Toyota Unintended Acceleration – Engineering Ethics

so 9-1-1 emergency what are you reporting I'm sorry your cellphone cutting out we're going 125 ma it our child shut up I'm sorry I'll accelerator stuck 125 oh ok ok northbound 125 where are you passing we are passing where we passing world 120 mission Gorge where boy in trouble we can't where there's no brake okay it's really hot small okay and you don't have the ability to like turn the vehicle off or anything intersection we're approaching the intersection a few months before the crash in Toyota headquarters two managers Akira takahashi and Akira Nakamura are conversing about pending lawsuits another one again that's the fourth one this year if we lose any of those lawsuits will have to pay millions our jobs are on the line those greedy people are sent us for millions even though the real damages were just tiny accidents we're not going to pay a dime I have a way out of this tell the factory to manufacture a couple of models where the floor mats cause this acceleration issue and we will present this as the actual issue behind the accidents great thinking that way we can blame the people for getting their phlerm out stuck we can even recall a few models just for show and we still would be saving billions on lawsuits Diann good evening to you we have just learned tonight from the police officers on scene that the passengers in the Lexus were mr. sailor and off-duty California Highway Patrol officer his wife Cleo and their daughter Mahalo as well as his brother-in-law Chris lastrella we also learned something else seconds before their car burst into flames mr. lastrella was on the phone with a 911 told him that the car accelerator was stuck now this might be the first time a vehicle made by the Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation is said to have a stock accelerator in fact thousands of Toyota made cars have been driven into trees on straight roads or plunged into rivers and off cliffs resulting with people getting hurt or killed we haven't heard anything yet from Toyota on this matter however as well as other reporters from other news networks have received an anonymous email containing internal memos from within the Toyota Corporation these memos are proof of the managers and the executives Mis stating facts and withholding information from the public they've cleverly deceived the courts into thinking that the problem is mechanical when they knew the real reason for the sudden acceleration in their cars is electronic problems reporting from scene and keeping you updated Nancy Lawrence right after the accident Jim let's the CEO of Toyota Motor Sales tries to explain some justifications during a press release we are confident that no problems exist in our electronic throttle systems and our vehicles and that we have done extensive testing on this system and we have never found a malfunction that caused an intended acceleration this is CNN breaking news following the recent events related to the accident caused by Toyota's unintended acceleration and after last week's press release of Toyotas CEO Takeshi Kumada executive vice president and chief engineer said in his prepared statement submitted to the Senate Energy Commerce and Transportation Committee I want to be absolutely clear as a result of our extensive testing we do not believe set an unintended acceleration because of a defect in ret C S has ever happened we have testing data that confirms its reliability for all the markets in which we trade worldwide in fact there was not a single case where we could identify that the e.t.c defect was the cause of the unwanted or unintended acceleration meanwhile a few days later senior Toyota electronics engineer Takashi Ogawa in contrast to what was previously declared stated after being questioned by house investigators the tests cannot affirm that ua cannot occur it may be hard to understand but there is no particular or special testing that would directly prove that there is no unintended acceleration instead the engineers demonstrate UA prevention by cobbling together proof through testing under all conceivable conditions and to confirm it is correctly realized as a design within Toyota's quarters right after the accident was reported the translator of Toyotas confidential documents miss Betsey benjaminson is on the phone with the engineer mr. Yoshi Ono who is anonymously providing information about the electronics system issues this would not be the first conversation they had they already talked about the issues and the engineer helped clarify some details about the documents she had hello mr. Ono I'm assuming you heard of the leak yes um yes I have well I I would like to thank you if Miss benjaminson it wasn't me I did not release any information to be thanked look miss benjaminson I know that mistakes were made in the design but this wasn't meant to happen we couldn't foresee this happening you must understand that we never intended to harm anyone that's exactly what I've called to talk about Toyota has insisted that there are no issues with the electronic system and that they haven't informed the public about the danger this might cause I mean a Tundra accelerating on its own and smashing a garage door could hardly be explained by mechanical problems but that didn't cost any lives mr. Ono today just a few hours ago unintended acceleration strikes again killing four people in California we can't hold on to our silence anymore I I I can't have all this on my conscience neither can i but what can we do I've tried to get the management to make the right decision but they don't seem to acknowledge what kind of harm this is causing with all due respect but is that it is that the farthest you're prepared to take it four people died today no a family died today because of this there must be something we can do I was thinking about going public mr. Ono please listen there couldn't be a better time to do so we can send the reporters an anonymous email to explain what's really going on but but my job if we get caught I'll lose my job hell if Toyota sued independent experts who claimed that unintended acceleration is caused by malfunctions of the electronics system what would they do to me Ms benjaminson nodded she knows that mr. Ono is right in that better plans will endanger their reputations and careers but what about other people's lives as she was about to politely in the phone call to give mr. Ono time to think about her suggestion mr. Ono seized a pause you know what you're right I can't have this on my conscience either I'll send the email anonymously of course that's very brave of you mr. Ono you're doing the right thing you're not in this alone I'm also going public so that Toyota wouldn't just be looking at a whistleblower from the inside I'm going to send the documents I have to every reporter Court judge involved in this we should put in mind that even if Toyota will oppose to any accusation we should persevere to achieve our goal since the moment we discovered the truth revealing it to the public became our duty well miss Benjamin sir I hope this will force them into fixing the problem I do too mr. Ono I do too I guess this is it I'll call you in the upcoming days bye ready 3 2 1 go Diane good morning to you we have just learned that Toyota settled in you a class-action lawsuit for 1.3 billion dollars and admitted wrongdoing in fact after hundreds of accidents some of which involve death of mothers fathers brothers sisters children and entire families the company decided to acknowledge its responsibility towards those sacrificed lives it is now implicitly declaring that all previous press releases testimonies statements from executives were manipulations and falsified facts misleading stakeholders in the public Toyota therefore has to bear the consequences of the sloppiness of some engineers the carelessness of some managers and most importantly the valuation of the human life in terms of currency as executives prefer to avoid any trouble accompanying the revelation of the truth by assigning false reasons to the incidents that occurred and hence neglected the right of people to be fully informed about the products they might be willing to buy now I hope this was a lesson to Toyota and to all other companies reporting lies in keeping you updated Nancy Lawrence back to you Diane you

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  1. Thank-You for posting this. I'm gonna share. SUA happened to me and my wife On January 31, 2019. We were in our 2010 Toyota Prius.

  2. Thanks for this video. Michael Barr, CTO of the Barr Group, spent more than 18 months with a team of six other software engineers studying the source code that controls the electronic throttle control for the 2005 Toyota Camry. They compiled a 800 page report that detailed how defective Toyota's embedded software is. This information was used in the Bookout v. Toyota Motor Co. court case in Oklahoma, U.S. which Toyota lost. Despite Toyota recalling cars to replace floor mats, cases of sudden unintended acceleration continue to be reported in numerous models of Toyota cars. Stringent software certification safety standards are required for the control of the autopilot in commercial jet aircraft. If similar software safety standards were used with cars with electronic throttles on modern cars, then Toyota vehicles would surely not meet the standard.

  3. Someone commented ""Why couldn't
    they turn key off or put Corolla into Neutral
    Was it from panic?
    No it was from not being in a safe position
    on rode as Mums SUA had Semi Trailer infront, vehicles at the side of her n at the back ! So you see its not that cut n dry is it?
    If they would have turned Corolla off or put
    it into neutral they would be Dead!
    Botn my Mum n Brother put Corolla into
    Neutral when in clear of traffic!
    Francene Lawler
    Morpeth NSW

  4. Share my Family's Thoughts! Toyotas Unsafe Corolla nearly Killed them!As it took off out of control at VERY high speeds on both times!
    My Mum n Brother have never been more in Fear of their lives as when they experienced their Rides of Horror!They will never forget!
    But Toyota made out it was nothing!
    Told us they would try n build our Confidence up to Feel Safe in Corolla n get back in it and Drive it out of Dealerships Gates?
    They didn't Worry about my Familys Safety!
    or for other Lives this Missal would Kill!
    They Told us What happened!At first it was Driver Error?as going towards where the evidence pointed? small tiny ware on Brake that it was so serious?didn't even bother to show Mum n I !Only concern was taking it off Dealerships Lot?Wonder Why?Media attention?Well we wouldnt buy that Verdict!!
    Next Smart Team Tech Stepped in!
    Told us he was only going over Mechanics findings again,because Mums alleged SUA case had esquelated!Then proceeded to tell Mum n I that's why he had to be there!
    I have a recording of this interview n its a total farce to any Human beings intelligence!
    Has Toyota Smart Man Jeff Boyd wasn't there to Find Cars Fault!But find Fault in my Family?This was not normal behavior?Has it didn't sit right?The Concern of the serious complaint we told them!Was made out to be nothing to Toyota?Told us we had to prove it happened?Data from Black box showed nothing?So to Toyota SUAs didn't happen at all!As if we were liars!Why would we make a grave complaint of such a Vehicle that had potential to KILL people?We only wanted them to buy it for Market Value?We didn't want to Trade it on for someone to be wiped out!Knowing History of it?6weeks on received last finding #Mat intrapment?But this is Strange as the Mat was ruled out in First review as Mechanic said it wouldn't be able to get under aclererator?Even thoe the Mat had a clip missing when it went in?They the TMC Mechanic replaced it but Mum thought she did both Clips up?
    Smart Team Tech on day of interrogation unclipped mat on Left side of Driver and Dragged it over brake n over under accelerator n started taking Photos of it?
    I called my Brother over n said Simon Look what happened to you?He said no Way!
    Proceeded to tell him of SUA!!!
    On these both Times SUA was not caused from # Mat $Drivers Errors or# Stuck Pedal But ETCS due from Glitch in Toyotas software in Mums Toyota Corolla! This was a Blame n Shame on Mum n Simons integrity!
    Yours Faithfully
    Francene Lawler n Family

  5. Certain model Toyotas, particularly the Toyota Camry, have the potential for full open throttle with an ineffectIve fail-safe.

    Just because Toyota settled with the DOJ for a $1.2 BILLION fine does not mean that its SUA problem has disappeared. It has not. What's even scarier is that the EDR (black box) in these Toyotas has been shown to be inaccurate in recording the events during the SUA. See the link below. Watch the video included carefully.

    Dr. Antony Anderson closely analyzed the video of the crash with the publicly-documented 2012 Toyota Highlander EDR results. There is discrepancy which cannot be ignored. The EDR results from this crash are inaccurate and therefore, unreliable. How many Toyota and Lexus victims are being blamed for the sudden unintended acceleration event based on inaccurate and unreliable EDR results? How much is Toyota hiding about the EDR?

    What are the implications for current and future Toyota owners? Well aside from the obvious safety ones, these Toyota owners could be blamed for the accidents which are in fact the result of inherent poorly designed ETCS-I software (glitches found by Michael Barr). Many Toyota owners have already been told that they were not braking when they were! False imprisonment is not far-fetched if criminal charges are brought. It's happened already to Toyota owners!

  6. Someone needs to examine the inconsistency and unreliability of the EDR (black box) in the Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Toyota itself said that its own EDR was unreliable but then all of a sudden the company recanted. Toyota is now using this unreliable EDR data to incriminate Toyota sudden unintended accelerarion victims. When the owners, who have far more integrity than Toyota, state that they know they were pushing extremely hard on the brake pedal at the time DUA initiated, Toyota essentially says, "Oh no you weren't and here's the faulty data to prove it!" What a complete kick in the teeth for the Toyota and Lexus owners who pleaded with Toyota to FIX this obvious on-going ELECTRONIC problem.

    Toyota has proven to be guilty of cover-up and lying to the government, lawmakers, and the customers they brag are "valued." WHO is buying the public claim that there is no electronic problem in Toyota's ETCS-i software? Michael Barr (see has completed an 800 page report on the matter of the SUA in Toyotas. This world-renowned embedded software expert helped the Toyota owner win the recent sudden unintended acceleration legal case in Oklahoma (Bookout V. Toyota). Unfortunately, the comprehensive report in COURT-SEALED right now. It should be made PUBLIC, in my opinion, in the name of public safety.

    What perplexes me greatly is the fact that certain Toyota trolls are stalking those challenging the Toyota stand in this matter. There seems to be a concerted effort to shut out the TRUTH. This same thing occurred when I opened the Toyota Pandora's Box of ENGINE OIL SLUDGE. The Toyota trolls said that I "single-handedly created the HOAX." That was back in late 2000 and early 2001 before the myriad of class action lawsuits on the matter and before Toyota itself came out with two "voluntary programs" for that "non-existing" problem. In fact, Toyota has lied about that the cause of the oil sludge, claiming that it has "never seen a single case of engine oil sludge in a properly-maintained Toyota." This statement made by both Mike Michels and John Hanson at Toyota is a complete fabrication! After communicating via a petition with over 3,000 Toyota sludge victims, I will never trust Toyota again. It is hoodwinking the public. Period.

    Toyota sudden unintended acceleration is not just a problem for elderly drivers; it isn't just female drivers; it is far more than a driver error issue; it NOT a simple floor mat or gas pedal issue; it is ELECTRONIC in nature and can be deadly when accompanied by an ineffective fail-safe condition.

  7. Singer/songwriter, Kris Kitko did an AWESOME job on her YouTube video, "Toyota Where Are Ya?" The video was directed at Toyota regarding her own real world experience with Toyota SUA, sudden unintended acceleration. With her satirical approach, she completely destroyed the Toyota and NHTSA myth about SUA, namely “pedal misapplication” by drivers. Unfortunately, Kris Kitko’s YouTube video is no longer available for viewing online.

    In the wake of the NHTSA/DOJ $1.2 BILLION settlement following a CRIMINAL investigation, Kris should be encouraged to use her finely-honed musical skills to do a sequel to her first Toyota SUA YouTube video. The U.S. Federal Government allowed Toyota “deferred prosecution” in this settlement provided it follow the steps outlined in the terms of the agreement. No one…not one single Toyota executive…is going to serve any prison time for knowingly withholding evidence that could have saved many lives and ensured public safety on the roads.Toyota ADMITTED that it LIED to both the Toyota customers and the government.

    Michael Barr, renowned embedded systems expert, after studying Toyota’s ETCS-I far longer than NASA did, found the existence of faults in the software which could lead to a real-world, potentially-catastrophic SUA event with a number of potentially ineffective fail-safes. Imagine flying down the road in a Toyota with no functioning brake override to exit a software task-death! Isn’t that a bit like being on a high-speed roller coaster and having the track fail to keep you on? And want to know the most SHOCKING part? Toyota reportedly didn't have a copy of the code in their OWN monitor chip! Michael Barr and company had to SHOW them! Can we just say, “Scary!”

    Toyota cites that there is no electronic cause for SUA in its vehicles based on the short-duration investigations by NHTSA and NASA. Michael Barr and other experts have shown these studies to be scientifically seriously flawed. First, the ETCS-I software investigation was extremely limited. Only a SMALL FRACTION of the embedded software was tested by NASA.

    Secondly, Toyota misrepresented the presence of EDAC RAM (error detection and correction random access memory) while indications of this issue were apparently redacted in the original NHTSA report. This misled NASA into NOT LOOKING INTO a number of potential sources of failure – which they may otherwise might have.

    According to NASA expert, Dr. Henning Leidecker, some Toyota's can grow "tin whiskers" within certain electronic components. This can result in short circuits which can lead to yet another type of electronically-induced SUA event. Dr. Leidecker and associates actually DID FIND and study a case of "tin whiskers" found within the accelerator pedal assembly; rendering a Toyota vehicle UNDRIVEABLE.

    Dr. Leidecker suggests driving the affected Toyota vehicles is "a game of Russian roulette." Dr. Leidecker is most concerned about 2002-2006 Toyota Camrys with their potential to grow "tin whiskers." He indicates the risk of this condition increases over time.

    Meanwhile, whistleblower Betsy Benjaminson remains scared for Toyota drivers. She is convinced Toyota's own internal documents strongly indicate SOMETHING IS WRONG with their ETCS-i ELECTRONICS . She says "ghosts" indicate glitches can cause a runaway car. Betsy now blogs on a website where she continues to EXPOSE key documents that she says open the company's PR KIMONO. Betsy's goal is to reveal the true inside story of Toyota's SUA problem and to demonstrate and expose the differences between the company walk and company talk.

    How did Betsy turn whistleblower? As a Japanese-to-English translator, Betsy was hired by Toyota's legal team to translate documents for the criminal investigation of Toyota. Just like the DOJ, Betsy SMELLED A RAT. After checking with top experts, she came forward to alert the public to the major safety issues involved.

    So, WHY is Toyota trying so hard to CONVINCE its own customers and the public that its vehicles suffer from SUA caused only by 1) improperly placed or type of floor mats (huh?); 2) sticky accelerator pedals (like those pesky sticky Sienna minivan sliding doors?); or 3) pedal misapplication (oh…the little old lady theory?). Why does it IGNORE the recent findings of the electronic experts? WHY isn’t it currently LISTENING to its own customers?

    Well, YOU be the judge. The FACTS are before you.

    Charlene McCarthy Blake

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