Top Skills required in 2020 (Hindi) | Jobs of the Future | Coach On Campus 2

29 thoughts on “Top Skills required in 2020 (Hindi) | Jobs of the Future | Coach On Campus 2

  1. Just a little factual correction in this video: Mark Zuckerberg was an Undergrad at Harvard NOT Stanford as mentioned in this video. We regret the error. (For some reason, I always associate Mark with Stanford!). He is a Harvard dropout and those interested in knowing more behind the early days of FB should watch the movie The Social Network. Thank you!

  2. Sir i hear follow many motivational videos but i never feel tired while i liaten u.ur speech is so good and simple that i go deep into it.thank u sir

  3. We Indians must be proud of this man..who came back to nurture the young generations, to be a guiding light, mentor , friend and path shower…I just love the way you presented your love for India and young minds like us….thank you so much sir and thanks to mam because she has been so supportive…we respect you love you….more power to you πŸ’πŸ™πŸ˜‡

  4. Dear Simerjeet Jee, I have been watching several motivational speakers but you are brilliant, you have got a unique talent, your confidence, body language, variation of knowledge and presentation skill are commendable. I am also trying to be like you, sure I have to put efforts and practice to achieve it but still I would request you to please pray for me. Iftikhar, Lahore.

  5. What a great speech
    I really learnt a lot
    All motivational speakers are failed in front of you perspective

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