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I told you we're not starting without your father Dana just isn't dinner without him who where perhaps I could help simulate the experience they're loving caring or just plain dysfunctional welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten TV families for this list we're taking a look at those television families that have cracked us up filled us with envy or have made us more grateful for the loved ones already in our lives not so fast Tiger number 10 the tailor's home improvement honey wait talk to dinner with three boys a wisecracking dad and an equally sharp but loving mom this TV family had something for everyone in addition to Tim the tool man Taylor day to day antics and the endless patience of his wife the three Taylor children developed their own unique identities with their own unique problems and growing pains in a house full of testosterone there is still a great deal of tenderness and nuance underneath all the tough love do you know what special event we have coming up next week you don't even have to ask me I know what it is you're bluffing what is it our anniversary hahahahaha okay mr. big shot what day of the week is it yeah the week is it that's easy what day of the week is overtime Friday Friday Saturday Saturday number nine the Connors roseann freeze right there what'd I tell you about killing your brother in the living room they were the royal family of blue-collar nobility as a lower middle class family their on-screen struggles resonated with a wide demographic watching the family persevere through hardships or revel in small triumphs it was easy to see why the show was so popular some woman married me underneath all the sarcasm and in spite of their various problems they displayed a bond that can only come from surviving and enduring in the face of adversity number 8 the cleavers Leave It to Beaver beaver beaver is that your given name yes ma'am my brother gave it to me many consider them the quintessential example of an all-american family the cleavers were a safe suburban Bunch with a milquetoast lifestyle with the adventures of one precocious young boy beaver being the primary focus of the show that cleaver family was constantly central to almost every plot have you ever kissed any other married woman besides mom themes like working hard and education were primary to the show making it pretty much a guideline for how to exist in suburbia your mother and I both know that there are a lot of things to learn and a lot of things to accomplish before you really grown up cheap debt when I came downstairs I was feeling real good why did you have to go and say stuff like that number seven The Simpsons The Simpsons no remember as far as anyone knows for a nice normal family this animated clan has all the makings of a traditional American family with three kids a housewife and the breadwinning father but that's where the parallels end Bart how could you shock a little sister my finger slip not in mine for the most part this nuclear family is anything but conventional between homers constant bumbling Bart's perpetual mischievousness Lisa's highbrow intellectualism and Marge as the steadfast matriarch the family members have stuck to their roles over the decades call me daddy daddy number six the tenors full house honey you're ready for the prom hey if you can't have fun with your little sister then what's the point in having one three grown men raising three young girls in the hills of San Francisco seems reasonable particularly when one is a musician and the other is a comedian everywhere I go I hears those damn birds right although it may have seemed avant-garde the show's themes weren't that unconventional with the help of his two pals a widower and his daughters live their lives together and it's the love in the household that makes the scenario more believable and I know how much you girls miss your mother because I miss her too very much number five the banks The Fresh Prince of bel-air as long as you live in my house you will abide by my rules and that goes for the rest of you best telling us dad after moving to a high-end suburb to live with his wealthy extended family Will Smith plays Will Smith a street-smart Philly teen while the show centers on his fish-out-of-water adjustment to his affluent and somewhat sheltered family the entire banks clan is grounded in their appreciation or not for will Steve David Henry this is will my nephew by marriage the family of valves together and in spite of butting heads they grow thanks in part to wills presence it is amazing you certainly have grown will well we all have number four the severs growing pains all right lady drop that spatula or your scrimp make this all-american family had a teen heartthrob a do-gooder sister a con artist brother and an infant that morphed into a six-year-old within two seasons add to that a psychiatrist father with an at-home practice and a busy journalist for a mom and the show was chock-full of family-friendly shenanigans father and son to attend a rock and roll concert together no no way no not in our family not in any family that loves each other right number three the Bradys the Brady Bunch having a blended family on TV was a bold move for the 60s the eight-member family which included six children and two adults was comprised of a widower and his three sons and a single mom and her three daughters any trouble in here oh no everything's fine fine fine add in there right Oscar does anything I can't stand it's a perfect kid and six of them yes and the Brady family wasn't exactly an example of Americana but it was a glimpse into how the American family dynamic was shifting what's matter I don't hear anything what's the matter with that six kids and no noise that's what's the matter with that number – but Keaton's family ties I guess the parent of the Year award is pretty much out the window who knew ex-hippies with a conservative kid would make for good primetime TV clearly the producers did and the relationship of a family politically at odds with their own children is the heart of this series I can't believe you guys can watch this you look ridiculous half a million people trying to stop a senseless war you find that ridiculous I'm talking about the outfits despite their differences however this TV family manages to stay dedicated to each other even in the depths of the Reagan era I [Applause] haven't seen him this excited since Reagan was elected before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions yeah purples don't cry daddy's gonna take you downtown and that's pretty much the way that summer went I guess it was really my last summer of pure unadulterated childhood but Peter why would they make you president well maybe it's because I can recite all 50 states in a quarter of a second it's about Malcolm I didn't do it you seen it I saw listen to that dynamo he's a chip off the old block thanks dad yo blah your mother likes to make jokes I just got a deadline to meet that song what's he mean he's got deadlines he means he's gonna be dead if you don't tow the line number one the Huxtables The Cosby Show I'm Sondra Denise's older sister Alvin Sandra's husband Francine Alvin's mother Lister father of everything grandma Anna her husband grandpa Russell on cliffside breakfast my husband Denise his father it's nice to meet you all well we're gonna go back into the kitchen now we got a lot of work to do the Huxtable family forever changed the landscape of American sitcom television this well-to-do Brooklyn based family set the groundwork for future family sitcoms representing a wholesome well structured and diverse unit that's the dumbest thing you know when you get DS in everything the epitome of charm and baby soft humor the Huxtables represented a different version of the American Dream with their five kids attorney mother and physician father in the crazy sweaters I am your father I brought you in this world and I'll take you out do you agree with our list who is your favorite TV family for more entertaining top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to the picture can't happen today my pimples getting worse oh honey I am so sorry can you stand yeah well then the pictures happening it's all anybody's gonna see I wouldn't be so sure about that

45 thoughts on “Top 10 TV Families

  1. Wow. Full house, fresh prince, growing pains, Brady bunch, family ties, the wonder years, different strokes, the Jeffersons, the Cosby show. Great shows

  2. How about the Seavers from growing pains, the Keatons from family ties, the Winslows of family matters, the huxtables of the Cosby show, the bradys of the Brady bunch, the cleavers of leave it to beaver

  3. Did you just name random TV families? Because I could think of a lot of families that would come above Family Guy. Maybe put them on the top most dysfunctional families. But not the top 10 best, even as an honorable mention.

  4. 10. the banks – fresh prince of bel air
    09. the baxters – last man standing
    08. the jeffersons – the jeffersons
    07. the huxstabls – the cosby show
    06. the harpers – 2 and a half men
    05. the burones – everyone loves raymond
    04. the bunkers – all in family
    03. the simpsons – the simpsons
    02. the conners – rosaenne
    01. the griffins – family guy

  5. I agree with all these choices but there's just one family that would make this list even better

    The Winslows (Family Matters)

  6. Even tho they hated eachother in a way and were very dysfunctional, I thought the Bluth family from Arrested Development should’ve been on the list

  7. My Top 10 favorite TV families, in no particular order: The Huxtables (The Cosby Show), the Keatons (Family Ties), the Kamdens (7th Heaven), the Bradfords (8 is Enough), the Munsters (the Munsters), the Pryors (American Dreams), the Powells (No Ordinary Family), the Flintstones (the Flintstones), the Bradys (the Brady Bunch) and the Kaniskys (Gimme a Break).

  8. In my opinion
    1 Full House
    2 Family Matters
    3 The Brady Bunch
    4 The Simpsons
    5 Good Times
    That is all I know mostly I am getting Growing Pains in the mail
    In my opinion The Brady Bunch is so underrated I love those families

  9. The Bundys (Married With Children), the Winslows (Family Matters), the Lambert's (Step-By-Step), the Kyle family (My Wife and Kids) and the Rock family (Everybody Hates Chris) should've been on this list. Those people were funny as hell!

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