Top 10 Useless College Degrees and Classes

Top 10 Useless College Degrees and Classes 10. David Beckham studies — Staffordshire University,
UK It might sound like a joke, but the squeaky-voiced
soccer star actually has a degree course dedicated to him. The course, which is technically classed as
"Football Culture", has been defended by its founder, who argues that degree courses must
keep with the times. Celeb-style degrees can also be found in the
US, with Madonna studies injected into the Gender course at Harvard (no less) and Oprah
Winfrey studies at Illinois. 9. Parapsychology — various colleges This degree is perfect for starting a career
with Ghostbusters. Oh wait, Ghostbusters are fictional — that's
four years wasted. Nevertheless, this course dedicated to the
study of the paranormal (Slimer and haunted houses included) is popping up in universities
and colleges worldwide. Coventry, Edinburgh, Northampton and Liverpool
in the UK, plus Belford and Flamel in the US all offer the course, which makes you wonder
if people are watching too many Most Haunted episodes. 8. Doctorate of Philosophy in Ufology — Melbourne
University In August this year, Aussie Martin Plowman
became the first student to become a real Dr Who after passing his studies of unidentified
flying objects. After his major in culture and communications,
he decided he wanted to do something a bit different, so he chose little green men. However, despite his new status, he remains
open-minded about things: "When I meet someone who says they've seen something strange, that's
fair enough, because maybe they have. I don't know what it is, though," 7. The Phallus — Occidental College It's difficult to get to grips with the exact
nature of this course — if you'll pardon the pun. It's cited as studies "between the phallus
and the penis, the meaning of the phallus, phallologocentrism, the lesbian phallus, the
Jewish phallus, the Latino phallus, and the relation of the phallus and fetishism" but
is actually a survey offered by this distinguished college's department of critical theory and
social justice. 6. Surfing Studies — Plymouth / Melbourne Gone are the days of dumb surfer dudes riding
the waves without a care. Now, surfing means business. With Plymouth Uni in the UK offering a BSc
(Hons) in Surf Science and Technology and Southern Cross University in Australia offering
Surf and Sport Management, is seems the seaside slackers want to be taken seriously. What next? Wrestling degrees? 5. Philosophy — various colleges Philosophy, like sociology and psychology,
is one of those degrees that people do when they're not quite sure what vocation they
want to follow . It's a fun-time four years, open to stoners, egocentrics and those that
love the sound of their own voice, who will finish the course even more confused at what
they want to do in life and probably end up working at a convenience store. 4. Queer Musicology — UCLA Due to seemingly popular demand, the UCLA
have actually combined queer theory — the study of gender, feminism and gayness — with
the science of music, to produce a very open-minded course within their Herb Alpert School of
Music. The LA Times reported that the course will
introduce debates like: "the idea that if you're gay, then music by gay composers such
as Benjamin Britten will sound different to you than it would if you were straight." 3. Star Trek — Georgetown University in Washington It's a degree, Jim, but not as we know it. The Georgetown faculty of Philosophy argues
that "Star Trek is very philosophical. What better way, then, to learn philosophy,
than to watch Star Trek, read philosophy, and hash it all out in class?" The Trekkies have also landed at Indiana University,
who curiously combine their Star Trek Studies with religion. If only there were more vacancies for professional
dorks… 2. Golf Management — University of Birmingham
/ Florida Gulf Coast University Here's another useless sport degree spreading
through Universities across the world, but this one lands the number two position because
it's not even fun. There's nothing much duller than playing golf
apart from studying golf, so why these two Universities have offered courses covering
the psychology of golf; equipment technology; financial performance and coach education,
is a mystery. 1. Art History — various colleges What career would you ever get with a degree
in art history? Maybe an art gallery curator, but how many
of those does the world actually need? Most art history courses consist of a selection
of well-to-do teenagers and arty-hippy types deliberating over the same Dali and Magritte
paintings for four, even five years straight. It's time to move on! Honorable Mentions: The Science of Harry Potter — Frostburg University Maryland's Frostburg University provides this
honors seminar, which is really a physics class that investigates the supposed magic
of Harry Potter. Seems like an excuse to watch the Harry Potter
movies. Learning from YouTube — Pitzer College California's Pitzer College has added a class
named, Learning from YouTube. TechCrunch reports that "the class consists
of students watching YouTube videos and then discussing them. They also leave comments on the videos themselves."

46 thoughts on “Top 10 Useless College Degrees and Classes

  1. Philosophy and art history actually get more people into jobs than you think. It's more about transferable skills nowadays

  2. Philosophy is the pinnacle of Academia. It might be useless if you acquire it not for that purpose. However, there is nothing superior.

  3. I think when people talk about “useless degrees” they should differentiate ones that are just poor financial decisions from truly “useless” degrees.

    The study of philosophy is not useless, but spending tens of thousands of dollars to study it at college when there are much cheaper ways to do so is a bad financial move.

  4. I'm 17 and soon gonna be in University and I need help. Im kinda into studying about history, you know learn about how does our ancestors live before. and im a curious person like i want to know about stuff. what kind of course should i take? should I take archaeology?

  5. Philosophy major is useless but is still a useful class necessary for anyone interested in law, politics, and government

  6. Some of the things on this list such as philosophy and art history have no place being there. It’s really ignorant of you to position them as such; philosophy was the basis of everything and preceded maths, science, religion, all of which I bet you don’t consider useless. Philosophy is an esoteric academic, yes, but just because you don’t have the mindset required to study it doesn’t mean you are right in dismissing it. It’s far from useless.

  7. Nothing is useless . It only time decided. Remember in India too many enginnering college now govt. Decide no more engineer college.
    Wat u mean usefulness is which helps to earn for living.

  8. If you're a feminist and are offended by the comments about gender studies, you are surprising no one.

  9. Don't philosophy programs provide critical thinking and analyzing skills? I personally am considering philosophy in preparation for a career in law. Besides a degree is what you make it and how you sell yourself.👀

  10. Parapsychology is actually and ufologist is not pointless because of all the weird same things that people report and people also reporting the same exact things and missing time and I assure you we are not alone my friend so don’t say that it’s pointless. When it’s actually not it’s quite useful and all the word military people going to peoples doors and telling people to keep quite seriously who would lie about that the government has admitted it investigates ufo with project blue book and they told us they do exist. They even have ex CIA agents on there death beds admitted these events are true.

  11. Your list is bunk. There are really three types of courses. Courses that get you a job, courses that don't, and lesbian dance courses.

  12. I have to make the argument that philosophy is actually a very important degree to have. People that want to become lawyer actually study philosophy because it helps prepare them for law school. Also, we as humans need to study the way we think in the world so we can improve ourselves. Without philosophy, we wouldn't have the important ethical framework needed for society.

  13. Other than philosophy I agree with this list, undermining philosophy because it doesn't provide job opportunities is outright ignorant, there's more to seeking education than just job opportunities.

  14. with a psychology degree you can be a psychologist ,a teacher or working with statistics ect i don't see how thats useless

  15. People! This channel excluded gender studies because this video was released in 2014. Gender Studies was not as popular before the 3rd wave feminists. So please, calm down.

  16. I strongly disapprove sociology and physchology being included on this list…sociology to be very particular is very relevant in understanding human societies,the dynamism and complexities that characterize human behaviours and actions. As such ,it is very important in every society.

  17. Okay. That’s fantastic! I just saw a York University ad come before this episode. Silly, silly algorithm.

  18. I lost all respect when you said playing golf is boring. Most people who say that have never actually played or devoted any time to it.

  19. I can't imagine that people who take these courses actually believe that they can somehow get a job in this "major".

  20. right im a highschool student in the UK and im already thinking about degrees. anyway, is a phd in psychology worth going for or should I choose something else

  21. Don't you ever insult Philosophy! Ever!! Plato, Socrates, Aristotle and all philosophers will rise from the dead and kill you!!

  22. Philosophy and psychology are to go into jobs like being a doctor or a psychologist so they are needed just like the rest of them it’s to get a job

  23. They teach kids to be socialists, pos's, brain washing (101) propaganda (101) , why don't they have porn classes, how to sell guns and drugs, how to be a demonfag and take away everybody's job, and so on, professors today can't add two and two, they are acid dropping demshits, there little pea brains are mush, period…..

  24. As far as I am oncerned, among the most absurd and irrelevant ’Mickey Mouse’ degrees are MBA’s, ’Business Studies, Accountancy and Economics in general…..

  25. I agree on the practicality aspects of most, but both the surfing and golf studies are practical for anyone interested in following these sports professionally. Especially golf, with the outrageous number of golf courses in the U.S. alone.
    Art history isn't just for a curator. Assessors, those who maintain and fix old paintings, almost anyone who deals with works of art needs this course of study.
    Philosophy. Totally useless but facinating study. Why? Because.

  26. Think you need to consider that golf management isn’t pointless and boring if you actually like golf and it makes you a qualified golf coach at the end of the course

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