Tragic Details About Nikki Sixx’s Life

Anyone in Motley Crue will tell you that hard
rocking comes with a side order of hard partying, and Nikki Sixx was probably one of the hardest
members in any Motley Crue party. His life wasn’t all roses, though. Here’s the tragic story of Nikki Sixx. Before he became Nikki Sixx, young Frank Feranna
Jr. had quite a childhood, and it turned him into a hellraiser of an adult. Sixx was raised jointly by his grandparents
and his mother, and had to move a lot – in a span of 11 years, he attended seven schools. This turbulence did not mold him into a particularly
law-abiding young man, and when he was living with his grandparents in Jerome, Idaho, his
school expelled him for selling drugs. This was the last straw for grandpa and grandma
Sixx, who sent the young man to his mother in Seattle. “What am I gonna do in Seattle?” According to Blabbermouth, living with his
mother was no picnic for Sixx, as it came with a side order of violent men. By the time he was 17, the budding musician
finally had enough, so he left his past behind and took his bass, his new name, and his big
dreams to Los Angeles. Still, his experiences as a young man may
have influenced Motley Crue’s music. Sixx has said that the song “Live Wire” in
particular is about domestic violence and specifically mentions the assorted stepdads
he had to deal with. Nikki Sixx and his mother have always had
a strained relationship, and by “strained” we mean “utterly dysfunctional.” According to the Guardian, their troubles
started when Sixx was just 6 years old and his mother called her parents to come and
take the young boy away, allegedly telling her son: “I’m going to lock the door and I’ll just
leave you in the porch.” Then she cruised away with a strange man. Sixx says the moment broke him, and he could
never truly reconnect with her again. This isn’t one of those tales where time heals
the wounds and the mother and son eventually reconcile, either. The relationship remained so sour that reconciliation
was impossible, and when she died in 2013, Sixx only acknowledged the event with a simple,
dispassionate tweet. He had been fully aware of her condition but
felt that even at the brink of death she didn’t deserve any attention from him. Nikki Sixx was a particularly enthusiastic
drug user during the band’s glory days, so he’s had more than his share of close calls. Still, none of them can hold a candle to December
23, 1987 – the day he died. Ultimate Classic Rock says that after a night
of hard partying with some hard-rocking friends, including members of Guns N’ Roses and Ratt,
the festivities were slowly winding down. However, Sixx decided to treat himself to
one last hit before bedtime. This proved to be a fatal mistake – because
he passed out and started turning blue. Paramedics arrived, but it looked like they
couldn’t do anything to save the bassist. Sixx was loaded in an ambulance and given
shots of adrenaline, but he was already dead – or so it seemed. Hours later, he unexpectedly awoke at a hospital,
cursed at a cop trying to ask him questions and wandered out, wearing nothing but leather
pants. He got a ride home, and a lecture about drugs,
from two fans, who had just heard on the radio that he had died. Sixx has described dying as a fairly typical
out-of-body experience, and he’s also said that death just “hurts.” Unfortunately, even death wasn’t enough for
him to break the drug habit. “I stopped for about three hours.” To illustrate how out of it Nikki Sixx was
during the late 1980s, look no further than the train incident during Motley Crue’s tour
in Japan. Ultimate Classic Rock reports they took a
bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka for a concert, but as it turned out, it was not a good idea
to put the world’s most dangerous rock band on the same train as mere mortals. During the return trip, Sixx was out of his
mind, while Mick Mars was busy swimming in a bottle of Jack Daniels. The two started to get on each others’ nerves,
and Sixx started throwing donuts at Mars. After a bit of that, the bassist decided to
graduate to throwing bottles, but misjudged a toss and hit a random man in the head. “And it goes to the front and smashes the
window and comes crashing down on these nice little Japanese people.” When the train arrived in Tokyo, “a couple
of hundred” cops were waiting in riot gear. They arrested Sixx and the band’s manager,
who both spent hours in jail, while a local promoter tried to resolve the issue. Somehow, he managed to persuade the police
to release them… on the condition that Sixx write a letter of apology. During his worst heroin abuse years, Nikki
Sixx had near-death experiences and went through pretty much all imaginable terrors that come
with drug addiction. Still, he doesn’t consider any of his assorted
dramatic drug-using incidents as his rock bottom. For Sixx, his absolute lowest point was a
fairly uneventful and intimate moment that only registered as an absolute darkest hour
because he finally realized the hopelessness of his situation. According to the Fix, the realization came
when his dealer was temporarily out of stock, and he had no access to heroin. The bassist spent a day and a half without
heroin, in terrible, painful withdrawal that he likens to hell, before his dealer was able
to come over and resupply his addiction. This incident made Sixx realize he couldn’t
get out, and that information hit him so hard that he describes the sensation as an almost
physical feeling of being stuck. It’s easy to assume that Nikki Sixx is always
going to be the most debauched person in any given relationship, but he once met his match
in a pop star known as Vanity. She was a model, actress, and singer who was
originally discovered, mentored, and dated by none other than Prince. By the time she met Sixx, her career was already
dwindling. The two shared a mutual love of drugs, and
got engaged in 1987. This was not a good move, as both of them
were extremely fond of rock star excesses and enabled each other’s bad behavior. They would stay up all night, and in the morning,
Sixx would throw Vanity out because she started acting too crazy for him. Vanity eventually moved on from her famous
fiance. She continued her hard-partying ways until
1994, when a massive overdose caused a renal failure that nearly killed her. After that, she abandoned her stage name and
became a Christian evangelist under her real name, Denise Matthews. Unfortunately, her years of abuse had wrecked
her health beyond repair, and she died at age 57 in 2016. A marriage to a young, restless Motley Crue
member doesn’t come with much stability and security, and Nikki Sixx has the divorces
to prove it. Although he’s a dedicated family man these
days, the bass man had to trudge through two failed marriages to get there. According to heavy metal site Blabbermouth,
his second marriage, to Donna D’Errico, ended in 2007. The divorce proceedings turned nasty when
Sixx testified that he had discovered that she had previously been a stripper and even
done some “high-end call girl work.” This sordid past thoroughly freaked out noted
saint Nikki Sixx, according to … Nikki Sixx. D’Errico’s lawyers, on the other hand, dismissed
his claims as little more than an amusing attempt at character assassination. “I have a strict policy against mixing business
with pleasure. Are we clear on that?” The fate of Brandi Brandt, the musician’s
first wife and the mother of three of his children, was less amusing. Biography says her seven-year marriage to
Sixx ended in 1996, and perhaps not coincidentally, Sixx married D’Errico just one month later. Brandt’s life then took a very dark and strange
turn. The Sydney Morning Herald says the former
Playboy cover girl became involved in a large cocaine smuggling conspiracy, and she was
sentenced to several years in prison in 2014. Nikki Sixx has tons of opinions and a history
of substance abuse issues, and he has carved out a career in a field full of people with
similar temperaments and preferences. As such, Sixx seems to attract and cultivate
feuds like a gardener might nurture fine flowers. According to rock music site Loudwire, the
Motley Crue bassist has varying levels of beef with Michael Sweet of Stryper, the band
KISS, and Gene Simmons in particular. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, Sebastian
Bach of Skid Row fame says he can’t even keep up with all the feuds Sixx has going. The Crue bassist’s most long-term target is
none other than Metallica. According to Loaded Radio, the two bands have
been at odds since they rose to dominate their respective metal scenes at the same time in
the same general area. And Sixx has been known to take potshots at
the band’s drummer, Lars Ulrich, for his appearance, attitudes, and drumming ability. Of course, this could just be because Sixx
likes to annoy drummers. After all, even his own percussionist isn’t
safe from his inflammatory antics. According to Metal Injection, Tommy Lee says
Sixx unfollowed him on Twitter immediately after Motley Crue’s final show. The Star describes how at the height of Motley
Crue’s fame, Nikki Sixx spent many a long night in a way you’d never expect a rock star
to. Instead of drowning his worries in a mountain
of groupies and fast cars, the bass player curled up in a cold, damp closet with drugs
and a shotgun. According to the AV Club, the reason for his
behavior was paranoia. Sixx was certain the cops were coming to get
him, and the fact that he reacted to the imminent presence of law enforcement by getting as
wasted as humanly possible and arming himself shows just how out of it he was at the time. During his worst moments of heroin addiction,
this was actually closer to his status quo than all the happy-go-lucky partying and gleeful
depravity described in The Dirt. His own memoir, The Heroin Diaries, functions
largely as a document of this awful dark side of the rock star lifestyle. 1988 was perhaps the most infamous year for
Motley Crue and Nikki Sixx. The peak of both their popularity and the
bassist’s heroin addiction, that year was full of rowdiness, health scares, canceled
concerts, and trouble with the law. On top of all this chaos, a man named Matthew
Trippe emerged with a strange story. Music site Louder says Trippe was a relatively
unknown musician who claimed he had a secret history as the bass player for Crue. Not a new member, mind you – he said he literally
spent a year as Nikki Sixx. According to Trippe, Sixx was sidelined due
to a nasty car accident in 1982. He says guitarist Mick Mars recruited the
similar-looking Trippe to take over the bass responsibilities in 1983, starting a gig as
Nikki Sixx 2.0 that ended in 1984 when Trippe was involved in an armed robbery. As he was waiting for his trial, the “real”
Sixx rejoined the band, and they went on to record songs that Trippe claims he wrote,
such as “Save Our Souls.” Of course, Trippe’s tales turned out to be
pretty tall, although he does seem to have believed the whole thing himself. He still managed to keep a lawsuit against
the band’s manager going for a few years, and the bogus story received some significant
publicity. Nikki Sixx has been open about the fact that
he struggled with depression in his youth, and he says taking drugs was partially an
attempt to self-medicate the condition. He takes depression very seriously, to the
point that he even included its medical definition in the glossary of The Heroin Diaries. Still, his most public foray at addressing
the subject was actually prompted by Gene Simmons. In 2014, the KISS ringleader made some controversial
comments about depression, dismissing its validity as a mental disorder and saying that
people who claim they’re depressed should just take their lives. This was a colossally stupid comment, and
Sixx immediately jumped in the fray. According to Rolling Stone, the Motley Crue
man labeled Simmons’ comments moronic and pointed out that some kid might actually hear
his words and believe that ending one’s life is the only way out. Sixx then went on to carefully explain that
there are many, many ways out of depression, and the last thing any depressed person should
have to do is hear some rock star claiming that there is only one, final way to deal
with the situation. It’s probably not a coincidence that Simmons
released a swift and uncharacteristically humble apology. If you or anyone you know is having thoughts
of self-inflicted harm, please call the National Help Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK

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