TOP 4 GOLDEN BUZZER America’s Got Talent 2018

Hello And who are you we are zuko Okay what do you do we do acrobatic and gymnasts right we are not Professionals we take people for whatever if they have skills or not they are able to enjoy us Okay and why did you decide to come on america’s got talent with this act because this is the big stage in the world where i can show our skills and our talent that’s the reason okay we’ll listen best of luck guys thank you ok let’s go i am collecting my breath and i just i need some oxygen right now this is brave this is first assistant today this is me welcome What’s your name my name is amanda mina and how old are you amanda i’m 15 years old 15 years old where you from i’m from boston massachusetts What do you do do you sing i sing i love singing you love music mm-hmm is it something you do as a hobby does it make you feel good i feel like my experiences really connect me to like music i just i love it what is your experience that you’re Raised in dominican republic until i was four years old so when i came here i didn’t know a word of english really and i got bullied a lot so all that kind of Gave me tough skin i just want to ask you a question i know i do hear this a lot unfortunately you got bullied what got you through that whole period i think it was really music and my mom A little bit you’re ready, to wow us go ahead young lady that’s the life look I used to feel inspire But you’re the key to my piece oh natural woman I mean wow i am just blown away with your beautiful voice i mean you have a beautiful voice and you’re a beautiful girl thank you i love them i gotta say you sang natural woman you are a super natural talent simon You know you have amanda you have genuinely natural soul Thinking you really really do i mean that’s not easy something to sing this is an audition we’re gonna remember for a long time amanda Mel b what do you think oh my gosh where do i start that was just Incredible who filled oh i’ve got all goose pimples I love you i love your voice and this is what i’m gonna say to all those bullies Hello hello hello how are you nervous okay I what’s your name please my name is michael ketterer way from i’m originally from east tennessee but right now i live in orange county and tell me a bit about you what do you do for a living i’m a pediatric mental health nurse Okay and what are you gonna be doing for us are you a singer yes sir So this is kind of a different direction you coming on a show like this michael so tell me what the thought process was what’s What’s the ambition the dream here well um my family’s my reason why i’m here my wife and my six children you, know one of the things that happens especially because my children came out of foster care when you’re surviving you can’t dream and That has been one of the most rewarding things is providing them with a home in a safe environment where they’re free to dream And so i’m here because i want, to show them that if their dad can live out his dreams then nothing is impossible for them To fear okay michael listen we’re all rooting for you thank you certain kind of money it’s never saw me i want my whole life to be you baby you don’t know what it’s my baby To love somebody, to love somebody? The way that i love? All the way just All the way that i love Baby you don’t know what it’s my baby, no if michael you know what when we find signals on these shows is it about being technical or is it about being relevant and sometimes for me it’s just about being real and A surprise i’m being honest with you because you were so nervous i was concerned for you but i think sometimes actions speak louder than one i genuinely mean this is special and everything was perfect and i really mean I’m a lovely hi welcome to america’s got talent How are ya and they look fit nervous that’s okay to be nervous It’s totally understandable what’s your name courtney and how are you 13 13 what’s your favorite subject in school music what kind of music i don’t know you’re very sweet and i’m guessing you’re gonna be singing for us yeah listen don’t be nervous i know this is a big stage and there’s lots of people here but you’re here for a reason so Go for it and good luck thank you what t now paul a Hallie what did you think oh my gosh you are not from this era you’re from a whole different And i’m a huge janis joplin fan and it’s a story if you ever watch the documentary clive davis he goes to the monterey pop festival and he sees this young girl that nobody has ever seen before that nobody knows it was the first time janis joplin got signed and that would that changed her life do you know that story yeah I’m not, clive davis i’m howie mandel and i can’t sign you to a record deal The only thing i can do for you young lady is give you courtney you are going straight to the lunch Thank you so much gucci suit look oh thank you so much amazing, i’ve never seen anything like that can we give her some love for the best i’d ever seen Amazing right she come on before hundred she says she’s scared she’s gonna get it she thought she was gonna get it you thought you were gonna get a red buzzer like it sent home and that complete opposite happens that’s my golden buzzer

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  4. まだ見てる人いますか?

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  10. 「君のためにできることは」で広告入ってイラッときた

  11. 첫번째는 ㄹㅇ 전설의 레전드라서 아직도 보고있다….

  12. I Couldn't Belive My Eye's When I Saw The First Audition! This Audition Should Be Called "Worlds Best Dance Ever"! Keep Up On The Good Work The First Audition!

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  14. Kids in large families often struggle to get enough individual attention from their parents. And that's normal kids. If one or more have special needs in some way the situation is worse. Kids who've been in foster care are certain to have been damaged and each will need extra attention. Choosing to foster SIX children speaks to me not of a wonderful parent but of someone with an elevated view of themselves as a rescuer or saviour. I feel sorry for Michael's foster children. It's not good for any child to see themself as some couple's "project".

  15. 最初の人達凄すぎ!あれでプロじゃないとか詐欺だ

  16. ゴットタレント見ると毎回泣いてしまう。今まで泣かなかったのテープフェイスだけだわ‪w‪w‪w‪w‪w‪w

  17. 19:46

    they not afraid to hug from father or child (she).

    but in may place this is WARNING.

    but i'm very very love about them who together hug

    i want to do.

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  20. 13 year old girl at the end: has an incredible voice and gets golden buzzer
    Me: eats and watches people like this

    Rip 😂😂

  21. Zurcaroh! Eccezzionale! Musiche di ERA indovinate!💋👍💕💔💓💜💝


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