Top 3 Positional Groups For The Lions! Best D-Line In The NFL?! Detroit Lions Talk

what is it the trendlines best positional group that's the question we're going to be answering in this video look at the Detroit lives positional groups they have a lot of good ones now and that's I'm super excited for 2019 this team is absolutely stacked and there are certain position groups where well we're kind of question marks and then it's like the offensive line right we still kind of know what the offensive line is gonna look like but if we're gonna be honest with ourselves we're still have question marks we still have question marks about the quarterback position for sure but with that being said there are some position of groups that are absolutely outstanding on the shore line so in this video we're going to be looking at the top three position of rooms currently for the Detroit Lions let's get right into the video are we gonna start this list with the wide receiver positional group and this positional group comes in the top three list because we have a lot of depth at the water super position but we're also kind of top-heavy okay when you look at Marvin Johnson kenny gala day you already have two really good wire supers and i know some of you guys are very high Oh Marvin dozer you're going to 2019 saying he's gonna be like 10 to 15 and touch thumbs that's crazy and I hope that happens because that would be absolutely amazing also don't forget about Danny Amendola who's been balling out throughout training camp so he's been making a name for himself and playing very well I mean not really making a name for yourself he's already made a name for himself but he's doing very well so now you have your top three now it's like okay well what do we have after that we have a lot of really good young talent and with that being said a lot of guys aren't going to actually make the team but they're gonna end up with someone else very fast and are gonna actually play a role I believe because we have so many talented guys we have a lot of guys that moved over from last year to this year and you Jones Brandon Powell but those guys are kind of in questions right we're not even sure if those guys are maybe a team but then you have new guys that you brought in like Travis Fulghum Tommy Lee Lewis that we easily forget about we have a lot of talent on there and some of those guys may not make the team and I hope Travis Logan makes it as well but don't forget about Jermaine Kearse so we brought in who has won a Super Bowl before this guy is very talented I hope Kearse makes the team we have a really really deep wide receiver group but we are also kind of top-heavy to a point that our top three are deceivers are very reliable after that a lot of young talent so we're not understand sure but they're going to give to us but we still have a lot of talent throughout that group where whoever doesn't make the team is going to go somewhere else in play and probably be talented there so with that being said our water super positional group looks actually really good going in 2018 but again it all really relies on that offensive line because the offense line struggles or wide receiver positional group really doesn't matter at all but they come in at number three so now it's happened in number two coming net number two is that tight end group so we're gonna stay on the off the side the ball right in the tight end said the motor severs like dang we got some weapons it's two of our top three position groups are why does he were in tight end at least in my opinion that means we're scary offensively and with that being said when you look at the tight end position we have a lot of guys that are improving right well t Johnson has been outstanding through our training camp he has been one of the best players like on the team not rookie wise the best players on the team you could make ka he's been the best player on the team throughout training camp the sky has been crazy good catching everything thrown to him so he was picking the track we expected that's why I will wanted him practice so high because they knew what he gave to the Detroit Lions so now you look after that okay what do you have Jesse James six foot seven freak out of the Steelers this guy is great and he hasn't 100% proven himself but he's gonna have a bigger role two lines 2019 and probably ever before so he's gonna have a lot to show especially when the front line scored that 210 end or even a 310 in package he's gonna be really good especially in red zone both of those guys have been then you look at the third ten in Logan Thomas who really is being known right now for the red zone threat I mean this guy has been crazy in the red zone not to mention this guy was a quarterback so I mean when we go to trick plays you can move you can use Logan Thomas says your quarterback right I mean that's good you can do something funky was then they better do it at least one time because not I'm gonna be kind of upset with that being said that's three really good ted-ed sir we gave him a second chance and he's doing this thing then you have a guy named Isaac Nauta a late round pick for the Detroit Lions a tight end position this guy has been great as well on a Georgia and some people are saying hey this guy's got better hands in hockey and I was like you guys are crazy there's no way nota has better hands than Hawkinson I don't think he does but he's been great as well this guy has been matching up against guys like to buy and making a lot of big plays throughout training camp so again a lot of these guys are young and that's why they can't come in at number one but with that being said we have a lot of talent right and then you look after that what we do brought in Austin trailers so he had tons of depth our tight end position group is outstanding and it's one of the best positional groups obviously because it comes in at number two at least in my opinion so let me hear your thoughts to that comment below but now drumroll coming in at number one the best position our group currently on the Detroit Lions is the defense line I mean what else could be been the defensive line is scary like like Jeff Bay was good with Jon Gruden that kind of thing like when they were really good they had Warren Sapp in that scary defense line I think that was 2000 when they're scary on defense that's kind of what the Detroit Lions have right now I mean you look our defense plan was really really good before we add a guy named McDaniels our defense was good before we had a guy named Trey flowers now we have Trey flowers added Mike Daniels added Austin Bryan added PJ Johnson added in yes I guess some of these players may not even play in 2018 wait they're still added because they're so so deep we have Romeo quarter already we have snacks Harrison the best interior defensive lineman in the league I'm gonna go to that and that best from start the best interior lineman because I like snacks a lot and you know I'm not gonna calm snacks anymore because I don't think he likes today I'm gonna call him Damon Damon is a great very player for the Detroit Lions okay you can't forget about some of this town that we already had on the team based on privates in from Alabama a second-round pick we are so so deep and so top-heavy and talented throughout the whole group then the defense line maybe the best in the league I'm gonna go and say it will be even if we get injured we're gonna have a lot of talent – coming up so whether or not McDaniel starts on that 9 point 1 million dollar contract or comes off the bench because of a guy like a Sean Robertson really doesn't matter they're gonna get into rotation because that's what Mavericks does he's really been going all out of the defensive line and that's what I really are calling her is gonna be when you think about the Lions there's a lot of years when you really don't know what to say right and those are bad years you want to have something that you're really good at now you want to be good at everything but you want to have like that one niche it's like then you don't want to mess with this part we really haven't had that right we've been like okay we're good we have some problems here we're pretty good at catching the ball we're okay passing we're not super super good at one thing now we're super super good at the defensive line and overall we're a really good team right that's why there's top three position rooms we have a lot of opposition groups but the defensive line is scary and it's the best in the league it's the best sentence for lion's head that no Donna could sue Nick fairly cliff a virile type of vandenBosch type of thing going on back in you know the early 2010's type of thing that's when the dress where the shorelines are building right now and I love what Matt Patricia is doing they're absolutely scary and they come in at number one let me hear your thoughts well I'm sorry that we're still in this environment we will be back in the cool cool ascent back on Monday with that being said I appreciate all of you guys for rockin with me it's been absolutely outstanding I'm gonna say that every video because I really can't express how awesome you guys are so with that being said thank you for watching enema

18 thoughts on “Top 3 Positional Groups For The Lions! Best D-Line In The NFL?! Detroit Lions Talk

  1. Glad everything worked out for you I’m a big fan of Dose of Dion 2.0. I agree with everything you said. Go Lions

  2. Alright so curveball, worst three positional groups?.. maybe sec, lbs, oline? This team should at least challenge for the division, cannot wait… got me again!

  3. Safety is stacked. I suggest you say 3- receivers 2- dline 1- safety. Because that is the way it is as the time is now.

  4. not too impressed with wide receiver as a group yet. top two yes, but the rest are unproven at best, Powell no savior, sorry. I'm hoping LB group in good shape, unproven. Tight ends unproven. DL proves out. has to be 1.

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