Treasonous Billionaire Rats Now Begging Trump For Help

hello welcome to our town once again its 29th of july 2019 is almost August can you believe that summer is over I mean well with springs and fall on the way well in Kansas they kidding they're getting rain out all right the whole country is getting rain but in Kansas and in Nebraska and all up and down the Mississippi River they're not just getting rain they're getting something that we've never seen before flash flooding in Kansas flash flooding in Kansas this is so bizarre on the Kansas Colorado border it's flat as a pancake Nebraska Nebraska western border flat as a pancake flash flooding this is so bizarre and so odd billionaire ku leaders now surrendering to President Trump they're now beginning to surrender in mass and we're going to go into depth about one Grand Jane now these people are semi intelligent but they're used by the intelligence community and to go from A to B to C it's kind of impossible for these billionaires they're set up and they do exactly what they're told the ones I've spoken to live in a haze one of them I spoke to his wife just died of cancer and he said it was horrible held her in his arms she died and I said okay do you want anybody else to die of cancer he says I want anybody else to die of cancer I said you worth two billion dollars he says yes he says more than that so you didn't come as a hundred million a year something like that so the comment was well why don't you go to patch Adams and build his hospital I'll supply them the products to cure cancer he says I can't go there I said you can't go from A to B to C he says no well at the time there was no realization of why but in reality the billionaires are told what to do every step of their way they're slaves they start out in an intelligence community they're given companies and become billionaires they drive big cars they do this they do that and everything they do they're told to do by a handler from the CIA so they're not capable of putting A to B to C all they're capable of doing is giving the orders the CIA tells them to do okay so when we talk about the billionaires when someone steps out of that that means they're able to connect A to B to C so bar reinstates the death penalty and President Trump says I'm going for the jugular on those who were involved in the coup well Patrick Byrne who was a Republican said I hate Trump I he was a Democrat he supported the Republican Party pretty heavily although he claimed to be a Democrat so Patrick Byrne does what he's told to do he claimed he's an anti Trump he was he was given the monies once a Stanford University underground Stanford a trained at Berkeley there was a nuclear reactor in its hall and Berkeley training to Stanford it's huge intelligence community on every telephone pole on every light fixture now is a mind-control device if you go to UC Berkeley they can make you do anything there did it's bizarre so he goes to Stanford joins the intelligence community joins the bigwigs II is given the money to buy overstock which is things that are returning then they resell game that's over stop ok me fortune on it and then some of the companies started illegally short selling the stock without buying the stock and the SEC says oh that's ok so what they're doing is they drive the price of the company over stock down to nothing until the company falls apart well I was a warning to Patrick Byrne to stay on the road and do what he's told to do so Patrick Byrne was told to sleep with Maria boo Tina now at age 22 Maria boo Tina who grew up just north of the Kazakhstan border in central Russia the Steve's of Siberia what's your beautiful by the way at age 22 she's the deputy director of the Russian central bank which is owned by the Rothschild and part of the Federal Reserve System so she's executive director of the Russian central bank and runs the we want guns and Russia the the NRA in Russia there's an NRA all over the world trying to counter these pigs at the time so at age 22 she's running this this we want guns in Russia and she's deputy director of the Russian central bank so she comes to the States and she works with the NRA to try to influence that means money payoffs the NRA to make the Republicans pro-russia because nobody wants a nuclear war who's got any lick of intelligence if their IQ is above room temperature then they don't want a full-scale nuclear war because it means we all die you don't collect retirement you don't go you know so so at age 22 she's working in the intelligence community Patrick Byrne was told to sleep with me at Maria booty no years ago because she's working to influence the NRA so this coup setup was set up a long time ago they knew Trump was going to win and then he set up the coup years ago knowing the president Trump would win because that Russian ambassador's wife said who was going to be President they know this years in advance so they set up this encounter now the intelligence community has is like an octopus it has it has tentacles everywhere and if you step out of line they take you down with companies they form out of thin air my pork is financially just forming out up in here with six billion dollars of PNC or anything else they just create the money out of thin air create a company and then start short selling stock without even buying the stock drive the price down the company folds you broke so if you step out of line you're broke now genuinely just listen to great hunter another CIA agent who started talk telling the truth and they removed you took away his retirement which is 5 million plus whatever he made is the gs-14 right but the intelligence community like the billionaire's their slaves too so they can't put A to B to C so if you say if Trump dies we'll have a nuclear war and planet Earth is destroyed well they're not capable of going jump kills nuclear war planet destroy it they think I'll get my 5 million retirement plus my gs-14 retirement no matter what nuclear war they're not capable of seeing the fact the world will be destroyed if we have this nuclear war so we pray for them so that means if the planet Earth is destroyed let's think about this we're gonna go four steps one two three four even when the army can go four steps but the intelligence command community can't go one two three four everybody in the Army Navy Air Force Marines can think four steps so if you kill Trump we have a nuclear war there's no planet Earth that means you don't get a retirement that's four steps the ultra nuclear or planet destroyed no retirement but it also means you don't get your promotion two gs-14 so that's five steps it also means that your children and your grandchildren are dead now that's six steps now most people in the Army Navy Air Force and Marines can do up to eight steps one two three four five six seven eight okay but the intelligence community can't so we have to bring this out in slow steps your wife has cancer she dies of cancer you're a billionaire with 100 million dollar income one patch Adams hospital we give them the cure for cancer when you get cancer you get to go there and get you can secure now that's five steps that's beyond the purview of most billionaires the ones I've spoken to they bring in the money because they have accountants appointed by the CIA they spend the money because they have accountants appointed by the CIA they don't even buy their own toilet paper they don't even know what the price of a roll of toilet paper is these guys are in the intelligence community so the billionaires are beginning to bail out because Patrick Byrne when Barr reinstated the death penalty in and president Trump said I'm going after my enemies right after the jugular he went oMG I've been set up by this Maria boo Tina who is the executive director of the Russian central bank at age 22 really you know people work all their lives to get that position but some people are just appointed there and then she was working with her NRA as a stew after being the head of the executive director of the Russian central bank hello so he slept with her as a student student so on he says hey you know what he wrote his attorney and said contact William Baro I'm turning over all my evidence but he's not the only one there's a lot of people in the intelligence community and in the billionaire community who are saying you know what it ain't worth my life this Trump is going to go after the jugular and they're turning Coates and the CIA a shortstop selling their stock and breaking them just like the CIA he took his retirement away five million they took his GS retirement away just like they won't process my army retirement look do you freakin do it's them that have the problem and it's just remember hell is forever so Greg hunter have talked with an intelligence community guy and he said these guys are getting indictments he thinks John Brennan former head of the CIA Dershowitz clapper both Clinton's James Comey Rosenstein he's cooperating so he may not be pulled down straw he's turncoat strike page Susan Rice they were all under Obama working with Obama the people involved at least in the intelligence community involved CIA the Director of National Intelligence the NSA the State Department members of the White House Kerry Clinton for the frazzle ride and John Kerry for selling nukes around the world the Department of Justice the FBI it just it just goes out my gun like an octopus the indictments will be fought if President Trump and he also said the same thing we said if he doesn't indict these 20,000 people him and his family are dead and then you wonder what's coming I'll tell you what's coming okay the intelligence community now wishes to destroy the United States and they realize they can't put you see you can't put a nuke in New York you can't put one in London they can't put one in the room they're beginning to come to the realization that the radiation detectors are everywhere so this is where they're targeting if you are an evil genius who would you target well it's easy Microsoft headquarters under edmonds which would take Edmonds down in a big rubble the Microsoft community in China which is sold out to the Chinese Google and YouTube headquarters which headquarters the main search engines for most of Google's owned and controlled things like Facebook and Instagram I mean things like that those are the primary targets underground Salt Lake the master computer remember Jane they built this general Imus computer the size of a warehouse and underground is this other well that's the primary target now because they're not protecting the computer systems well what happens if you go to the banks and all the banks were down all the credit card systems are gonna oh now we're talking now we can destroy the United States by taking out a banking system in Boise in the switching station in Amarillo and in Waco Texas controls all the trains around the world around the country so now we're talking about infrastructure destruction to destroy the transportation network and the computer network these are the primary targets now to take America down by the intelligence community Google YouTube headquarters Waco Texas Amarillo Boise Salt Lake the banking systems so now and then and then the Microsoft headquarters under Beijing so now we're talking about taking down the entire infrastructure the CIA west under Denver CIA East under Langley now it and then of course Amazon headquarters runs the CIA cloud out of Seattle so you take down Seattle so these people say the mayor of Seattle who doesn't turn code and turn to Trump are likely to be well terminated let's say that so they're gonna shut down the computer system so the credits freeze the airports the railroads freeze the bridges can't come up and down for the civils everything in America freezes without targeting DC the Charlie Foxtrot of DC New York London Chicago and LA and a couple other places now we're changed they're changing the targeting sequences to take care of our infrastructure so it only took them what Jane we've been doing this for 13 years it only took them 13 years to think of that again the intelligence community can't put together that if they killed Trump we have a nuclear war the planet is destroyed and they don't get their retirement that's four steps they just can't understand that instead they're too busy climbing the ladder the too busy brown-nosing but they can't put together that they can't brown-nose if we don't have a planet it's not in them to put puzzles together it's only in them to brown-nose and climb the chain of command but there are some people in our intelligence community who are realizing they can think up to six steps drunk – nuclear war no planet grandchildren dead no retirement no gs-14 they can think like that so it's to those people who were talking to me not to the rest of the intelligence community not to the rest of the billionaires they live in a fog what patrick byrne did the rest of the billionaire's consider doing sheer they'll be taken down sure they'll lose everything most everything they own look what happened to Oleg de pesca he was worth forty-three billion now he's worth 3.3 billion oh I think you feel sorry for him gain but now he's in Epstein's place keeping the log books yeah and he hates the Democratic Nazis because they the Nazis machine guns his family in World War two he does not like Nazis so anyway we may stop talking about this Washington DC Klein show very soon and we may start talking about economics this week we may have Jim Willie on and he talked about the gold trade note being launched with we'll turn the dollar upside down Germany flipping these to China buying saudi-iranian oil and Chinese money US government tosses Saudis under the bus u.s. feds reverts to infinite QE forever yeah isn't that great they're just going to keep those those elitists at the top of the banks what are we up to Jane 5060 trillion dollars in banking giving the banking industry everything they now account for almost half our gross domestic product so we Americans are earned seven point five trillion of which the government takes four trillion so then they add that four trillion to the seven point five trillion and then add the QE they're giving you the banks to give 21 trillion dollar economy mm-hmm so he may talk about Treasury bonds being recognized as a global subprime because the US will never pay its debt off numerous non u.s. dollar bank transfers are emerging Britain is seeking a role in the RMB Iran is a vital member of the Eastern trading bloc US control loses control over OPEC we're gonna have the dollar verses in Chinese dollar Shanghai wrest control of the gold market which means since Comex doesn't deliver and all those pieces of paper that say gold and silver honor aren't worth a nickel US bond market market is unraveling there's over half our corporate bonds now our BBB just one step above jump they're only paying like what two three percent chain so the and the United States is in utter isolation these are some of the things that Jim really may talk about if we can get our skype working so pray we can do that but he may just go off on a tangent we totally don't even know it he is just Jim isn't it Jim well he's an incredible guy he understands us but every time he talks about this he gets clobbered that's my world so he's gonna focus on the economy and it's gonna be an exciting show Jane any last words nothing so we want to thank you for coming we appreciate each and every one of you you know what's coming the crops are failing the dollars failing we're gonna the only way to do this as they're monetizing the Treasury notes which means hyper and play no way was it take three to six months to hit us nine three six tonight okay so and then we've by October it should be real fun actually beginning in mid-september so says the I am that I am who was it is it has to come so that's it the Republicans are switching their running from the intelligence community and the intelligence community that wants to destroy the planet is getting smaller and smaller and smaller hopefully they'll all be removed from our planet soon ray that happens every night at 9:00 p.m. can I bless we'll see you tomorrow and pray for the president proper safety

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  1. Interesting presentation, William. What difference does knowing this mean? Isn’t ‘doing our forgiveness ‘homework,‘ achieving ‘inner peace,’ and going ‘home’ more important than worrying about this illusion? Isn’t all this daffyness you just spoke about, just an ‘outer expression’ of an ‘inner condition’?

  2. "Jumbo shrimp", "intelligence community"
    Oxy morons
    Do not be hypnotized by grandiose titles. Inevitably, they are covers for nefarious endeavors.

  3. William, what are you telling us? I don't see you packing up and getting out of America. I what gathered from this show was doom and gloom. I have more questions than answers. Hell, I thought America was on the verge of greatness. Am I wrong? What you are staying can all be true.

  4. I’m with the other people that have a hard time hearing you. I enjoy your show but sometimes I just gotta click ya off.

  5. William I will believe it when I see it as far as indictments against those traitors! Love you're show!🐾

  6. Brother William I love your videos but there is a problem with them you need to buy a microphone and connect it directly into the camera because the sound it's annoying what you say it's very interesting but I really really hate trying to guess what you say because at times you speak too low and I have to go back to recheck or replay to hear what you said please try to work to fix your sound one more advice if you don't appear in the frame of the video It Doesn't Matter maybe you can start putting the camera very close at least just to focus in the chalkboard please brother work on your sound it's not good. Thanks.

  7. Consult Dutchsinse Archives. The being HAARPEed by remnants of the Bush/British criminal cabal using American and other facilities. The California drought, increased hurricanes and other radical weather? HAARP..

  8. I'll just place this here. Food for thought aye. (¬・ิ ͜ʖ ・ิ)👍

    The Fake Rothschild queen, is the reptoid serpent demonic creature spawn Lilith. (n) Her/It's_Thing husband is the demon creature spawn HellFiend lord Baal|Ba-El, that'd which rule some areas in the USA presumably a few i know are, Really deep deep deep located in underground NewYork, Utah, Arizona and Switzerland. Also in Washington [DC] State there's a massive flat surface pyramid triangle with a OWL on top pointing directly at the white house. Than there's the massive circle with backwards written languages, follow by a massive detailed upside down five pointed star, also scribbled with backwards written wordings, and massive obvious detailed Pentagon, with backwards written languages and some disturbing type of alien letters or symbols. All In One, Well known Specific Area.

    Here eat this up, and research it. You'll fine a shit-ton of truth in it and more. This literally only scratches the surface of the unveiling. Obviously this has been going on a very long time aye.
    (✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)👌

  9. Sadly you're Not the only 1 , I also lost my Army Benny's because I got hurt as a Security PMC in Iraq

  10. What about the Senior Executive Services, (SES)? AIM4Truth has info on this. 10,000 members…tenure…cushy salaries…unelected…the real DS.

  11. So you're telling me that the Russians were involved in President Trump getting elected?That's crap.The American people voted him in.

  12. Thank you William for the report on what's coming up next. May you and yours have a blessed day. Shalom

  13. Saturday was Chem trailed and now stormed yesterday and now we all really sick weird taste cold body aches sore throat…..omgoodness what next ….they getting us good.

  14. IF you are Christian, and you have faith, you shouldn’t need to have concern or worry about the earth being destroyed. Our loving creator has promised the earth will not be destroyed. It’s here to stay. Why would you be so concerned William?

  15. I have a book I read 45 years ago when your money fails an she was a Christian also said about the fish eye in everything including the ref etc an fact we would get up one day banks be closed to do money changeover. The lame brains can sugar coat all this but it's coming . Happily God is really in control an He is sad about all this especially gay marriage remem what He did to Sodom an Gomorrah .God never sleeps God does not miss a thing an judgement day is coming none of these will be smiling no sex with a 22 year old just plain judgement from God then eternal hell. I believe it because God's word says it period. The thing to do is call on your knees confess your sins repent accept Jesus as Saviour that is the only thing that will keep you out of hell. Jesus people don't worry about it all God is in control

  16. Same goes for the entertainment industry an that includes sports. Lol they want game it comes at a cost

  17. I want to know why those treasonous rats don't come under politically correct like the liberals Muslim an etc well friend these billionaires are under cloud of illuminitti an elite

  18. Hello Mr Mount,

    I often watch your videos and appreciate what you do. I did not know of another way to contact you other than here in the comments section so I am reaching out to you to inform you of some important information I just saw on The Next News Network regarding YouTube and the censorship problems it is giving to Conservative voices, Republican voices and Christian voices. When you have a few minutes please watch the news at the link below and afterwards please inform everyone else on your network if appropriate, so they too can take action in hopes of having a great impact on how YouTube behaves in the near future. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work and hang in there with enduring faith.

    Here's the link —

  19. I bet William n Jane would be a multibillionaire’s if they got the contract to supply all the cancer cure drugs they would be the most wealthiest people on earth do you want to bet you want to bet William wouldn’t do that think he’s doing it for free Mr. good Guy charges for everything got to get his cut on everything saving America my ass
    william n Jane right now r trying to get rich and wealthy off everybody remember William you said it yourself hell is forever

  20. So billionaires n millionaires don’t take steps to get to retirement u silly goober same steps u make no sense n u look fake as hell a damn clown show n u were part of our government makes sense now u fit the part to a damn tee to ur description of urself

  21. Go back a couple years on mounts vids,, same bs. The sky is always falling. All the scare tactics never quite pan out.
    Believe half of what you see and nothing you hear. Where is the objective data that supports all of these so called news reports?

  22. Us needs to refocus efforts on production and agriculture. Greenhouse agriculture at that. The timer is ticking they will loose complete control. One event is coming to turn the masses against their governments, and government to start clobbering themselves against other governments. Nukes will be used targets hit will be considered merciful death. Those not hit will have to deal with severe cold temperatures no sun no food.

    This event will change everything anyone knows. Gold and Silver will be discarded for untanted water and food.
    Current projections are 5/24/2022.
    Tick tock the clock is running out

  23. It's so sad that your own people slander you Mr.Mount ( the majority of the comments below disgust me )..may God keep you safe..keep up the good work..bless you and yours!.. 🙂

  24. Review the titles of your videos to realize how full of shit you are. Fear-mongering idiot. We should have died 15 times looking at your video history. You are just full of shit and a liar. Why?

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