Top 10 Tom Hiddleston Performances

This man has overseen wars, navigated chaos
and fought against otherworldly monsters, and that’s before we even get to his role
with Marvel! Welcome to WatchMojo UK and today we’ll
be counting down our picks for the top 10 Tom Hiddleston Performances! For this list, we’ve gathered the best bits
from the rich and varied acting career of Tom Hiddleston. From the glamour of a high rise to the halls
of a haunted house. While newcomer Jeremy Irvine and his character’s
eponymous horse take centre stage for this Steven Spielberg First World War drama, Hiddleston’s
supporting role offers one of the most memorable moments in the film. Captain Nicholls gains Joey the thoroughbred
when the Narracott family are impelled to sell him to the army in 1914. And while he vows to look after the horse,
his part in the conflict is quickly over. Killed when a cavalry charge falls under machine
gun fire, his final seconds are followed by a sombre shot of Joey running riderless into
German territory. Starring in three of the four parts to this
BBC adaptation of Shakespeare’s Henriad, Hiddleston plays English royalty for his role
as Henry V. In “Henry IV, Parts One and Two”, Prince
Hal leads a wayward lifestyle much to the displeasure of his father, played by Jeremy
Irons. But by the fourth instalment, Henry’s journey
to kingship is complete, and he cuts an inspirational leader. Hiddleston earned especially high praise for
his delivery of some of Shakespeare’s most famous speeches, including the rousing St.
Crispin’s Day address. From
Shakespearean kings to country music legends, Hiddleston’s portrayal of Hank Williams
is a prime example of the actor’s range. “I Saw the Light” charts Williams’ meteoric
rise to fame in the ‘30s and ‘40s, focussing especially on his marriage to Audrey and his
troubles with alcohol. Hiddleston pulls the whole thing off with
style and presence, and a mostly credible southern accent. While some criticism came his way from Williams’
grandson Hank Williams III, the actor’s role did draw praise, and Tom features prominently
on the movie’s soundtrack. As one part of an ensemble cast, Hiddleston’s
outing in this 2017 “King Kong” reboot helped spark a new era for the franchise. As Captain James Conrad, he travels to an
uncharted island somewhere in the Pacific, leading an expedition team into the heart
of Kong’s homeland. And while he’s a veteran of the Vietnam
War, there’s more to this guy than just guns and fighting. Conrad’s a wizened soldier, with a brain
prepped for battle. Which is handy, because he soon learns that
Kong’s not the only monster of this world. In one of his earliest film roles, Hiddleston
plays a pivotal part in this 2010 exploration of family and identity. With Edward about to travel to Africa for
eleven months, his mother and sister organise a holiday to Tresco in the Isles of Scilly
to see him off. But most of the trip is fraught with tension,
particularly over the enforced absence of Edward’s girlfriend, Chloe. Hiddleston strikes just the right tone as
a young man coming of age but in crisis, for a film filled with heavy silences, difficult
conversations and life-affirming moments. Tom goes gothic next, for a ghostly, grisly
love story straddling both sides of the Atlantic. Hiddleston’s Thomas Sharpe is an English
baronet holed up with his sister in the family’s run-down mansion. He weds Edith, an American writer, brings
her to the estate and all manner of messed up stuff starts happening. Throughout it all, Thomas is a man conflicted
between his original, incestuous plot and the emergence of actual emotional attachments. A stab to the face ought to see him right. Look away now if you’re at all squeamish. We continue in a darker direction with “Only
Lovers Left Alive”, Jim Jarmusch’s original take on the ever-popular vampire trend. Hiddleston stars as Adam, a fanged musician
who’s disillusioned with life. And despite the best efforts of Tilda Swinton’s
Eve, he’s one wooden bullet away from suicide. Hiddleston tackles the role with mystique
and menace in equal measure, flitting between the melancholy artist and misunderstood monster
as if it were perfectly natural. He’s by no means your typical twenty-first
century vamp, but this genre is a perfect match for Hiddleston’s brooding talents. While Owen Wilson takes the lead as a nostalgic
writer for this Woody Allen homage to the Modernist era, Hiddleston brings to life one
of the period’s most influential figures. As F. Scott Fitzgerald in “Midnight in Paris”,
he leaves Wilson’s Gil lost for words, albeit because in Gil’s mind Fitzgerald died a
long time ago. Hiddleston’s screen time is limited, but
he makes every moment count, tapping into Fitzgerald’s skill and style as a wordsmith
and socialite. And Tom’s a perfect fit for 1920s café
society, with trademark good looks and effortless charm. Here, Hiddleston plays a recently moved-in
resident of a luxury tower block. But his happy life of gym routines, nightly parties
and naked sunbathing very quickly evaporates, as the titular high-rise descends into ruin. Dr. Robert Laing watches anarchy unfold within
his closed-off community, struggling to avoid becoming involved himself. But a few casual hook-ups here, and a brutal
beating there, and he’s just as culpable as everyone else. Before long he’s obsessing over paint and
tucking into highly questionable meals, all to an awesome, alternative ABBA/Portishead
soundtrack. Needs must, we guess. Before we unveil our top pick, here are a
few honorable mentions. This guy is probably the best-loved baddie
in the entire MCU. As Loki, Hiddleston brings out all the worst
parts of human behaviour, for a role which sees him routinely double-cross his family
and relentlessly pursue power. A constant thorn in Thor’s side, he’s
also one of the Avenger’s most dangerous enemies. And he’s notoriously difficult to pin down,
regardless of whichever high-security cell he’s kept in. From iconic headwear to evil one-liners, made
even more badass by Hiddleston’s expert accent, he’s a stand-out supervillain and
one of Marvel’s mightiest characters.

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Tom Hiddleston Performances

  1. Can we talk about how beautiful his hands are when he's taking the crown. Just so so beautiful…..

  2. That slap from Jeremy Irons still makes me cringe! It looked like it actually surprised him and it hurt.

  3. 9:40 I am the only who did not like the movie? Is to weird for me.. The performance etc was good but the story and the concept was to much.. Like dogtooth which have Oscar.. I am Greek and I don't like it… But I love Tom.. Especially as loki ❤️

  4. I'm in the Marvel fan girls group in my school everyone else has moved on to the Winter Soldier. I'm the only one who is stil obsessed with Tom/Loki

  5. this man is perfect. gentleman. funny. hot. british accent. tall. loki. THIS MAN CAN FUXCING SING HOLY CHEESE. why is he 38 years old?! D:

  6. So Loki was with Brie Larson ( captain marvel) and Elisabeth Olsen ( scarlet witch) before marvel wow.
    I’m in 2019

  7. Tom Hiddleston puts me in the mind of Alan Richman villian from Diehard and Harry Potter (RIP). EXTRAORDINARY ACTING…WOW!

  8. Literally stabbing Thor is how Loki show he's affection towards Thor.
    Loki: Stabs Thor* I miss you brother
    Thor: loki you little-

  9. Tom Hiddleston as a member of the empire in the sw universe. Also could be a bounty hunter like Boba Fett. Maybe.

  10. I'm a complicated girl. I see Tom Hiddleston, I contemplate on whether I should click or not cuz I really just wanna see Loki, until YouTube recommended it for the 10th time.

  11. Tbh I only watched Only Lovers for Tom. It was trying to be so edgy but it ended up so funny at some moments skskskksks

  12. I am only happy if OLLA is in the top 3.

    I mean we all know Loki’s gonna be the first

    Edit: 4th place isn’t good enough 🙁

  13. Ok I agree with you about the fact that his performance on Loki should be number one but one thing: WHERE THE HECK IS 'THE NIGHT MANAGER'?!?!?!!!!!

  14. I love this video, but you could have shown the scene when Loki finds out he's a frost giant, that scene has such a great acting

  15. Uhhhhhh Tom.. I think your Loki is getting a liiiiiiiiitle out of Han in “The Deep Blue Sea”😬😍😂

  16. No one:

    (I saw the Light) Loki and the Scarlet Witch
    (War Horse) Loki and Doctor Strange
    (Kong: Skull Island) Loki with Nick Fury and Captain Marvel
    (Only Lovers Left Alive) Loki and the Ancient One

  17. Omg I watched the first movie shown in school. The one with the horse Joey. I didn’t notice tom hiddleston 😂😓

  18. I wanted him to star as Murdoc , the intelligent ,trick-setting and charming villain in MacGyver reboot 2016 because he's sooo much alike Michael Des Barres who played the original role in earlier version . David Dastmalchian plays new Murdoc alright though I personally think Tom would be THE BEST if he landed on that role .

  19. Can we just appreciate how Loki and Sherlock are similar in their sarcastic comments and comebacks? Ngl Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston are my top 3 favorite British actors

    me-literally screams YOU MEAN ALL OF THEm….ITS TOM!"
    mum-who's tom?"
    friend-doubles in laughter

  21. 0:32 I was like: Wait … I know this movie … and then: OMG, that cute guy I liked so much back then, was played by Tom Hiddleston ?! :O🤯😍 (because then I did not know him yet 😅)

  22. I think we all came here knowing loki would be number 1. Loki is not only toms best role Loki is the best character in the mcu. (In my opinion)

  23. I saw Loki for the first time in the first movie of Avengers. I just fell in love with the charm on his face. He has such calm countenance and there is so much suave in his performance.

  24. Thumbs down for only focusing on the "villainous" side of Loki and not at all on his backstory, heartbreak or vulnerability that Tom Hiddleston brings out so brilliantly. Luckily, he did that for himself in the short clip from the first Thor movie.

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