Treating Ileus with Holistic, Natural Medicine and alternative medicine.

hi there ladies and gentlemen my name is Horseman I'm a natural practitioner and if I told you that your left foot and your right foot have all the clues and answers to your well being would you watch this video to the very very end I can assure you that when you understand the bottom of your foot just like the palm of my hand and understand that all the meridians and nerve endings end right there at the bottom of that foot whether it is the lymphatics the liver the kidney the colon the pancreas the adrenals the pituitary gland whatever it is or the digestive tract the intestine you name it all of those readings can be taken from your foot by simply pushing into the right zones which I'll show you in this video and you will feel discomfort or not and that will give you a very very good indicator what's going on so if you are suffering from any one of the following illnesses diseases or symptoms then I request that you watch this video to the end and find out and let your left foot and right foot speak to you and tell you what's going on in your body and I will take you into the world of holistic medicine and natural medicine and wellness and will shift you away from commercialized medicine all those tablets you're taking and all those X amount of side effects that they're not telling you there's 15 different side effects on all those organs and glands that the doctors do not tell you we will bring you into the world of natural medicine with no side effects so you can start real healing real repairing and real boosting of those organs and glands so check out what your left foot and your right foot have to tell you thank you 7,200 nerve paths are accessed through the souls each nerve path is connected to one gland or organ and contains valuable information about its capacity for function or dysfunction balance or imbalance along with how what when and why to use nature's herbs and foods for your healing process what we're gonna do today is put some light pressure light to medium pressure on various parts of your feet and we literally have about 7,200 meridians in our body and right down here so you might feel some discomfort as I start moving my knuckle in I go in like this okay and I will push on the various zones and your feet which basically reflect the organs and the glands and we will see what's going on inside your body all right so nothing to fear your body knows everything about me so there's no need for invasive medical procedures to determine stages of disease the practitioners gentle and knowing hand accesses each organs nerve ending conveying more information than Comparative blood work x-rays or MRIs technology merely assesses critical situations while rafa ologies interactive determination therapy reveals conditions far in advance of crisis and what's needed to start healing your body wants to heal not treat symptoms the pain or debility lets you know where to pay attention because the body knows every detail of itself and what is needed to prevent or cure the problem we can respond with healing and critical measures can be avoided or alleviated all we have to do is ask the body through the nervous system and it will respond colors play an important role in a Rafa ology session our bodies use each color of sun's light as the resource from which to make hormones and hormones deliver fuel for organ function and performance by placing color strips on the body the nerves respond to indicating hormone levels and which herbs and foods are needed to accomplish healing peak frequency herbs contain potent medicinal properties that repair damage and restore function unlike drugs that suppress function and produce harmful side effects the herbs of Rafah ology work holistically to regenerate every cell to full capacity and performance peak frequency foods are enzyme rich to increase digestion contain phyto suta khals to boost organ function and hormone balance and provide nutraceuticals that offer crucial nutrients our bodies can't make these include real salt with the correct electrolytes to balance stomach acids and blood pressure extra-virgin olive oil that offers every essential fatty acid to metabolize minerals and neutralize toxins and avocados to improve mental clarity eating high enzyme foods combined with herbal medicine offers maximum health optimum function strength and joy these are the paths to eliminate pain and symptoms building bones reducing aging boosting immunity increasing intelligence and giving you creativity and peace Rapha ology encompasses so much more than mere physical health mental stress hormonal imbalance stuck emotional patterns and energetic needs are all resolved using the natural resources provided in Rafah ology you can change your happiness and health for the better add meaning and purpose to your life and expand your scope of awareness using nature's remedies with this in mind if you are tired of disease care and want true health care Rapha ology is for you hi my name is Torsten natural health practitioner I specialize in Roth ology medicine disease is understood to be a mineral deficiency in the body and the result of physical emotional spiritual social and environmental imbalance healing therefore takes place naturally when these aspects of life are brought into proper balance my role as the practitioner is to be your guide mentor and role model and you the patient must do the work changing your nutrition lifestyle beliefs and old habits in order to facilitate your own healing please contact me today I look forward helping you heal yourself naturally my credentials and contact details can be viewed at the end of this video thank you you

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