Toronto Athletic Club Member Profile – Dian Chaaban

My name is Dian Chaaban, I’m an
Investment Advisor with RBC Dominion Securities I’ve been a Member of the
Toronto Athletic Club for almost 4 years I can only perform at my best if I am healthy Even if I’m too busy to go to the gym,
I need to be going so that I can stay healthy Felix’s Spin Class A combination of the music videos that he plays And the things that come out
of his mouth are very entertaining Makes the hour go by very fast! The Change Room is Awesome! The Steam Room is a place where
I look forward to going to after every workout You can literally like start from scratch again
and look good when you’re walking out steam your suit do you hair and your makeup with
the right mirrors and the right tools and the sprays and the lotions I don’t have to go home I like Stratus Restaurant, a lot,
I bring clients here they really enjoy the atmosphere
and the view and the food it ends up being a really nice experience I like to say this is like the “calories in” side
and then there”s the “calories out” side

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