Tori and Nico Film Their First REACT EPISODE Together!

– (Ryan) Mikaela,
what’s going on? – Apparently, we’re about
to be freaking scared again. Last time, I won the–
or I lost the Try Not to Get Scared challenge
because my heart rate got super high,
but today I think we’re kicking it up a notch
and doing it a little bit IT themed because
that’s about to come out. I’m terrified right now.
I think I’m with Labib today and we’re gonna be
big babies together. I’m very scared. – (Ryan) Labib,
are you all right? Are you good?
– I’m ready to go, man. What’s up?
– (Ryan) Are you scared of Pennywise?
– You know, I’m not the best with this
scary stuff. I’m known for clapping
viciously when I’m scared. – So we’re shooting today
VR 180. I’m just balancing
this gimbal right now to make sure it’s smooth.
We don’t want any more viewers to be throwing up
in their headsets so gotta make sure
it looks good. So yeah, I’m gonna be
following behind everyone. I don’t 100% know yet,
but Levi’s gonna tell me. – Yeah, it’s Pennywise
the dancing clown, so this’ll be interesting
and terrifying and it’s in a fair
and it’s a lot of clowns and it’s gonna be fun.
I’m also really excited ’cause I love the movie. – You guys,
I’m so excited. I don’t even know what
I’m doing, but I have a guess.
Are we going in there? – (Ryan) Yeah.
– Tell me– Yes, you know what’s
so cool? Yesterday, I literally
drove by that hoping to go in and then
I got the call sheet and I just couldn’t believe it.
I was like, [bleep] yeah. – (Ryan) You nervous?
– Kinda nervous. First date. – (Ryan) Hey,
what’s going on, Ethan? – Hey, we’re just
doing another Try Not to Touch
except this one’s gonna be a little bit different.
We are going to be promoting Best Friends, which is
an organization that helps foster animals
and they do adoptions and obviously, they’ll
be able to tell you a lot more than I will,
but yeah, we just wanted to do something nice
and give back a little bit so we’re making this one
a little bit more charitable. Can someone pat me
on the back real quick? Oh, thank you. – Hi, this is Ruby
and I’m Jamie and we’re from Best Friends
Animal Society. We’re a national animal
welfare organization working to make the entire
country no-kill by 2025. – Hello.
– (Ethan) How’s it hanging? – Good, how about
your hangings? Yeah, I don’t know
what to do. – This is the whole video.
I got it locked. Locked and loaded.
– (Ethan) All right, you gotta hold the base with one hand
and push forward with the other.
– How do you hold the base?
– What the [bleep] are you supposed to do?
– Ah, I crushed it so good. – Next round.
– Ah, it’s a puppy. – (Ethan) So Jamie, why don’t
you tell these guys about who this is?
– So this is Ruby. She’s a ten month old puppy
– She likes ice cream. – And she’s looking
for her new home. She’s from Best Friends
Animal Society in Los Angeles. She’s available for adoption
at our Best Friends Lifesaving Center
in Mission Hills. – Oh my.
– Oh my God, can we both have her?
– Yeah, I get Monday, Tuesday. You get Thursday.
– (Ethan) All right, guys. – He’s so small.
Look at the paws. – (Ethan) Jamie, if you wanna
take a seat and explain who this is.
– This is Bobulsh. He is a two month old kitten
available for adoption. We are in the midst
of kitten season right now and that is the time of year
when shelters around the country see a lot of kittens coming in
in need of a new home. – Hi.
She’s so cute. I didn’t know there was
a kitten season. I feel like every season’s
kitten season. – (Ryan) You both
failed miserably. – Oh yeah.
– We got dessert. – We’re very bad at that.
Who’s the real winners? We pet animals,
we get ice cream. I think it’s a good day.
– (Ryan) All for a good cause, too. – All for a good cause.
– Exactly, we’re heroes. – I wouldn’t go that far.
Jamie’s the hero. – I’m still a hero. – We’re having elders react
to White Claws and actually trying them for the first time
since they are so massively popular right now
and my new favorite drink, so we wanted to see
what the elders think of it who’ve grown up with a bunch
of different alcohol trends throughout their life.
How you doing? – You got a gang here?
What’s going on? – Oh yeah, it’s a whole party
in here. – You guys pretty bored
or what? – It’s like an alcoholic
La Croix, so it’s not really too strong.
– No, I know, but I don’t want to.
– If you don’t want to, you don’t have to.
– It’s just that I don’t drink. Okay, I’ll check this out.
Check it out closely. Ruby grapefruit.
Mango instead of womango.
I don’t like that. I have daughters.
Raspberry. When I was a kid
you gave someone the raspberry. Do you know what that means?
– Isn’t that like pbbbbt? – Natural lime.
Now they have to put natural in there?
You know that says to me that there’s something
unnatural about this. Pure. – (Ryan) All right, Danny,
go for it. – All right, here we go.
– Come on, make it count. – I’m not an underhand. – Oh, that’s all right.
It’s a redo. – That’s a redo?
– It’s a redo. – Appreciate that.
I don’t deserve it. – That’s our fault.
That’s our fault. – Yeah, I got one.
I feel good just with that. – And go!
Go, go, go, go, go. – Wait, the balloon’s
gonna pop? [Bleep], I hate that sound.
Oh my God. – Go, keep going.
– Oh God, oh my God. – His is so big.
(pop) (screaming)
– (Ryan) Yeah, Danny. – Lucky number four.
– Lucky number four. – (Ryan) Oh God,
I hate that sound so much. – Honestly, all of us
were in the back. We were all like, ah. – Guess what we’re doing?
What, you’re gonna be too loud? – No, ’cause I thought
you were about to punch me in the face.
– Guess what we’re doing? We’re gonna film a video
together because now he’s on the cast,
so we get to film in something together.
It’s really exciting. – Don’t close up on my face.
– Oh sorry, is this too close? So do you still get
a little bit nervous? I know it’s only your
second day being in here. – No, not really.
I’ve gotten used to it. – (Tori) Really?
That’s pretty good to hear. – It feels like it’s normal now.
– (Tori) Probably ’cause I’ve already taken you here before
and you’re already a little bit used to it. Now we’re on the same set
together. All right, so we just finished
filming and it was a Guess That and I did pretty good
and Nico I think is a little bit mad at me now
because the first video that we do together
and I freaking wreck him. – Don’t worry, one video
will come up and I’ll destroy you.
– Oh, I’m sorry. What do you think
that’s gonna be? – Video games.
That’s what I’m gonna destroy you in.
– Okay, so apparently then, if we do video games,
that’s what Nico will beat me at
supposedly. – (Ryan) How’d it go?
– [Bleep] that. [Bleep] everything.
– It was fun to be scared, but it was scary.
– [Bleep], it just jumped. – What the [bleep]?
Don’t say that. – All I gotta say
is good luck, bro. Good luck.
– What the [bleep]? Don’t say that.
That’s adding– – I don’t like going second.
– Adding anxiety right now. – I don’t like going second.
– I don’t wanna go second either. – I cursed a little bit
more than I normally do. I cursed a little bit.
Little bit of a potty mouth. – This song is making me
go insane. – Should I go in with
my glasses or nah? – Nah.
– Nah, you’re right. – You don’t get to hide
over those. I’m going in vulnerable. – Welcome to Derry Canal Days
festival and fun house. Inside you’ll find a wonderful
world of terrors and spooks around every corner.
Have fun. – Nope, no.
No, no, no, no, no. – I sacrificed you.
– Yes, you did. – That’s not fair.
Ruby cheated. – This isn’t a try not
to lick challenge. – Oh my God.
You are adorable. – Oh, buddy.
– You slid. – She Bambi’ed.
– That was so cute, but also kinda sad.

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  2. OMG I would want to go to that Pennywise themed carnival so bad!!!!! Why must I live in a small city in Canada where things like that never exist?!? LOL @ Jeannie's reaction to learning she was getting to do that, I'd have the exact same reaction she did…..can't wait to see that video!

  3. VR videos are cool, but I wish they also filmed them normal. Most people probably don't have VR sets, watch on their tv or don't feel like moving their phone all around.

  4. It's so funny to hear/see Nico and Tori's name together, because my girlfriend and I have those exact names lmao 🙈😂

  5. because a try not to touch challenge I now give my amazon smiles to Animal tracks. always love when you have animals with a place for a purpose.

  6. 2:28 please tell me they aren't trying to crush a can.. to be fair that would be kinda hard to do without someone holding the one end or a wall to hold it vs. But that is sad I'm 27.

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  10. Nico is going to be a charmer with the ladies very soon. Hopefully he gets a height advantage than Tori, no offence Tori.
    I'm not much for pets coz where I'm from pets are simply an extra mouth to feed. But I feed a cat the other day and it was a wonderful feeling

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