Truck Stop Working Girls

TRUCKING is a dangerous job and full of the unexpected some call me fearless some call me crazy but for me I've always been up for a challenge [Applause] okay I'm going that white truck with looks like the curtains are drawn around the windshield let this Tennessee god so a truck dogs have to go through all the time cabacas I may even trust her I'm hungry from me and now [Applause] real I'd never thought they exist I used to hear about him when I first became a church out it was like I don't be out of the mess with them yo were ain t no he was talking about for real God crying man a man they handing out them the orientation car see the thing call now on one o he want us to sneak we don't do that part we all know what I'm talking about by night man I'm talking about light lizards when I first heard lot lizard I really thought it was like lizards like they're living a life y'all seem a little gangsters [Applause] oh snap oh no trucking for me made a homeboy who I wouldn't high school with this doggy dog first thing you talk about is like lizards you see how y'all shoot someone to high school in her hand we get on the conversation about alliances now how you grow mom being but the pooka doing hey you heard about today none of that listen baby crazy AC no bro I'm talking about no but it's cool though because I ain't out here for that anyway I'm trying to give my money up you feel me [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you can hear the offers just about every night booming across the CB radio channels going into all the trucks out here prostitutes offering their services over the CB radio they call it commercial company hey do you want some commercial company in your truck with you hey anybody out there looking for commercial company we've been listening and so have police but for truck drivers who do have the cash their CB radio sounds like a commercial aimed at closing the sale so guys morning me doing that work and anybody want a quickie 50 hit up yo so guess who just witnessed her first lot is it worse is gonna call her rainbow sherbert she was her dress looked like Schubert we literally cross over the truck over there that just left she jumped into us cab and she booked she was gone just like the rest of the rainbows somewhere over the rainbow she's gone it's not laughing at me that is just as it seemed that she would need an uber that must be a new league no four get licked licked since you always call me a lot lizard you're never gonna kill this or flicked again now by me or anybody else we need a quickie 50 and a Rambo sure per a whole year I stopped in Oklahoma one night oh oh you really hit the casino man all I hear I said oh it was a lady now at this point I don't even believe in lot lizards you know I'm say cuz I walked up to people trucks folk you fibbed I walked up to people trucks asking for anything got a pen can I borrow your phone man troop seats stamps seals I went up to two people trust me and help the hand before so she like my phone died huh I really can't see cuz like I am real is this dog I'm in a reserved spot that ain't paid for I'm really thinking everybody get ready to keep me out this reserve spot damn and I'm bout to get ready to go to the casino man go boom she say oh I need to charge my phone I'm happy that she ain't working footage for the truck stop and saying you ain't by this reserve spot so was he asked for the charge I'm like what did you charge the phone that's it I got school let me see your phone and I closed the door fitness game ready see huh I guess pretty cold out here can I send this side why the phone's heart so she get in the truck man is go pick next is super rice and eat a lot lizard looking Bigfoot you mind you looking King Kong's stomach growling pig feet eating good on get on my truck I said oh whoa and that's when they click this a lot lizard she's a cutie no she's not she's messy as fuck there's two of them two of them here oh my god I've never seen this hey I got it I know you fucking are alright guys you see that girl right there she's been running back and forth from the motel she approached my van asking me if I want a blowjob for $40 what's wrong with this world guys you tell me what is wrong with this world huh Rosie what's it coming to tell me about it Rosie off into the night they go back over to the motel it looks like

38 thoughts on “Truck Stop Working Girls

  1. The girl in the pink shorts, that's Pocahontas and the black hair chick in Memphis that was earlier. That's Paradise…. I know both of them personally

  2. just on your message leave a message for truck stop Sharon and I'll tell you where you can get ahold of her or send you some pictures for free oh and she loved the big black cock she absolutely loved it.

  3. yeah where we watch one name Sharon there's an older redhead with these huge 44 triple d's tits Pig pink nipples. she had an ass that as soon as you see that you would want to fuck it right away fast. yes Sharon was about five foot one I just standing up you could just stand there and titty-fuck Herman the big tits come all the way down to her belly button they were so huge you could fuck one of them and someone else could fuck the other one I'm needing a motel room or truck you can just stand there and since it's been over slightly and you can fuck her pussy or you can fuck her in the ass and her big tits will be swinging well I was fucking her in the ass standing up to her nephew's came up mh1 started fucking one of her tits first guy just blew a nut all over tits and face and the other guy started fucking her in the mouth while I was still fucking her in the ass it was a 25 bucks it was tight I can tell you where you can get all the Sharon if anyone's interested call 9 to 8 978 five one eight seven just leave a message I'll tell you where you can get ahold of her.

  4. L🚚T L🦎ZARDS







  5. Trucker beware once you get a deadly virus off these ladies the rest of your life will be pure hell just don't answer.I work in the medical field.

  6. Lot Lizards… Huh, well I certainly don't miss seeing them walking around, but I do miss driving a truck.

  7. Disgusting! Going from truck to truck, not washing, filled with spooge and onto the next guy. Talk about STD and aids carrying filth. Why anyone would pay for it is unbelievable!

  8. It's hard to believe the toll prostitution takes on a girl's looks in a relatively short period of time. There's a lot of so called respectable women in Hollywood, for instance, who are no better than whores but they're lucky enough to have the money to maintain their appearance so it doesn't show. Too bad they don't look like what they are, they're more deserving of it than the poor girls in truck stops..

  9. It sucks for them there good looking girls but I’m sure you don’t want there life🙏🏼🎣😎💀

  10. I been on the road for 7yrs and only seen this 2 twice, a group of young Mexicans girls in Houston and 2 chicks in Memphis walking down Lamar ave..

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