Toy Helper cars and trucks for toddlers at the airport: A toy train & a toy plane

this is a plane it has two turbines its engines under its wings the planes wheels are called its chassis and this is the aircraft cabin the plane is flying to the airport this is a taxi our taxi is yellow it has a special sign on its roof taxi it's a great way to get to the airport let's go what's this a traffic jam our passenger might miss his flight great the cars are moving again the taxis passenger won't miss his flight this is an express train it has two cabins for the engineer in the front and in the back the Express train is headed to the airport there are no traffic jams on the railroad the trains passengers will get to the airport right on schedule who will load the baggage into the plane this is a forklift it's also going to the airport it has to load the suitcases into the airplane the bags are loaded now the passengers can board the plane the plane is ready to take off let's go

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