Trump's Antifa ban threat prompts social media backlash in Germany

40 thoughts on “Trump's Antifa ban threat prompts social media backlash in Germany

  1. On that note, who cares what Germans think and say since German men can't protect their women and their children.

    German women and children are raped and murdered by Ofrikanz and Nuslinz in broad daylight right in the open public.

    Men that refuse to protect women and children can't be taken seriously.

    If you wonder why certain words are misspelled it's on purpose becasue google ghestapuu runs an AI lgo that automatically censors "huate" speech, which we all know is anything about youssss, nuzlims, ofrikans, etc.

  2. Antifa = Anti First Amendment

    Antifa = FASCISTS

    Both of my grandfathers fought against and killed factual Nazis in WWII, anyone that stands with Antifa is a fascist.

    Both of my grandfathers fought against fascism, Antifa is fascism, I will fight against fascism.

    Bring it!

  3. Antifa are a militant anarchist, communist group. There is nothing anti facist about them. There are no facists in the West to fight

  4. Antifa isn't an organisation where you sign up and that has an organized command structure or anything like that. Antifa means you are Anti Facist, any rational thinking human being is Antifa. If you have a problem with being Anti Fascist, you're a Fascist, or are ok with what Fascists and Nazis are doing, pretty simple. Seeing all the brainless propaganda by the Nazi NPCs here you know why being Anifa is so important. And btw Communism doesn't mean "build gulags and hail Stalin". It means living in a community withouth money, without classes and without a leader (of course your capitalist Nazi overlords have a problem with free human beings like that because then they can't be used as wage slaves anymore). None of those things could even remotely be applied to the Sowjet Union, so stop pretending that's what Communism is.

  5. Difference: Germany has ACTUAL FASCISTS . Antifa in Germany, France, Italy, etc. may be totally legit.

    Portland-style Antifa steals the identity and attacks ANYONE THEY DON'T LIKE labeling everyone nazis or fascists.

  6. No one can define fascist anyway. 20th century politics was full of authoritarians and people who believed their political philosophy was the better one. Ever hear of the Spanish civil war?… sheer madness on all sides of politics…. so forget this term "anti-fascist" it means nothing.

  7. throwing milkshakes and punching nazis – TERRORISM
    driving cars into protesters, mass shooting sprees of synagogues and black churches, inciting racial violence, advocating genocide and the establishment of an ethnostate – FREE SPEECH

    glad to know our politicians have their priorities straight.

  8. Anti-fa are an Anarcho-communism group EuroNews defending those who recently tried to firebomb a government facility and every protest come face covered dressed in black and armed.


  9. Antifa is more anti-government, here. They want to end America. Fascist foothold in America is in our corporate media complex and state rogue agency's working outside voters mandate.

  10. ANTIFA are an extremist neo-Marxists organization. they can label any patriot being a fascist. and the they feel entitled to attack you and your believes with sticks and baseball bats.

  11. I don't think the left knows what Fascism is since they equate Fascism with Racism even when Italian Fascists didn't believe in the concept of race and Spanish Fascists Falange Espanola thought racemixing is what created the Hispanic Supercaste and were infavor of it.

    Why Trump is not a fascist:
    1.) He doesn't believe in national syndicalism
    2.) He doesn't want to subjugate corporations to the whims of the state
    3.) He doesn't want to dictate to factories to only produce products that state needs.
    4.) He follows Hayek's model of economic and not Keynesian model.
    5.) Doesn't believe in welfarism that much (yes Fascists supported welfare)
    6.) Doesn't want to end workers unions in America in order to create one big workers union

    The list goes on. The left wing defenition of what Fascism is Racism, Nationalism and Pro-religion which is silly because every country in the 1930's/1940's were racist, nationalistic and pro-religion.

  12. Trump was the catalyst…now he's the malignancy. Unless the Republican hierarchy who help co-govern this nation deal effectively with Trump, I can see the US tumbling from her perch as the most influential global power. Make no mistake, there are others eager and positioned to replace her on the world stage.

  13. They're burning cars in Germany and spraying Graffiti. All in all those are people with no future trying to spread communism

  14. I don't understand how Euro News can correlate Antifa in the US and Antifa in Germany. The two are polar opposites.

  15. Can anyone be misinformed enough to not realize that the antifa thugs ARE THEMSELVES FASCISTS! Come on, Germans, wake up! Didn't you see the antifa thugs killing a police horse in the Netherlands? Did you every hear them have any intelligent discussion? They are hiding behind masks in order to be able to exert violence against people who have different opinions than them. They are acting like Mussolini's brown shirts but hiding behind masks like the KKK. They are ANTI FREE SPEECH!

  16. Proud Fascist here! I live in central California! Come and get me antifa pussies! I’m well armed and ready to defend myself! God bless the second amendment and President Trump! Trump 2020!

  17. This should have been done long ago! Antifa pussies are definitely terrorists! They are terrorists cowards! They attack innocent women and children, when they have large numbers. When they face mostly men trump supporters they usually run away! We destroyed them when we fought them in Berkeley last year!

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