Toronto Athletic Club Member Profile – Cindy Gilles

My name is Cindy Gilles and I am an entrepreneur.
I run two lifestyle businesses. I have been a Member at TAC for a little over 6 years I looked at like every gym in the city 1. There’s a pool 2. I love the facilities 3. Biggest thing for me is this is where all the best athletes are Very motivating to stay in good shape. So much more than a gym, I think of it as a lifestyle It kind of covers all facets We have the Sports Clinic, Yoga and Boxing, the Pool really good classes and the events that we put on It’s like explore it. Get involved. It’s personal and professional. Community here for me is actually the
biggest thing that keeps me grounded here People are expecting me, I’m held accountable If I’m not there, people are asking “Why?” Even just when I know that I’m coming here I feel at ease I just feel taken care of.

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