Tori Meyers: Outstanding Senior Women

Tori Meyer was selected to be the 2015 December
commencement’s outstanding senior woman.  Tori will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree
in accounting and will also be a recipient of the Honors Diploma. She will graduate with summa
cum laude honors, maintaining a 4.0 grade point average during her undergraduate career
at Murray State. Meyer is also a member of the Honors College, National Society of Collegiate
Scholars and Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. I am
the graduate assistant in the accounting department and I received the email when I was in my
office and I kind of screamed my friend that was in there with me looked at me and said
Oh my gosh what is wrong what is wrong and so I told her then I immediately left my office
and went to go see one of my professors another professor came into the office we were all
screaming all women all three screaming so I was shocked I was very honored I mean that
was not something that I had anticipated on receiving and for me someone who I don’t think
does a whole a whole whole lot for me to receive that was extremely humbling and I am very
very honored to have such a recognition university wide that is really a big deal for me my mom
immediately left her office and started telling everybody else in her office oh my gosh Tori
got this Tori got this so everybody is like What and my dad was super excited too and
started telling a lot of his friends. I made life long friendships and developed long lasting
personal relationships with my professors I travelled to Greece and Italy to study abroad
and became involved in campus life through joining professional organizations and participating
in intramural sports through both my residential college and honor’s college each activity
an opportunity that I participated in changed me and contributed to my growth but as a person
and as a professional it was also all of my experiences and relationships formed here
at Murray State that radically changed my view on academia I had always loved school
but never thought about making it a way of life after my years here I have come to realize
that academia is a life that’s suits me therefore I aspire to one day obtain my PhD and hope
to return to Murray State University to complete my professional circle both having having
begun and ended at Murray State. I share all of this with you in hopes that you will alert
and receptive to the radically impacting moments of life these moments are more than life changing
they are the moments that form who we are they leave lasting impressions on us whether
we realize it in the moment they happen or not my first exposure to Murray State was
actually when I was eighth grade I came to Murray for a soccer camp and immediately fell
in love with the campus and after I left the soccer camp I decided that is where I am going
to school and I didn’t care to apply to anywhere else when I chose accounting I was junior
in high school and looked at Murray State’s accounting department and said they are the
best that’s it it just re-affirmed everything about Murray State I didn’t apply anywhere
else. Dr. Chamberlain is the chair of the accounting department and he has played a
major role in my life over the last four and a half years he is just he has been extremely
instrumental in my education and my finding a job he’s been a professor and a mentor and
almost sometimes like a father type figure whenever I needed him to be and then also
in particular Dr. Tervo was extremely instrumental as well he was a professor and a mentor and
he and I are even kind of in this weird friendship type thing too so I’ve got some really unique
relationships with my professors and that’s definitely something that I do not take for
granted a lot of students do not get that Murray State is it is just awesome I mean
we have got so many it is a large enough state school for everybody to come and feel like
there you know really involved and have so many extra opportunities that they can be
involved with but yet but it is small enough especially in my department you can have one
on one teaching experience I mean I go to the offices of my professors all the time
I never feel like a number here and the campus is beautiful I have loved the campus you know
I just like it it is very very unique and I would tell everybody just to Murray State
it is it is just the best. Graduates we are about to radically changed we are yet again
moving into the next stage of our lives I am encourage you to openly embrace that change
do not fear change but rather be ready and willing to move with it we are just beginning
to experience these radical moments there are many more to come so be ready and be looking
for them for they will be the moments that forever change you congratulations class of
2015 we’ve earned this now go enjoy it and good luck

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