Trump Gets HUGE Border Wall Win

the Supreme Court has ruled that Donald Trump can use military funds to build his border wall this is unfortunately the outcome of a story that was ongoing it involved Donald Trump diverting money from the military for the border wall after congressional Democrats refused to give him the funding he wanted he referred to the situation at the border as a national emergency which allowed him to divert that money and it was challenged in the courts but today the Supreme Court said he could go ahead and use that money the courts five conservative justices gave the administration the green light to begin work on four contracts it has awarded using Defense Department money funding for the projects had been frozen by lower courts now of course Trump is extremely excited about this and immediately tweeted about it saying wow big victory on the wall the united states supreme court overturns lower court injunction allows southern border wall to proceed big win for border security and the rule of law now just to give you a little bit more background a trial court initially froze the funds in May and an appellate court or appeals court I should say kept the freeze in place earlier this month the freeze had prevented the government from tapping approximately 2.5 billion dollars in Defense Department money to replace existing sections of barrier in Arizona California and New Mexico with more robust fencing yeah okay now let me show you guys I love it so I'll tell you I love it because I'm in favor of the border wall hell no no we just set a precedent thank you five Supreme Court justices thank you Donald Trump and all the supporters in the Republican Party now you're all the record in being in favor of executive privilege so you say that the president can do any executive order he like he likes not only that he can reapportionment at Congress a portion in a completely different way whoa that's tremendous power for the presidency and he declared you can declare emergencies and then reapportioned money out of the Defense Department into any project he likes thank you very much for that precedent because now when we have a progressive precedent president you will not get to complain about a Zadeh borders I know you will anyway well we're oldest back we'll show you the tweets will thank the five Supreme Court justices that ruled in this direction and I don't care how much you cry we're gonna do executive order after executive order I think you know what we're gonna do I don't know no look if you haven't if you vote for a moderate Democrat none of this will happen they'll just immediately surrender the Republicans on any given issue okay if you vote for a progressive the first thing that I would counsel them is take money out of Defense Department and spending on the American people the Supreme Court just said you can take anything you want to defense department and it doesn't matter what Congress said just take it out use it for climate change a real national emergency no problem at all thank you very much Clarence Thomas spread Cavanaugh Niall Gorsuch and the rest of you Roberts fantastic so be careful what you wish for if you want if you don't you're celebrating it today you're all on the record so when you cry about it later when a Democratic president does it I'm not going to care at all and I'm gonna take the Supreme Court president and shove it in certain places for you well look I think one party is just authoritarian by nature and will take advantage of this precedent way more than the left and remember we have to get a progressive elected in the first place which is not to be too pessimistic an incredible uphill battle tough to us right now are progressives yes true it's gonna be an incredibly difficult uphill battle so with that said I'm much more concerned about what you know the executive branch is gonna do under Republican presidents especially considering how how much they fight to put themselves in positions of power they fight a lot harder than the left does and they're gonna make some decisions that are gonna be incredibly damaging so we'll see yeah I mean I know it also that its existing sections of border wall that's gonna be supplanted rather than the extension of the border wall and I also want to note that the digital surveillance of border systems actually in many cases is far more effective than a wall itself and perhaps even more pernicious but he wants a big wall okay and let me just tell you guys one route for a professor president and route for them to listen to me because I will tell them move hundreds of billions of dollars out of the Defense Department to fight climate change immediately the Supreme Court just your green light two easy ways follow Young Turks want us hit the subscribe button down below then you're a TYT subscriber and second is ring the bell and when you do that on youtube you are notified of our videos you

47 thoughts on “Trump Gets HUGE Border Wall Win

  1. Uuuuhh… hilarious! OBAMACARE was taken apart because it was propped up with nothing but executive orders and presidential waivers to try and make up for the faulty legislation behind it. DOMA was simply mentioned and taken down (and unenforced) because the Nobel Prize winner unilaterally decided it was unconstitutional (long before any SCOTUS rulings). Don't crocodile tear anyone about abusing presidential powers (and many others from your constitutional professor laureate)…


  2. Not to worry. There is a lot of pre-construction work to be done and many Eminent Domain fights to take place. Setting the precedent is just great. Just prioritize lists personnel and policy cancelations for 'Day One To Do List'' and get them submitted.

  3. im appalled that my tax dollars are being used for a wall instead of bombing civilians. the us military is used for stealing natural resources and committing genocide, not building walls. i cant wait to have president warren put that money back into eco bombs.

  4. I find it funny that this guy is saying that the progressive president can issue an executive order on dipping into funds. despite the fact that Congress refused to cooperate. not to mention that the president had to get the scotus permission to do so. But then again… I prefer see you guys suffer for my own pleasure >:3



    Climate change is definitely A National Emergency. But the REPUBLICAN party doesn't seem to care

  6. I thought the SCOTUS ruled that the plaintiffs (e.g. The Sierra Club) had no standing to bring the suit, so they didn't decide that POTUS can move/spend whatever money he wants. My question is why didn't Congress (or at least the House) become a party to the suit, since they clearly have standing since they appropriated the money and explicitly voted against the emergency declaration.

  7. Unfortunately, Trump loves the USA more than he does Latin America. Fortunately the Democrats love Mexico more than the USA and like the Young Turks will do everything possible to derail the Trump Train. So there is still hope that eventually the USA will not be a sovereign Nation.

  8. Cenk and Ana continue fighting as hard as possible for child traffickers crossing the border daily, how does anyone take these scum seriously anymore?

  9. Lol Ana got it WHEN a progressive gets in. Taking billions out of the defence department will get you a parade…in an open top cadillac down a road in Dallas.

  10. You're never going to get a "progressive President" to further your commie agenda. The lunacy of the left has assured that.

  11. This is one of the darkest days in the history of SCOTUS. This is a very blatant exercise of raw partisanship with total disregard for the facts and the constitution. SCOTUS has put its stamp of approval on a very blatant unconstitutional power grab out of strict partisanship. The issue before SCOTUS was not whether we should have the expanded border fencing. The issue was whether POTUS has the right to ignore the wishes of Congress and invalidate its authority to make the decisions regarding where money is appropriated for whatever purposes.

  12. Why climate change? Its not that Important issue. Why not homeless people and mental institutions. Cenk fatty and stupid

  13. Department of defense is funded by the tax-payer, from which the publicly funded tech-development is handed over to the corporations for their profits,,, like oil-subsidies, so yeah, hardly surprising that the same dynamics come into play when implementing a widespread contingency against the climate-boosted migrations one causes. Just make sure the public foots the bill, and squarely blame the migrants who have no power.
    American as apple pie

  14. is it too late for mothers of Ana , and Cenk to abort them they have a serious case of TDC/ AMERIPHOBIA. Patriots just love the everlasting melt down PROMISES MADE PROMISES KEPT. Every comment I read is pro patriot,,,, funny how the Up thumbs outnumber the Downs….I call BS

  15. This was his plan all along. He knew he wouldn't get funds any other way. This is why he increased military budget.

  16. Count(ing) Dracula (Trump) and his filthy rich capitalist counting corpses (vampires) are sucking the health, wealth, welfare, social security, future and joy out of the American worker because their insatiable appetites (greed) never get enough. The lifeless monsters are so miserable that they must sanction, starve, torture, murder and bomb the hell out of humanity (lovers). Blaming immigrants and building a wall is not going to stop Count(ing) Dracula and his counting corpses (vampires) from sucking the joy out of life and devouring the planet.

  17. Trump only cares about adding money to his bank accounts—I wouldn’t be surprise if All the Money being cut for Government programs by Trumps Administration some how finds its way into Trump and Company’s Pockets—-Like this Border Wall thing, Trump will definitely be making Money Some How with that 2 Billion dollars being rerouted from the Military’s Budget—-Either Trump will co own the Contracting Company That Wins the bid or he will be paid from the Contractors who win the Bid—Doesn’t matter how—Trump will find a way to Profit off of the Backs of the American People—GUARANTEED

  18. Democrats are hilarious they kick scream and cry over everything trump wants to do. But they have zero alternatives.

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