TOY STORY 4 LOL Surprise Customs DIY Help & Rescue Characters From Forky

toys unlimited with Nazi and sprinkles the bear woody Jessie Buzz Lightyear and woody hey look it's a real woody whoa and Buzz Lightyear we also have Bo Peep Oh cute it's bunny and ducky hey for ki what did you do with everybody they're missing and they're not underneath these bottles they're not behind our juice bottles hmm and I don't think they're inside of them I think I know where four key put them let's try our magic pup house ooh look at all those sparkles to make it work we need to put in one gumball for each character a purple gumball for buzz yellow gumball for ducky green gumball for woody blue gumball for Bo Peep and an orange gumball for woody now I need your help if you can hit a big thumbs up so that we can turn these gumballs into our lol's also in the comments let me know who turned them into these candies hmm was it a four key B net or C woody okay sprinkle some magic on this house here we go look we got our first friend back it's ducky so that means that one of our gumballs should be gone when we turn it look the yellow gumballs missing let's turn it again who is it this time whoa we found bunny in there let's see if the blue gumball is missing it is we only have orange green and purple left let's spin the magic house again hey who is it we got Buzz Lightyear back that means hmm the purple gumball should be gone it is we only have orange and green spin it one more time whose legs are those look we just got woody aren't these customs so cute my friend MKS creations on instagram made these if you think she did a good job check out her Instagram for more lol customs but also give her a big thumbs up this is so cute which gumballs left hmm only a green gumball whose legs are those OH slowly whoa it was Bo Peep we got all of our friends back buzz but Peep Bunny and ducky and woody and because you guys help me save everyone I'm giving you guys a for toys to open whoa check it out hair adorable and Tic Tac toy adding in Maya toy do you know who Tic Tac toy is let's start with ooh one of the new ones hair durables shortcuts these are the Little Sisters of our big sisters I'm going to open it right here and pull all the way down once open I'm going to open up my first capsule let's see what we get hmm it's a hair clip and second look a scrunchie skirt in an Apple basket here is number three look at these pigtails it's got a crown on it and this one here is pink who could it be I think I know pink and turquoise hair could only be my friend Dee Dee now let's add one crown to this side and one crown to this side looks so cute and my favorite of all let's add the ruffled skirt adorable let's see who we get for the big sister what if it was actually dee dee then we would have a sister sister combo should we just go ahead and check out the doll and then add the accessories okay here we go No look for our little sister Cece we got big sister DeeDee Wow DeeDee has cupcake shoes cupcake purse super pretty dressed with cupcakes on top she got a hair extension and of course her pink and turquoise locks what a cute character she also has a ice cream hair coloring tool I love it let's see what we get here for our tic tac toys oh it almost matches with our characters it's got a light blue color some pretty white wings that you can change with other characters and of course a pretty pink bracelet well has the one we're opening is our hair Dora bowls series number two pet hmm I like to go right to the head and then add the other two accessories I will pick this time it's zip oh how cute is it for lips accessories look I think we have and I'm asked for sleeping a little notepad and lastly zip comes with a cactus accessory well thanks for saving us I hope you like your surprises till next time thank you for watching if you want to see more videos from us just click one of the boxes on the screen right now don't forget to subscribe to our channel by clicking sprinkles the bear also let's continue to find all over the Internet follow us on Instagram Facebook and Twitter bye besties

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  1. Forky said let's play and he did it. Forky I have this for uπŸ—‘πŸ—‘πŸ—‘πŸ—‘πŸ—‘πŸ—‘πŸ—‘πŸ—‘here you go

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