TOXINA – Meltdown

MELTDOWN The story begins at the end When the human is destroyed Few are the survivors They breath with gas mask On the day they play with guns At night crying with fear No place in this world No More Room! His instict is kill – No turning back Look at the sky for the last time Our beloved land hate us And our beloved God, laughs! People seeks an easy way but don’t speak to do well fighting is the only way to escape out before start the Meltdown Severe overheating of a nuclear reactor resulting in the core melting and escape of radiation Violence of explosion eject radioactive materials contaminating the hole envirorment Toxins in the air flying, Now people are drowing
Colapsed the human race and now we play to kill ourself You can find a way to cope, and you can find thousand to escape
But suffocated it’s make you hard to think No More Room! What will happen when the Toxin spread? Event that leads to Death Deaths lead to extiction Start the Meltdown… No More Room!

20 thoughts on “TOXINA – Meltdown

  1. DIGANME QUE TIENEN MAS DE ESTOS BEBES EN CAMINO POR DIOS !!!! , buenisimo tema y muy buen sonido , como suena ese doble pedal !!! esas violas !!! y la voz la rompeeee grosa banda , correte megadeth , llego toxina !

  2. hace rato que no escucho una banda nacional con el nivel que tiene esta banda, gran banda. aguante locos!! ride on!!

  3. soy Hondureño y soy thrashero de corazon, dejame decirte que hacer un excelente y asqueroso (en el buen sentido de la palabra) thrash……son otro pedo chicos, sigan asi y ojala saquen algo por estos dias, sigan asi cabrones!!!!!

  4. hay hijueputa violencia …solo thrash metal podrido que chimba de medellin colombia saludos y asi es thrash hasta la locura lml

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