an entire nation of animal lovers. – When we look at people
with their companion animals, their dogs and cats, they talk about them
as if they’re their children. – Animals are our friends,
they’re our family. We’re delighted by them.
We’re even sometimes amazed by them. And I think it’s because we love animals
that it comes as such a rude shock when we first realize that human beings
are doing vicious things to them. Violence against animals is everywhere. Violence is in our clothing, it’s in our science,
it’s in our entertainment, and above all, it’s in our food. There’s this video footage of
a cow on a slaughter line who’s anticipating her own death, and you
can see her struggling to try and escape. All of us know how it feels
to be trapped and scared, and all of can imagine what
it’s like to be in that place. – I know that if I were
in that position today, and if you were
in that position today, we would be asking for help, and
the animals are asking for help, too, and we need to answer their call. – If corporations are torturing
and killing animals everywhere, why doesn’t the public know about it? The answer, quite simply, is that these
corporations don’t want us to know about it. All over the country, corporations are
inducing state and municipal governments to pass laws that ban photographing,
videotaping, and otherwise revealing the violence that’s happening
behind closed doors. These companies are more aware of
the public scrutiny they’re facing, and they’re extremely selective
in who they employ as a result. They have a particular demographic
profile they’re looking for. Generally immigrants, generally low-income
folks, and generally they have to have some connection to someone
who’s currently an employee. if you don’t have those connections,
you’re not going to get a job. So a job in a certified humane facility
is probably the hardest to get minimum wage job in the country, because
they are afraid of activists coming in, offering a window into
the world of animal industry. But the most terrifying thing about all
this is that they’re not just suppressing information about violence – they actually
want to twist it into something good. – These companies are actively trying
to cultivate and create a culture around the idea of humanely killing animals. Whole Foods, for example,
has recently come out with a 20 million dollar ad campaign
called “Values Matter”, where they regularly tout all of the
nice ways that they treat their animals. So the thing about this 5-step animal
welfare program is that they allow: The slicing of birds’ beaks, in order to stop them from cannibalizing each other
in these painful and terrible conditions. The castration of baby pigs, so that their meat “tastes better”
after they’re slaughtered. And ultimately, they’re marketing
all of this as “humane”, which is incredible and really violent because
there’s no humane way to castrate someone or slice off their nose,
and sell their dead body. It’s almost as if you can choose how much
cruelty you want to inflict upon animals before buying the body. On these farms many of these animals
are left diseased and distressed, and to deal with this so-called problem, “Certified Humane” has a few methods
of recommended euthanasia: stretching the birds’ necks
until they snap, shoving them into gas chambers
until they suffocate, and repeated electrocution
followed by slitting of the throat. There’s no way to humanely
do any of those things. Whole Foods is taking over America, and Whole Foods is taking over America
not just with stores, but also with ideas: with the idea that somehow you can care
about animals, but you can kill them, too. – Whole Foods is leading the way
in building a terrifying new world where killing is an act of compassion. So many companies are following in its
footsteps, because that’s where the money is. But it’s a house of lies. We need to challenge
those lies with the truth. – Their lives, not ours! – Going behind closed doors is the only way
to show the world what’s actually happening. Whole Foods is selling the public on a
fantasy, but the reality is dark and violent. – This is the first investigation
documenting what’s actually happening inside of a certified humane facility. Now, “Certified Humane” is a standard
that is better than all the rest, and has the full-throated support of the
Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA, and fifty or so
other animal groups. This is the best of the best. And of course, Whole Foods sells it. So DxE set off to find out how
things look from the inside. The first thing that hits you right across
the face is just how congested everything is. Sometimes the hens are just
piled on top of each other. – I saw horrid despair. Each of the birds only receives a little
more than a square foot of space. They replaced cages of wire
with cages of flesh. – See this little girl, she’s lost
almost all of her feathers. The stress from just living in these
overcrowded, filthy conditions causes so many of them
to lose all their feathers. – Birds were suffering from rashes,
inflammation, even self-mutilation. And we were just overwhelmed
by the constant cries of distress. (pained squawking) – This is the face of
humane farming right here. – So the first thing that you notice is just
the horrible filth and the horrible stench. There’s feces everywhere. Many of these animals
are covered in feces. – This is not natural, for a hen
to be covered in feces and unable to do anything about it. She
obviously should be able to clean herself, but she’s so weak that she literally
just has to stand in her own feces. – One of the most horrifying things we saw
was birds trapped in a manure pit. We were literally digging them
out of their own feces. – Disease is everywhere. The birds are so sick, you can hear
them struggling to breathe. (pained, heavy breathing) We would find hens who didn’t have the
strength to stand on their own two legs. With others, we couldn’t even tell
what was wrong with them. They looked like they had been
tortured in a mad scientist lab, and in a sense, they have. It’s a mad scientist
named ‘animal agriculture’. (hen squawking)
…curve of the beak. Almost every animal had
their beak chopped off. Many of them were so deformed
they hardly looked like birds anymore. In some cases, we found
other mutilated body parts, including a dismembered bloody wing. And finally there was a death toll. Documents in the facility
showed that dozens, and maybe even hundreds of
birds were dying every day. – We’re not sure quite what to make of this,
but one of them appears to have passed away. – All of these places that we call farms? They’re not farms. They’re prisons where
every single inmate is on death row. – Her breathing’s labored. Looks like
one of her legs is splayed out. We’re going to try to do what
we can to help this little girl. I don’t know if touching her is a good idea cause it looks like one of
her wings is seriously injured. Sometimes the hens will be
trapped in their own feces, and that could be what happened
to this girl – it’s not entirely clear. We might to try to
pick her up a little bit. I don’t know if there’s
anything we can do, but… (feeble, pained squawking from other hens) Looks like her wing might be injured. (hens squawking) So we’re– we were
not planning to do this. We’re going to confirm with the other
members of the team by walkie-talkie, that everyone’s okay with possibly
just taking this one girl out. And we’ll just have to figure out
what to do with her in the meantime, but she would die if we left her here, so we’re going to try and get
her some veterinary care. (soft talking) No sudden movements. Slowly.
Take her underneath the breastbone. – Every time I go into these types of
facilities, it’s just overwhelming. It really hits home, you know, that
something that images and video can’t do. And so, um, it’s just the
overwhelming stench… And I always just feel like this is… You have to live your entire
life in this suffocating smell. And this is, you know, on a
so-called “good farm”, too. And so you can– you can’t even
imagine what their lives are like, you know, in other facilities. – Just looking at this little one’s eyes,
closed, it’s really difficult to see that because you can tell she’s so scared.
She has no idea where she is. Her body is trembling as I’m holding her. She’s trying to hide as much as possible,
so she’s going inside of my um, elbow, just so she can be in a dark place
because darkness is what she’s used to. – What’s your reaction to having just kind of
seen what happens inside these facilities? To this marketing that Whole Foods uses, talks about
how compassionate they are towards animals. – Yeah, how dare they? Like, blatant lies. I mean, it’s… The audacity that Whole Foods and
other companies like Chipotle have is… It just angers you when
you look at the victims and you feel them trembling and shaking
while these companies are profiting off of… talking about how kind they are to animals. And here’s victims who have
to go through and suffer… So how dare they? – Frankly, all of us were pretty
sure she was going to die. When we took her to the vet, the
first vet said, “This hen has no hope. She’s going to pass away within hours and
the best you can do is, is to euthanize her.” We got a second opinion from somebody
who knows chickens very well, and she told us, said, “This hen has a
chance. You just have to fight for her.” And so, for the next few weeks,
we hand-fed her, we gave her fluids almost every day, we had to put an IV into
her to get the water that she needed because she couldn’t even lift her
own head up, she was so weak. We did everything we could, and
then all we could do was pray. So here’s Mei, just a couple weeks later. Look how good she’s doing. Because of what she went through,
Mei will always be a little different. Slower and weaker than the other hens. She had to relearn how to drink, – (offscreen whispering)
…just need to know it’s there. how to eat, – (offscreen) You like your food? and how to stand and walk. – (offscreen) Just make sure you’re not…
Oh look at that! Look at that, pretty girl! She’s walking around, look at that! – But her recovery has been
nothing short of extraordinary, and it was a beautiful thing for
me to see for the first time, Mei walking around outside
and looking up into the sky and seeing the sunlight above her head. It was a beautiful thing to see her
dust bathing for the first time, and seeing her have an opportunity
to engage in this natural behavior that had been denied her for
the first two years of her life. – (offscreen) Aww, look at Mei. Mei got dirt all over her face,
she’s not very happy. – Mei is the most loving
animal I’ve ever met. She follows you around everywhere and
squawks the moment you leave her side. (gentle squawking) And most hens like to be with their own
kind – they’ll hang out with the flock. But when you set her down with a flock and
you walk away, she’ll follow you everywhere. – (offscreen) So it doesn’t matter
where we go in the yard. Mei pretty much is always
going to follow us. – She has made one really good friend, and her
really good friend is a rooster named Dave. And Dave is a really small rooster. He
was getting bullied by the other roosters, so he never really got any companionship. None of the hens would give him any
attention ’cause he was a little, tiny rooster and was always getting bossed around. But Mei, since she was a different hen and wasn’t really getting any
attention from the roosters either, Dave decided to bond with her, and so
Dave now follows Mei around everywhere. And in exchange, she gives him
lots of kisses in the face. (laughs) And she’s got a long and
happy life ahead of her. You know, hens can live
sometimes up to 15 years. Her life would’ve been cut
short by this company, but she’s happy now, today,
no thanks to Whole Foods. – (offscreen) Good job, Mei. – The scary thing, though, is that we
had to leave so many others behind. Mei is one in a billion. Her sisters and brothers are still
trapped, scared and in pain. Whole Foods is the
mastermind behind it all. They say they love animals. They say they’re treating animals
humanely, but they’re lying. They’re spreading violence into areas
that are new and even bizarre, and we need to inspire
people who love animals. – Love is liberation! Love is action! – People believe in doing the right thing,
to take action against these violent lies. – (Portuguese)
It’s not food, it’s violence! – It’s not food, it’s violence! – It’s not food, it’s violence! – Animals are not here for us,
they’re here with us. – If we believe that what we’re
doing is the right thing to do, then we should go in proudly,
and openly, with no masks on, and rescue these animals from
a life of misery and torment. Animal rights is the next
frontier of social justice. Activists risked their lives for
the abolition of human slavery. They made grave sacrifices so I, as a
woman, would have the right to vote. And to this day, they’re fighting for
the right of immigrants, like me, to be seen as more than
just a missing passport. We need to have the same
courage for animal rights if we want our dream of a
better world to come true. – And that is exactly what we’re doing
with Direct Action Everywhere. Across nations and continents,
from all cultures and creeds, we are taking non-violent direct action
to the streets, into the stores, and yes, into the very places
where animals are being killed. Our open rescue network
empowers activists to expose and stop the violence
behind closed doors. Our international campaigns are building
a true social movement for animals, inspiring all of us to speak strongly
for equality among all animals, and together, we will achieve our dreams. We will fight until every animal is free. (music) (gentle squawking) Subtitles by the community

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  1. Thank you for doing what most are you scared to do. Grateful for this group standing up for whats right. Keep it up DAE. You have my support

  2. There is an article in today's New York Times about this, with Whole Foods claiming that in a recent visit to Petaluma Farms, the abusers of chickens in this video, that they 'saw no such problems' when visiting the farms recently, this seems unlikely.

    According to the article, it is possible that Petaluma Farms is not currently certified though appears in the process of re-certification.    I think it reasonable that if Whole Foods does an inspection, that they post a detailed video showing that conditions have improved, and invite a representative of DxE to review the facility with you.   I have no affiliation with DxE.

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    I just came to find out that the farm that sources the yogurt I got from WF, when they can't find a suitable buyer for the male cows, they end up on the auction block, which is why I'm not going to buy any more from them.  I don't eat meat and am looking to replace the fats I got from dairy with similar vegetable fats..maybe from coconuts?

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  25. Whole Foods is easily the worst employer I've ever worked for. They simply substituted animal welfare for worker welfare, 1 fulltime worker to do the job of 3 fulltime and 2 part time workers, while making the lowest rate they could. It's not only the animals being abused……

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    Go fuck yourself
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