Trump Admits He's Been Lying Since Day 1

apparently the White House and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reached a tentative two-year budget deal that would actually raise spending caps by three hundred twenty billion dollars and suspend the debt ceiling until after the election so this debate will not have to happen until after the election on July 31st 2021 and again it will increase the budget 320 billion dollars in fact Trump tweeted the following I'm pleased to announce that a deal has been struck with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on a two-year budget and debt ceiling with no poison pills that's an important part that will elaborate in just a minute this was a real compromise to give another big victory to our great military and vets now he mentions military and vets because he wanted to increase spending on the military and that is exactly what he received through these negotiations also there are people who are upset about this senator patrick leahy a ranking Democrat on the Senate Appropriations Committee is not happy he said that he was furious with the deal and would not but would not block Trump from using farm he was he's furious because it will not block Trump from using the funds on the border wall and some Republicans are upset as well including study committee chairman representative Mike Johnson who said he's angry that this package actually adds more money to the debt yeah so I'm excited this story just came across the wires as they used to say so Internet we're gonna have to study the details a lot to see what Pelosi and Schumer compromised on look I'm not opposed to the idea of a compromise and here at the when you look at it from a big-picture perspective they did get extra spending put in which the Republicans claimed that they were dead set against Trump claimed he was dead set against so that appears to be a victory Leahy in the old days was considered pretty progressive these days probably considered a moderate being this mad about it gives you pause but every one of the the right-wing groups is furious they say no we shouldn't have given any extra spending but they always say that and so the reason they made the deal I'll tell you that that's the easy one Trump when he said he was gonna balance the budget never meant it and he likes to cut spending uh just to be cruel and you know rile up his base so he's like I don't let's cut money from things that help regular people and people yeah right but does he really want to pick those bigger fights does he want to make tough choices like hey well if we're gonna give two trillion dollars in tax cuts the rich should we cut the military well it doesn't want to make that choice he just wanted to see you know he's a con man so he's like yeah you get everything you get everything the rich get their tax cuts I don't get I don't touch the military we don't touch any of our priorities and so I'm not at all surprised he did this and of course he's blown up the deficit just like we told you he would but it's not a matter of Trump I told you any Republican would I told you they never ever meant balancing the budget they don't and I was proven right for the thousandth time on this issue the reason I frame it that way is because the mainstream media still is the marketing arm of the Republican Party because in every article they'll talk about how the Republicans wanna balance the budget no they don't they've never balanced the budget you know last Republican president to leave office with a balanced budget Dwight Eisenhower okay so the fun trivia fact for you guys to impress people with they don't care about balanced budgets it's all a lie it's all about tax cuts for the rich that's what Trump did he's like I got paid all my friends got paid all my donors got paid the rest is irrelevant you want to do a deal we don't cut spending sure who cares oh and I get the wall sure fine so on the other hand you know at least getting some increased spending so that the cuts are not as draconian okay that's a positive the devil the rest of the devil is in the details right yeah I agree on that but one thing that is clear as of now is that there will be increased spending on the military which already gets quite a bit of spending and the fact that there wasn't really much of a debate on that I think tells you just how much Democrats and Republicans are in cahoots on military spending there's never a debate there's never a debate when it comes to our health care when it comes to education for our kids when it comes to anything that would actually improve our lives when it comes to infrastructure there's always the debate there's always that question of how are you gonna pay for that but when it comes to increasing the budget and adding more to military spending oh yeah we agreed to it no debate yeah of course not because the overwhelming majority of the Democrats including Democratic leadership are also corrupt they also take tremendous amount of campaign donations from defense contractors so the defense budget is insanity it's in its bloated it's more than eight the eight other countries that spend the most amount on defense combined don't spend anywhere near as much as we do we overwhelm the rest of the worldwide like to have some sort of great military advantage no we got mauled in Iraq we're still mired in a quagmire in Afghanistan no easy to support the troops know another fun slash disaster respect for you is that incoming troops get a salary of a little over $19,000 no the it all of it goes to defense contractors almost all of it is corruption so Schumer and Trump are like oh you wanna do corruption on the defense budget deal right and all their donors are ecstatic over it so of course they didn't challenge them on that that's not at all surprising and then one more part that is frustrating is at that ceiling so I'm most frustrated again by the media here because they pretend like Republicans have principles so whenever a Democrats in office oh no that's it we're not raising the debt ceiling no way no way you got to cut spending got to cut spending right and and then the Democrats so since they took that hostage and the whole economy would blow up if they don't raise a debt ceiling they give ransoms left and right whatever publicans office they can't raise they're selling who cares not an issue not remotely an issue don't care about the debt ceiling let's move on right and the media it's like oh yeah that makes sense no it doesn't make sense the Republicans are full of crap and they take hostages every time and have no principles other than giving everything to their donors so um that part I'm I couldn't be more tired of last thing I want to say is about the numbers so Trump said Oh to our budget is in fantastic shape because Obama destroyed the budget right okay as usual total I moron etc let me give you their actual numbers when Trump took office the debt there's the debt which is all the money that we owe the deficit is the yearly amount that we are in the hole so the debt was 19 trillion dollars by the way largely because of Reagan's tax cuts george w bush's tax cuts the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and Trump's tax cuts that's though that is a huge percent of that 19 trillion that we owe as a country why cuz they had to give it all to the rich in the defense contracts anyway you know what it is now well it's gotta be lower because Trump so good at it Road we're great with the budget right no it went up to 22 trillion dollars what happened way way worse than Democratic president are you kidding me Bill Clinton balanced the budget he left Bush with a surplus so now yeah of course that's what he'll say Obama's last year he left a deficit of 587 billion dollars now if you look out of that bias of you and the Republicans do the Psalter now what they don't tell you is Bush took the surplus that Clinton left behind and left Obama in his last year with a 1.2 trillion dollar deficit so Obama lured the deficit from 1.2 trillion down to five hundred eighty seven billion so did Trump make it better of course and I guess what it's back to this year a trillion dollars the Republicans never balanced budgets they are lying that they care about that it is in their actions what do they do they blow up the debt they blew up the deficit again why cuz I my donors needed a one point nine trillion dollar tax cut media do your job do objective report on what actually happens not on the propaganda that the different parties give you two easy ways for the young turks want us hit the subscribe button down below then you're a TYT subscriber and second is ring the bell and when you do that on youtube you are notified of our videos you

47 thoughts on “Trump Admits He's Been Lying Since Day 1

  1. Another reason for everyone agreeing to increasing the military budget is messaging. Anyone who does not want to give unlimited funds to the military obviously is against our vets..

  2. When those farmers who are still hanging in there for Chump hit rock bottom and turn the corner we will finally get relief

  3. When will trump supporters understand that actions speak louder. Those Chumps don't understand that there must be two or more witnesses, not just somebody's word. The fact that a caucasion has never kept its word and the government is fake( they are in it together) and have always been, makes me smh. It's so easy to lie that a caveman can do it. A cave dweller has no idea how to keep their word. Especially Amelekites. Just saying…

  4. Yeah, Trump lies like Organized Religion does ! ….. Organized Religion condemns Cowards and Cowardice Behaviour , but We are all Cowards, and act in a Cowardice Way under certain Circumstances ! …..When We are Struggling to breath, We all act in a Cowardice Way ! for Example . …..Please give me Air ! I 'll do anything ! ……That's what We say to Our Tormentors !

  5. If the republicans can read they would know these are facts, no they don't want to read or investigate just want to believe whom ever lies and what is the benefit for them, I'm still trying to figure this out.

  6. This is lame – your show sucks. You never say where he was lying – just a ploy to watch your shitty "reporting". I think you lie more in a day than Trump.

  7. Do you not get that when your in debt. Any spending will add to that debt. Oh and I listen to your video. I was right. It was bs

  8. This man has wasted to Much Money and yet you keep giving him more !!! While so many people are barely getting by !!! 👎😥👎

  9. Ana Kasparian is the product of its mother's gang rape. It must be so confused on fathers day as its daddy could be anybody that squirted sperm in its mommy .

  10. I’m sick of trump & I have regularly watched your show. However your headline is very misleading. You never showed where trump admits to lying. Very disappointed.

  11. For that i will say Trump lies so many times 1.deceiver, 2. fibber, 3. falsifier, 4. teller of lies, 5.teller of untruths, 6 .perjurer, 7. false witness, 8 .fabricator, 9. equivocator, 10. prevaricator, 11. spinner of yarns; 12. romancer, 13. fabulist; 14. informalstoryteller; 15. rarefibster =15 times a day

  12. The Republicans are war mongers, they're always ready to start a war, because none of their children will be sent to fight.. And we already know that not one person in the trump cartel family had ever fought for this country. But trump is a patriot what a joke. The deficits under trump is 22 trillion dollars. And growing daily.

  13. I'M SHOCKED, now this is fake news. Trump owing up to being a liar. The end is nearer than I believed it to be. Or was this a joke a ploy to get people to watch your show. I'd watch without this false statement .

  14. Mexicans dont use suicide bombers and terrorist so giv up this shit and keep the terrorist out not the mex.

  15. Mexicans r hard working ppl who work for nothing …….. !!! Yet immagration brings in ppl from the middleast to live giv them free money loans debt free for years muslims and YOU PPL HAV A PROBLEM WITH THE MEXICANS ???? Watch how a family who dosnt work has nothing come from the middleast get free medical and money and americans hav a problem with a mexican who will work a 12 hr job for $4 an hour ….!!! AND NOT MUSLIM and AMERICANS HAV PROBLEM WITH MEXICANS ????? WTF is wrong with you . Really librals want muslims to come here to take over america and HALF OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA IS HISPANIC(MEX) AND U THINK THE WALL IS AN ISSUE. KEEP THE FREE LOADER MUSLIMS OUT ….. I LOVE TACOS ……!!!!!!! NOT SHAWARMA !!!!!

  16. He admit nothing. He lying bout that too. It’s just a smoke screen. Stall tactic. The devil in the mirror he looks at tells him deflect.

  17. Sorry but Pelosi is useless the Military does not need an increase, keep their budget as is. Fix the way the military gets new hardware. Fix the VA. AND GET mEDICARE FOR ALL. But we do need a Military . No matter what. alot of progressives are against.

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