Trump’s Claim Kurds Are Happy: ‘It’s Simply Absurd, Cruel, It Makes Him Stupid’ | Deadline | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Trump’s Claim Kurds Are Happy: ‘It’s Simply Absurd, Cruel, It Makes Him Stupid’ | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. So Turkey is telling the Kurds to leave their own land? Why is NATO standing by during this? Turkey is supposed to be a NATO ally, but is shooting at another NATO ally. WTF

  2. Trump is a sick man! As if he knows anything about going through pain. Kurds are NOT happy! All those clapping behind him should be ashamed of themselves. Disgusting!!!

  3. This evil POTUS so childish and ignorant and his stupid base laugh and clap with him while his decision caused bloodshed & ethnic cleansing. "Happy" my a$$.

  4. Oh Lord🙄, yeah Trump, they are Sooooo happy that they are fleeing for their lives in the 10’s of thousands into the desert with only what they can carry and it gets F**king FREEZING in the desert in winter..many young and old will die! Their deaths are by his own hand..end of story!

  5. It's effing difficult to single out one act, one standpoint worse than all the others, but now I think Trump has done it. I'm writing this from Sweden, I'm a Swede, 82 years of age, recognizing everything the U.S. has done for Europe during two world wars, the cold war, and by the Marshall help. Today I say, never trust the U.S., donor money has destroyed both parties, but most the GOP. Moreover, an imbecility of the most advanced degree has entered the American government and made any prediction of the logical development of political problems an absolute impossibility.

  6. Trump screwed the Kurds. Embarrassing to the American people that we have a leader doing stupid moves like this  and making fun of it at his rally .

  7. Sometimes you have to let them fight means the Turks bomb villages and the Kurds place time bombs at markets. This is the great unmatched wisdom of Trump!

  8. If his crimes weren't so abhorrent, it would be funny that the reality t.v. "star", is going to be fired from his own "reality show".

  9. Commander in Chief Donald J Trump.
    What a fricken' joke !
    People who dodge military service should be banned from any Government position.
    Our US allies and our own military can't believe how dumb this numbskull is.

  10. Oh, God! The utterly clownish “Very Powerful Letter” to Turkey is on par with the obviously corrupt “Perfect Call” to Ukraine.

  11. He is incompetent and obviously mentally ill ( psycopath narcisiste) America has to remove him immediately before he causes more dmage

  12. In 9-11 we had the an external enemy attack "our twin towers" and the war on terror began, and now we have an internal enemy who essentially made void nearly all our sacrifices on the war on terror in order to protect "his twin towers in Turkey." Is it no wonder that the first thing that came out of his mouth when 9-11 happend was his boasting of his NY tower then being the highest? In his mind "he" is the only thing that matters, not "us."

  13. When the deal is too good….Americans should have thought many times. A man who knows more about anything than anybody else, a man who is immoral, a man who hates brown and black people, a man whose taxes are a secret, a man who bends the knee before Putin? Trump is a fraud, a big one.

  14. Good job America, you put a clown in the White House and got a circus. The problem is NOT Trump, it's American stupidity. Congratulations 😑

  15. Mister Donald trump who made the American army great again,And he is the one who made Jerusalem the capital again.
    He will never be impeached.

  16. I did wonder and ask if you're military leaders would blindly follow orders ? Move faster. He still has the nuclear codes.

  17. Que presidente mas estupido es tremendo idiota es un bruto mas fruto que un burro Donald Trump is stupid he is so ignorant. He must be in prision He is a traitor and corrupted 🔐 Lock him up as soon as possible before he destroy this country. The Republicans in the congress are corrupted too they must be in prision too for traitor s and corrupted

  18. So this president trew away all those other years of fighting. So now if they go back they gonna start from zero. So all the people who died before was for nothing. He is helping Russia 100% i don't know how people still support him. I keep getting this ad about stopping impeachment. Where do i sign to get him impeached 😡😡😡😡

  19. Where are all the MAGA hat dipshits defending this? Yeah… Best keep your mouths shut and stay off the keyboard.

  20. I think trump is trying hard to make america look bad. So nobody wants to be allies with them nomore. If he is really with Russia this is really bad. His trying to isolate the united states. If there is ever a war in America they gonna leave us too.

  21. I cannot believe the people in the background with Trump speaking this nonsense…. but they are still finding him funny….

  22. Please they must remove this president now he is the cause of so much death and misery please remove him there is something seriously wrong mentally with this president

  23. if the impeachment will not get rid of Trump it should be the 25th amendment… the only thing is that it takes Pence to implement it along with the senate and Pence is just as timid as he appears… it won't happen…. really, it might well be the 2nd amendment and that is a lot of trouble… yet unseen in the USA…

  24. The Kurds are happy, the rest of the world are SAD and SORRY. The only one who can be happy about this situation is Erdogan. After this ethnic cleanse, Turkey will make plans to move on to Israel and I bet Trump will give the green light for this to go ahead just like two kids fighting again. PLEASE America, start the impeachment process as the rest of the world are watching and waiting.

  25. They said on Sam Seder that he heard about ethnic cleansing acting like it was a good thing. Now the Kurds run to Turkey or to Assad or to Putin in actuality.

  26. Always… always, he goes back to the previous administration.
    Obvious; he has a beef with Obama, and doesn't care who dies in his attempt to make him look bad, and will say anything , make the world "his", in his effort to rule the world.

  27. I know a comment here is going to do nothing…. but please i hope all allies of america see what happens when you help them a knive in the back. I hope we as europeans can give a signal that this cant happen anymore. First usa did it to Iran and now to the Kurds. All the while screaming how superior they are…….

  28. The very next person to be jailed for Trump is his Doctor who claimed the guy is mentally stable. Even a guy with a CNA Certificate will tell you trump is seriously deranged

  29. He has sold us out. Russia, N Korea, Ukraine, and now Turkey. How many more? His unmatched wisdom really. He couldn't be more ignorant. Sell all his and his families possesions and holdings and pay back our country

  30. Trump’s strategy is really simple: I will say every possible thing about the subject. I will go left and right, up and down. Blame everyone and anything, and take credit for everything.

  31. Turkey agrees to ceasefire (or else) in Syria and the Kurds. A few dozen GIs come home. Yet another bogus talking point shoved up all your msnbc addicted behinds.

  32. Mitch McConnell calls it a big mistake. No, that is not the correct word. This is a crime. A warcrime. A mistake is something like..OOOps. But when you betray your ally and leave them in the desert to be slaughtered, that is not a mistake. That's treason of the worst kind.

  33. 2 kids fighting – is only level how Trump can explain stuff to his foolish worshippers. Anybody with a bigly brain would NOT go to his rallies at this point in time.

  34. I don't get why every time they show generals they are white men. Where is diversity? At least some generals should be black disabled lesbians.

  35. He is talking to his base and they will believe that everyone is happy. The U.S.A is no longer a giant because of one man. I feel ashamed and I for one apologize to the allies we once had.

  36. There is one small chance for how to wake up at least some of his worshippers. Those who serve or love the military stuff, those people must get to see some video message by dozens of generals and war veterans who talk straight and condemn Trump and his falsehood.

  37. At 1:58, General Barry McCaffrey uses one of Trump's "Best Words" STUPID– to describe the POTUS.


    I think he does.
    I think, for Trump, Ethnic Cleansing is not a flaw.
    For Trump, Ethnic Cleansing is a Design Feature.

    That is another STUPID Statement.

  38. The Kurds are happy !!!!! I think that is the cruelest lie I ever heard . Does any American at all believe him ? Please tell , this is a request from Ireland .

  39. Dumb and dumbest all in one = Donald dumbo Trump. Totally clueless idiotic bone spur warrior sanctioning genocide of our most loyal allies in the middle east.

  40. Green-lighting an enemy to slaughter our allies while putting our brave soldiers in harms way which seems to gain nothing except aiding and abetting our enemies is a high level of treason, a high crime. This was one of many of my concerns when it became evident that this very inexperienced and arrogant con-man might become President. A con-man who , by the way, has been facilitating money laundering for international oligarchs for decades along with working with the mafia. How is it that such a crazy and compromised man can be allowed to take the helm of our country? And it takes over three years to address these ever growing atrocities? He is Putin’s man, a Manchurian candidate, a virus upon our country ruining us from within. One crazy compromised man who is taking down the strongest nation in the world and putting all citizens of the world at risk.

  41. This man is mentally unstable ! I can`t believe the US keeps him in office. He is a disgrace and deff. NOT making your country great again .

  42. Kurds have no land they are ethnic group who lives in Turkey,Iraq,Syria,Iran they are many Kurd people like Turks. There is no battle between Turks and Kurds which west claim 100 years of war. There is conflict between Turkish government and Terrorist group.

  43. Just when you think Trump has reached the pinnacle of moron, he tops himself again. I've given up with the he can't get anymore stupid, he always proves me wrong.

  44. What about America and its treatment of Native and African Americans? This is right in line with America’s history!

  45. a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences
    He will destroy powerful people and even God’s people . 25 This king will use his wisdom to make lies successful . He will think that he is very important .
    Your vision was about the set time of the end .
    This king will tell lies . This will happen when many people have turned against God .*

    Daniel 8:19-25 International Children’s Bible (ICB)

    19 He said, “Now, I will explain the vision to you. I will tell you what will happen later, in the time of God’s anger. Your vision was about the set time of the end.
    20 “You saw a male sheep with two horns. Those horns are the kings of Media and Persia. 21 The male goat is the king of Greece. The big horn between its eyes is the first king. 22 After that horn broke, four horns grew in its place. Those four horns are four kingdoms. Those four kingdoms will come from the nation of the first king. But they will not be as strong as the first king.
    23 “When the end comes near for those kingdoms, a bold and cruel king will come. This king will tell lies. This will happen when many people have turned against God. 24 This king will be very powerful. But his power will not come from himself. He will cause terrible destruction. He will be successful in everything he does. He will destroy powerful people and even God’s people. 25 This king will use his wisdom to make lies successful. He will think that he is very important. He will destroy many people without warning. He will try to fight even God, the Prince of princes! But that cruel king will be destroyed. And it will not be human power that destroys him.

    Media = Saudi Arabia
    Persia = Iran

  46. Trump is indeed behaving as an overgrown toddler by his analogy of two kids fighting….Kurds and Turks ! The irony of it all is that his gullible and ignorant supporters could still applaud his outrageous statement !

  47. Unfortunately, now that Trump has said it like this. It's firmly planted in the minds of his ignorant hillbilly base.

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