Top 10 Toxic Cartoon Show Communities

funny or sad you decide welcome to and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top ten toxic cartoon show communities before we begin we publish new videos every day so be sure to subscribe for more great content for this list we're looking at a vocal minority who give the rest of the fanbase a bad name just to be clear these cartoons and their supporters are generally pretty awesome but as always there are exceptions it's time we had a talk about number 10 avatar the last airbender Nickelodeon's action-packed series deserves all the praise thrown his way avatar the last airbender and The Legend of Korra most gorgeous animation lovable characters and a mature storyline that develops at a fantastic pace there is also a lot and we do mean a lot of shipping at one point or another Katara has been matched with every single male or female character in the series with a few going as far to imagine what she would look like pregnant considering avatars cast is made up of underage teenagers the over-sexualization can be off-putting sapphire fire nice to meet you number nine Adventure Time Jake and Finn have been around for nearly a decade amassing a huge following along the way Adventure Time is creative funny and exceedingly well-written while a children's show at heart pendleton wards tour de force is not afraid to tackle issues like depression and mental illness prompting a small subsection of the fandom to shoot down anyone who says anything negative about an episode anything less than describing Adventure Time as deep or revolutionary is not accepted as wonderful as the cartoon is shouldn't do a little constructive criticism be welcomed number 8 SpongeBob SquarePants well not the worst community in the world some spongebob superfans can be real pinheads the main point of contention in this fandom mostly revolves around the drop in quality of the show after the three at Rick Lee released film with old-school fans disparaging later seasons and actively attacking anyone who enjoys newer episodes of the show the problem is that many of these new fans are just children so a lot of kids end up being criticized by more vocal fans for simply liking a cartoon it's fine to dislike something but don't take your frustration out on kids number seven My Little Pony Friendship is Magic I don't understand hey bronies is a term that exists for a reason My Little Pony is a show that celebrates what it means to be a young girl and it attracted an adult male audience considering lauren faust cartoon could not be further removed from stereotypical masculinity the diverse fanbase was a testament to the show's quality then the fan art started to come out with Fluttershy and pink Pye performing acts that no pony should be able to do a My Little Pony fan has also received death threats after spearheading a campaign to get the webcomic ask princess molestia taken down by tumblr that's not very friendly behavior number six Teen Titans go seriously when it comes to this DC cartoon there is no middle ground the original Teen Titans holds a special place in many hearts so most were disappointed when Teen Titans go took a more child-friendly approach well the majority quickly moved on some take every opportunity to hate on the new series who cares as someone else likes it on the flip side any negative review of the series tends to bring out the worst in fans of Teen Titans go leading to a pretty toxic back and forth between the two groups admittedly from an outsider's perspective it can be entertaining what are you doing number 5 gravity falls will never forget you Mabel because we're gonna kidnap you the central characters of this show are a brother and sister named Mabel and dipper pines now take one wild guess what the phrase pine cest is referring to before we forget the siblings are 13 years old now gravity falls is a highly creative cartoon that pays homage to classic horror and conspiracy films prompting weekly discussion on the next possible plot twist at one point the fanbase actually figured out a mystery forcing Alex Hirsch to leak a fake revelation to throw the show's audience off the right track sounds pretty fun right unfortunately thanks to pine cest shippers gravity falls makes this list anyway you're too easily impressed number four the loud house rule 34 states that if something exists there is porn of it assuming that is true what would happen if a cartoon comes along with the cast mostly made up of underaged brothers and sisters the loud house provided an answer to that question this Nickelodeon sitcom is packed with quirky and funny characters guaranteeing that viewers relate to at least one of the siblings like with every show most of the fan art is appropriate and even creative but things can quickly take a turn for the creepy when it comes to the loud house unfortunately loud cest is a term that exists gross number three Voltron legendary defender as the old saying goes love and hate are two sides of the same coin just to clarify this entry is based on an isolated incident but one worth mentioning Netflix's Voltron legendary defender has proven to be a fantastic reboot of the franchise gaining a relatively wide audience however after the cartoon seemed unlikely to actualize a couple shipped by fans one person decided to take matters into their own hands by blackmailing the studio while on a tour of studio mears headquarters the blackmailer took pictures of the confidential storyboards and leaked them putting the company at risk of a lawsuit come on Keith we're leaving number two Steven universe guys seriously this entire show is about acceptance Steven universe regularly subverts expectations by focusing on character and relationship types that tend to be sidelined in mainstream cartoons Rebecca sugar series has earned every single one of its fans but some are a bit over defensive you me Jasper one-on-one tumblr artist named Sammy was viciously harassed after posting art that depicted a slightly slimmer version of rose quartz online groups were created for the sole purpose of attacking this poor girl who obviously was a huge fan of Steven universe the bullying got so bad that Sammy ended up in the hospital don't worry Steven I'm sure someday you'll figure out how to activate your chin yes in your own Steven II way number one Rick and Morty what is my purpose pass the butter so anyone surprised during the wait for the third season Rick and Morty exploded in popularity and became one of the most talked about shows on the Internet the new episodes were not universally well-received by the fan base with a miniscule minority blaming the show's female writers sadly this led to harassment and daxing prompting dan harmon to describe these fans as nobs during an interview with Entertainment Weekly in another incident police were forced to step in when fans reacted negatively to McDonald's running out of Szechuan dipping sauce during a one-day promotion you don't need a very high IQ to practice common decency and then I got rid of it and now it's gone it's the only place we're gonna be able to try it is in my memory do you agree with our picks check out these other great clips from watch mojo and subscribe for new videos every day

31 thoughts on “Top 10 Toxic Cartoon Show Communities

  1. 3:06 WTF?! This clip is from a episode that is OVER 9,000% UNWATCHABLE AND PROVES WHY THE 2010S IS NOTHING MORE THAN A COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME! F*CK!

  2. 6:34 WTF why do people online just do that, don't they know that cyberbullying can lead to suicide? If they dont care for a sweet girl like Sammy, tgen they can go fuck themselves
    For Sammy keep being inspired👌👌😎👍

  3. At least their harmless like just being sexual the south park fandom gets too much praise they bullied me everywhere nearly online WHERE SOUTH PARK BOOO Like they give kyman shippers insluts and death threats they bully u for shipping, opinions and having autism . Most south park are autism haters who love Sytle and are dumb pussy bullies . Lol I only met 4 nice fans over 20 toxic ones

  4. Funny that this video was made a month before Thundercats Roar was announced and a pissed off fan of the original series threatened a shooting at CalArts.

  5. Ever notice when a fanbase does something great, nobody cares but when a small number of people in the fanbase do something horrible suddenly people pay attention and judge the fanbase as a whole, labelling it a "toxic place"?

  6. poor voltron im like a huge klance shipper and the ending was sad but it got so bad and i love it an always will but people are crazy

  7. Yeah I wont attack anyone who disagrees or something but I'm a teen titans go fan and inwould say the teen titans go hatedom and the original teen titans fandom is far worse

  8. why don't we change the title to; The most sexualized and INSANE shipping fandoms that ever existed!
    (NOT all people)

  9. Yeah it's a shame how toxic the Voltron fandom gets. It's a good show, and I will admit I shipped Klance but in a CHILL way. It's kinda scary to know that a ship or two can tear a community down, I will still miss the show thou!

  10. This video was spot on till they mentioned Gravity Falls and The Loud House. Porn exists for everything, that doesn’t mean those fanbases are toxic.

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