Trevor Chats with a French Audience Member | The Daily Show

– Did I hear somebody,
was there a French person who had a fiancee, is that? (audience claps) Very cool man, congratulations. Was nice. It was weird, ’cause
I was listening to you when you were
speaking and I was like, it’s weird ’cause fiancee
is French, isn’t it? (audience laughing) ‘Cause I know this sounds weird, but in my head you said, oh, yeah, no, and
this is my fiancee, and then I was like, what’s
the French for fiancee? (audience laughing) Is that a little
bit weird to you that in English you have
to say some French words every now and again? Right? ‘Cause like, that’s a
thing, like we do that. We’ll be like, fiancee,
entrepreneur, you know. Like think about it, we
do that, like touche, we just say that to each other
in conversation as people. Someone will say something,
you say something back, and you’re like, haha, touche. (audience laughing) But, like, I don’t
think French people, do you guys do
that with English? Are like French people just
hanging out with each other and it’s like, (speaking French) ahaha, you touch me, haha. (audience laughing and clapping) Do you do that? You don’t, right? It’s just weird. (laughs) It’s
totally weird to me. We just use other
languages in our language. It’s really strange. That’s exciting man, so– (man speaking indistinctly) Say again? – [Man] French fries,
they’re not French at all. – French fries are not French? I like how you said
that with passion. And French fries,
they are not French! (audience laughing) Trevor, I have to tell
you all of these secrets! The French fries are not French. But do you eat them in France? – [Man] Yeah! – So why you complaining? (audience laughing) (Trevor laughing) That’s funny, you
guys are also like, where are these
French fries from? They say they are from France. Jean Pierre are these yours? No, they are not! Michelle, are these your fries? No, they are not. They’re French, who
are they French from? They said they are French fries, but no French person
knows where they are from! (laughing) Oh man. What made you move from France. You said 17 years
you’ve lived in Detroit. What made you move? – [Man] Atlanta. – Say again? – [Man] Atlanta. – Atlanta, sorry, yeah, Atlanta. – [Man] I just worked. – You just walked? (audience laughing) Oh shit, did you say work? Oh, sorry, your accent,
’cause you said, no I did work, and then
I was like, God damn! I was like, wow, that’s one
hell of a journey my friend. You’re just like, one
day I was walking, I was walking by the
Eiffel Tower and I said, ah, I’ve seen this before. I’ve seen all this before. I’m going to walk
a little further. And then I walked and I
walked and I walked some more, and then a few years
later I was like, Atlanta! (audience laughing and clapping) Then I was tired, so I stay. There’s no reason to go back. (audience cheering) Oh wow. That’s fine, and then you
fell in love with Atlanta, and you stayed. – [Man] No. – No? (laughing) What happened? – [Man] It was 2001,
the bubble crashes, there was no jobs,
so I got stuck there. – Oh wow. (laughing) Oh man, so you go to Atlanta. The recession happens, so
now you’re stuck in Atlanta. That is so dope. (audience laughing) I feel like I should make
a TV show about you, man. That’s like a fun story. He’s like, I ended
up in Atlanta, and
now this is my life. (audience laughing) How did you make money? I became a rapper. In the ATL, I became the
only French trap rapper. (audience laughing) (rapping in French) (audience cheering) (“Daily Show Theme Song”)

100 thoughts on “Trevor Chats with a French Audience Member | The Daily Show

  1. It killed when Trevor said "You touched me" with french accent. I mean their language even tells the French you're the designated gay person in the room.

  2. Fries are actually french. Or belgian, depends on who you ask.
    And yes, french to use foreign words in casual conversation. All europeans do. You wont hear a german translate "smartphone" to "schlaufon" other than as a joke or if he's a nazi (which is being a joke in itself).
    Nothing weird about languages that interacted lending words from each other. I get it, this is comedy, but it's not funny to me when in order to make a joke you have to be ignorant about things.

  3. You notice immediately Trevor is not american when he starts speaking french! Almost WITHOUT accent πŸ˜€

  4. Actually, there's a big trend going on where especially young German-speaking people will throw in English words into their sentences to sound cool.
    Yet they usually avoid having whole conversations in English. "Fuck that immigrant [or tourist], we speak German around here!"
    A combination that makes me want to slap them. Hard.

  5. His laugh is the cutest!! Especially when he laugh at his own jokes!! This kid omg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. Of cours the people in France but also Germany use English words in a normal conversation. Even more than the englishspeaking people do!

  7. French will insist on creating Frech words/phrases to replace English words, so they don't have use them. They yearn to stay Francophones at all costs. Examples: Buzz, hashtag, digital, cash
    Where the Académie Française has rejected these words (2012/2013) and recommended replacements.

  8. It's funny that none of you guys realize that French Trap actually is really big in Europe. It actually influenced German Rap a lot because many German rappers copied the style of that music.

  9. LMFAO omg Trevor's humour and accents are so hilarious. Always gets me in a good mood because it's so wholesome yet he transports u to an entirely new experience with laughs and fun all the way through πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ½

  10. Congrats Trevo … u r amazing u always come up with something out of nothing… πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

  11. French fries are actually called in French "Pommes Frites". By the way the French did not invented the French fries rather the Belgians and should be called Belgium fries.

  12. French is my native tongue and if you think we dont use english words, well, think again cause here's a list of words I and other french speakers use ALLπŸ‘πŸΎTHEπŸ‘πŸΎ TIMEπŸ‘πŸΎ:

    …. and I'm sure all my french speaking people out there will add so many more in the comments. English words have invaded french so badly, some people really fight it hard and demand that we use english words ONLY when the equivalent does not exist in french (for example we have no french alternative for empowerment, entertainment.. a few more)

  13. Ohh he is bilingual i speak english. German and spanish he is a ugly lefist heel btw he is skinny and looks like a beta male

  14. English is a combination of different languages through influence of tendencies. Greek, Latin, indigenous languages from the britan isles, German, etc.

  15. French fries because Americans had already used the English word Chips for something else πŸ˜…. No one calls them French fries in The UK.

  16. Yooo mntase ❀❀❀❀ no words, just awe, love and pride. Love this. May God continue showing off with you.

  17. Thank the Aztecs ,Mayans and Incans for those French fries, the same people trump hates. O and while I'm at it thank s Mexican for peppers,avocados, tomatoes,culantro,cinnnamon and a host of wonderful fruits and vegetables.

  18. We are so strong in France that we invent words in English that do not exist as Parking for Car park, Rugbymen ,for Rugby players and Flipper for pinball game πŸ˜‰

  19. How is stuck in Atlanta though like can he just not afford France anymore? I’m confused how would the recession make him be stuck in Atlanta

  20. I know it's hard to be Muslim, Mexican or African-American in USA but it could be worse guys… you could be French…. French-hate, anti-French discrimination is the last form of LEGAL racsim in USA. As a French man I can tell everytime I met an American I felt like a Jewish person meeting a German in 1936 ! One of my friends (a French) told me, if you go to USA, pretend be Swiss, Belgian or from Monaco (Americans don't know more than 60% of people living in Monaco are French and have a French passport…anyway, they even can't locate Russia on a map…) either way you run the risk to be lynched, shot, or insulted in the worst possible ways in the best case scenario (don't think about arguing if you don't want to end up in intensive cares). Too bad for me I really wanted to visit USA. I really wonder how many Americans have been killed by French in the past so they hate us so much…They even don't hate the Vietnamese, the Japanese, the Germans, the Afghans who killed thousands and thousands of young Americans…like they hate us…

  21. Trevor Noah is the smartest comedien to make his mark, since Robin Williams.
    Her languages, esp Asian countries, use the occasional English word in conversation, in the same way that the UK has adopted some french' words.

  22. Touche was one of my iguanas names. She used to beat the crap out of FJ with her tail. He was a f**** jerk anyway. That's how he got his name.

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