Trump’s Syria Pullout Nearly Disrupted Mission: NYT | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Trump’s Syria Pullout Nearly Disrupted Mission: NYT | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. i bet that's why he pulled out, & why turkey told him to. he probably has been talking to erdogan about this since he first was briefed on it & erd told him to pull his people out to distract & disrupt the search & plans for the isis leader. we can't trust anything with this traitor in the oval office. he needs to go quick, & every single person who is a true patriot of this country in government knows this. he is a grave detriment to our national security & that becomes more clear everyday.

  2. The mission was "…occured largely in spite of, and not because of, Mr. Trump's actions". So the situation room photo was likely staged.

  3. NT knows everything that goes on in WH between countries. And the Kurds ‘
    Fox is so right’ trump would cure all cancer’ and you would find a way to criticize’ ‘ or say why didn’t he cure it on Inauguration Day

  4. Watch out! We are pulling out troops while Megan McCain and her freaking murdering corporate press scum drool for more war!!

  5. You have no friggin idea what trump and Kurds arrangements’
    But’’’ but’’’ but’’’
    Next time you see Obama please BOW and kiss his feet

  6. don't trust anything these two idiots say.
    Remember recently the photos of the kids in cages at the Mexican border and MSNBC said it was President Trump doing and come to find out it the photos were from 2014 under President Obama's orders.

  7. Putin is the one claims victory on every aspect only because the trompas president give to him only they no there business

  8. his ridiculous remarks about the thug 'whimpering…' he's trying to say what he thinks we want to hear to alibi his traitorous acts & then his traitorous thanks to our enemies-putin, erdogan, & iran. & because of trump's actions, 3 little babes were blown up & possibly buried alive. & he has no empathy for them at all. creep.

  9. Sounds like our intel and special forces troops got him despite Trumps hair brained and disastrous decisions in the region. Good on them. Couldn't have done it without the allies he betrayed.

  10. Sounds like our intel and special forces troops got him despite Trumps hair brained and disastrous decisions in the region. Good on them. Couldn't have done it without the allies he betrayed.

  11. The whole withdrawal was timed to the operation, they don’t think it was coincidence do they? Trump withdrew troops to precipitate this.


  13. Trump is a High-Level Russian Covert Operative successfully inserted as the US President by Vladimir Putin. TRUMP IS A TRAITOR and works for Putin. All of his moves are Anti-America and Pro-Russia, guided by the Kremlin (KGB/FSB).

  14. The Kurds continued to work w our CIA. Hmm. That shows that they have so much more integrity than this president😌😌😌

  15. IMPEACH AND REMOVE ASAP..this treasonous, corrupt and inept presidency is a danger to the world, democracy and the rule of law!

  16. Trump
    A great leader indeed
    Sent by God with Godspeed
    So America may rise from her slump
    God gave us Donald J Trump
    Although it’s apparent you hate him Joe
    Toughen up you’ve five years yet to go
    Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  17. The Pulse Nightclub shooter.. his daddy ran for the president of Pakistan.. his daddy sat behind Hillary Clinton in a televised presidential campaign run.. Obama tried to give 26 million dollars to Pakistan two hours before he left the White House.. the Senate block the Obama administration's request to fund the terrorist country Pakistan..

  18. Trump seriously said that? The Kurds were easier to deal with after 3 days of getting slaughtered by Turkey? That's extremely cold-blooded.

  19. Trump doesn’t even have a good word to say about the Kurds he would rather big up Russia, Turkey and Syria then his own allies

  20. Erdogan: Get US troops out of Northern Syria, and I'll tell you where Baghdadi is hiding.
    Trump: Is this a "Quid Quo Pro?"
    Erdogan: No. I intend to invade Northern Syria even if the US army has not retreated (bluff).
    Trump: OK! The troops will be gone in 3 days.

  21. Think about it, Our Military bailed out Trumps Mistake, and the Republican Party backs him up ? I thank Our USA Military, they are the best, even a military dog was used, what a hero…….The General stated how that military dog was seriously injured, serving……….Unlike Trump, coward, who found excuses to serve our Country over Seas…….Yet, our family, our U S neighbors have served on “ The Front Line “………..

  22. Always praising the Ruskins! Thank You! Kurds. Isreal as usual helps with nothing. Not 1 Isreali commando since 2001.

  23. Is MSNBC saying we shouldn't celebrate the death of the worst terrorist in the world???? What is going on? Your obsession with ripping on Trump is going too far. As an independent voter, I can tell you these kinds of things are turning everyone against the democratic party. This kind of report is just meant to stir up hatred in the US. Which side is MSNBC on? Did no one at MSNBC find this an event worth celebrating? Many Americans were robbed of the joy because you made this about bashing Trump. Bring some joy to our country rather than pitting Americans against Americans. I'm so tired of this!

  24. I think it's the obligation of the world collectively to protect and defend the Kurds. It's take more than courage to help the very ones who betrayed you and left you to be butchered and brutally killed.

  25. The Kurds know that it's just Trump and not the American people.. We Patriots stand with them even though he's a low life POS human being..
    Obama has class that's why he did it how he did.. Trump lacks ALL humanity, class and courage..

  26. I really wish you could read your posts below with a clear mind. The are off the charts hilarious dnd totally delusional.

    If you are not a paid troll, MSNBC is playing everyone with their false narrative. You’ve got to see it.

  27. Both the Russians & the Turks have compromising info on trump that they could release to the press at any time if he isn't a good boy who does exactly as Putin says. And I'm not talking about a pee pee tape. Don the Con has been laundering Russian money through the 2 trump towers in Turkey for many years…both countries have profited along with the trump crime family but now this info is being used to control trump. Trump has proved that his lie about removing troops was BS, he has indeed started a war by removing our peace keeping force, as all his generals warned. So now we not only hand the region over to Russia….we will use OUR TROOPS/LIVES to secure the oil for our enemies. Any one who supports this traitoris also a traitor. Making Russia great again is all trump is doing.

  28. "I want to thank the nations of Russia, Turkey, Syria, North Korea and Nambia and I also want to thank Syrian Kurds, but I won't pay them money for it, because they haven't visited Trump Tower."

  29. Omg. His language is unbelievable. I could do better than that. This man listens to no one. What human being takes no advice or suggestions from others especially those with expertise in specific areas.

  30. The mission succeeded not because of, but, in spite of desparate Don.

    Kurds? Just responsible for time & location of Baghdadi’s whereabouts, no big deal.

  31. Pathetic reporting! No matter what Trump does his haters will always find something to criticize him about. The entire coverage focused on the way he spoke and the words he chose but ignores what he achieved with this operation.

  32. This guy is giving away military info in his pathetic attempt to take credit. Gross, gauche, garbage breathing Trump. Lock him up.



  34. I have a funny feeling that trump doesn`t know anything about the raid/mission.
    He just learnt it from CNN breaking news. And trump photo of "situation room" is more of situation meh.Unlike the Obama situation room when they got bin laden, the room was more intense..t`was hardcore

  35. "I WOULD LIKE TO THANK #MotherRussia, #AuntTurkey, #AuntSyria, #AuntSaudiArabia, distant #AuntChina, and last but not least, most reluctantly, somebody's red-haired stepchildren #TheKurds." ~ Lying and still desperately trying to get out of being impeached and removed PABOTUS #BenedictDonald

  36. So, as Mika shared, thanks to our intelligence and the overwhelming power and competence of our forces, and the honor or the Kurdish forces who were still willing to work with our forces despite Trump's disgusting betrayal, that this ISIS leader was able to be taken out. So Trump gets absolutely no credit for any part of this successful operation.

  37. Everywhere we are seeing people out class us. It is a so annoying to make such claims of being the best at everything and then being out classed by the downtrodden.

  38. I forgot why I stopped watching Morning Joe a couple years ago, and it only takes once ever 6 months to check back, and NOTHING changes,,, You know what they say about opinions?? But to take a BS NYT story and run with it like its gospel.. Keep drinking the juice, haters gonna hate..

  39. upset cause trump said the terrorist died like a coward so what cause obama did not say somehting like that geez just haters he was a dog he killed three little kids and himself that is a coward belt way jerks on tv somber wow schif is biggest leaker in washington come on trrump praised most everyone

  40. Luck only contibuted to mission s success trump. Sabotages everything because of his stupidity and allegiance to putin. I hate trump so. Much.

  41. This whole thing is a little smelly – we were able to ID OBL because we had DNA on file from known family members (and him because he had been seen in US hospitals), and he was shot – body intact. Baghdadi, blew himself up with a suicide vest – if you've ever seen what's left of the person wearing a vest when it goes off, you'd know it's not much and the body is badly damaged. We didn't have any known family members who weren't there, so HOW did we know for sure we had his body so fast? And to conveniently dump him in the ocean…. Russia said they killed this guy going on two years ago in an airstrike… something is fishy about this whole thing…. the timing, the accounts, the rumors that Trump wasn't even in the Situation Room when the raid was carried out, the fact that the picture of him and the crew in the Situation Room looks staged (they're all in jackets, no coffee, extension cords in table not plugged in to anything – not at all like he'd been in there for hours watching the situation develop)…. I hope Baghdadi is gone, but there is something off here.

  42. Don’t like Trump and he deserves the criticism given but like President Obama given praise for Osama like it or nor the operation was successful under Trump. He did give the green light for the operation.

  43. DT is a blowhard braggart very non presidential that makes grand puffed up remarks behind his mothers skirts. metaphor .. US military

  44. Great job Trump!!! Get our boys home and protect our land! We need them here to prevent the UN, CFR VATICAN TAKEOVER!! So proud to be a Nationalist, and not a Globalist!! Small government, and Capitalism 4TW!!!!

  45. All this news is going to make for some interesting Thanksgiving conversations at the dinner table.

    Impeach the Orange POS!!!!

  46. in case you wonder, for the Kurds, in which ever part of Kurdistan they live, a given word is a given word …. and like an oath it has to be fulfilled, even if it's not to the Kurds benefit! But neither will they forget or forgive any betrayal!!! US should take one or two lessons from them in matters of truth or steadfastness and honor !!!

  47. MSM and Talk Show idiots are just about the worst source of information. Morning Joe is very good
    at dishing out his predigested opinions. He enables the intellectually lazy to think like him.
    Be cautious, folks. This is perverse entertainment and not information.
    Do your own homework. Used opinions are not the best bargains out there.

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