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10 Plot Holes That Should Have Ruined Famous
Movies 10. X-Men: Days of Future Past In X-Men: Days of Future Past Wolverine is
sent back in time to stop mutant destroying robots called sentinels from ever being made.
Wolverine meets a young Charles Xavier, who plans to break Magneto out of prison with
the help of Quicksilver, who can think and move at ridiculously superhuman speeds. Then
Magneto will help them stop Mystique from murdering the creator of the sentinels right
in front of the President, which would inspire Mr. Nixon to begin mass production. Superhero
movies sound confusing when you have to explain them like that. Anyway, as soon as Magneto is broken out Quicksilver
conveniently disappears from the movie and Magneto predictably starts to make a mess
out of everything. Near the end of the movie he uproots an entire baseball stadium, drops
it where the President and his cabinet are standing, draws the attention of the world’s
media, and starts threatening people. But Mystique stops him, the sentinel program is
cancelled and the day is saved. But that makes no sense. The President almost
got murdered and witnessed a mutant dropping a baseball stadium on his front lawn. If anything,
he’s probably want the sentinels to be improved and shipped out as soon as possible. There
are more undocumented people like Magneto out there, so if that didn’t start a witch
hunt it’s hard to say what would. Even if you can get past that, there’s the
problem of Magneto in the first place. After they break Magneto out all he does is cause
problems, and he was already well known for being a loose cannon. Why release him at all?
He was acting against them from the minute he was released, and there was no reason to
think he wouldn’t have done otherwise. Even if you suggest that they were young and didn’t
have as much of a history, the plan was conceived in the future when everyone was old, at which
point they knew exactly how they would have behaved at that age. It’s like Magneto was
released just so the movie would have more conflict. 9. Batman Begins In Batman Begins we learn that a shadowy organization
is going to destroy Gotham because the city is too corrupt. We also find out that they’ve
been slowly poisoning Gotham’s water supply for months. However, no one has been affected
yet because the poison needs to turn to vapor before it turns people into the maddened lunatics
they need to make the city tear itself apart. To this end, a large part of the movie is
centered on a stolen experimental weapon that can vaporize tons of water, and Batman stopping
the bad guys from using it to completely wreck Gotham City. However, by the time Batman learned about
the problem everything should have spiraled out of control and the whole city should have
been a post-apocalyptic mess. Think about where water vapor comes from. The only way
the poison never affected anyone was apparently because no one in Gotham showers, or for that
matter even uses hot water at all. If they do take hot showers, then everyone in Gotham
should have gone crazy and started killing each other long before Batman figured out
what was going on. 8. 28 Days Later In 28 Days Later a rage virus rapidly infects
people through biting, and these fast zombies tear through the United Kingdom, quickly infecting
the entire populace and just really ruining everyone’s day. Like many zombies they’re
attracted to noise and are completely insane, deranged, mindless killing machines that want
to feed and feed. The virus has basically reduced them to an animal state where they
just want to hunt and eat. But they don’t behave in a way that makes
any sense whatsoever. For the entire premise of the movie to work the zombies need to leave
each other alone, or they would all just eat each other and the problem would pretty much
solve itself. However, despite being told that the infected have no way of discriminating
between each other and are completely out of their minds, they never try to attack each
other, even for food when starving, and they’re never shown trying to attack animals either.
Somehow, the infected know not to bother other infected, but this makes no sense. They’re
simply trying to eat to live and have no higher brain functions beyond that. It makes sense
in other zombie movies because the undead want fresh food, but technically these “zombies”
aren’t zombies at all — they’re just humans who have become really fast, really
angry and really, really dumb. 7. The Twilight Saga ????????????????????????????????????? Even if you haven’t seen or read any of
the Twilight Saga, you probably still know that in the Twilight universe vampires sparkle
when exposed to sunlight. This turns out to be an important plot point, because there’s
a shadowy cabal of vampires that control all the other vampires and will kill them if they
expose their presence to humans. In the second movie, “hero” Edward thinks Bella is dead
so he almost commits suicide by exposing himself to a bunch of humans in the middle of the
day, knowing that once they saw him sparkle the boss vampires would punish him with an
execution. “Luckily,” Bella arrives just in time to show him she’s still alive. But according to Twilight’s own rules Edward
should have been dead a long time ago, and Bella along with him. The vampires also believe
in silencing any humans who know about them, so that includes anyone Edward told his secret
to. And despite the sparkle thing being an important plot point in two of the movies,
there are multiple instances where vampires are talking to humans in broad daylight with
no sparkle or repercussions. It’s like they ran out of money in the visual effects budget
and just hoped that no one would notice. If they had “sparkled” like they were supposed
to then their vampire overlords would have brought the heavy end of the hammer down on
the entire cast of heroes and the whole story would have ended in “tragedy.” 6. The Phantom Menace In The Phantom Menace, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan
Kenobi start out on-board a Trade Federation ship waiting to have peace talks with their
leaders. Instead, the wily sentient beetles decide to gas them. After this fails and the
Jedi try to storm the bridge, the bad guys send a pair of destroyer droids, which are
fast and have shields. Upon realizing that they’ll be slowed down by fighting them,
the Jedi use their powers to run away in the blink of an eye. Near the end of the movie Qui-Gon Jinn fights
Darth Maul and doesn’t appear to be on the winning side. The two of them get stuck between
a force field, and Obi-Wan gets stuck behind one farther back. They all have the chance
to collect their wits, get their force strength together and make their battle plan. Completely
forgetting his fast running force power from earlier, Obi-Wan tries to run forward normally
and fails to arrive in time to save his best buddy. However, Darth Maul make matters even dumber.
After knocking Obi-Wan down a hole where he hangs onto a ledge for dear life, he doesn’t
reach down and cut him to pieces or force push him into oblivion (a move he happily
used earlier). Instead he just kicks up sparks and waits with a dumb expression on his face
as Obi-Wan takes his time leaping up, getting his balance, and swinging in a wide arc to
cut Darth Maul in half. It seems like both of them had moments where they completely
forgot that they know how to use the force. 5. Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows In Game of Shadows, supervillain Moriarty’s
plan was to become incredibly rich by anonymously buying businesses that make war supplies,
then secretively starting a world war to rake in the profit. To gain control of a powerful
munitions manufacturer he needed to bump off a businessman named Alfred Meinhard. Moriarty
figured that if the man was blown up while with a bunch of other businessmen then he’d
both avoid drawing suspicion to the fact that Meinhard was being killed and anger the already
upset world powers with another untraceable terrorist attack. His plan would have been perfect if he left
it at that — Meinhard dies in the explosion, the world is more volatile, no one suspects
a thing and Sherlock Holmes has nothing to go on besides the fact that a bomb went off
and effectively killed everyone in the room. However, Moriarty inexplicably hires his friend
Colonel Sebastian Moran to assassinate Meinhard with a sniper rifle moments before the explosion
that was going to kill him anyway, for reasons that are never explained (presumably because
they would make no sense). Not only is this pointless overkill, it’s a big mistake — the
clues Moran leave behind are what allow Holmes to find Moriarty and discover his entire plan.
In fact, simply realizing that Meinhard was the real target was all the info Holmes needed.
All Moriarty had to do was let the explosion do its job just like he planned, leaving no
loose ends and leaving Holmes completely in the dark. 4. The Karate Kid In The Karate Kid, our hero Daniel is bullied
by the Cobra Kai, a group of kids who study martial arts at a school that’s clearly
teaching them all wrong, as martial arts are supposed to be for self-defense. A wise old
bearded master, Mr. Miyagi, saves Daniel, teaches him karate and even confronts the
leader of the Cobra Kai gym, who’s a Vietnam veteran and also kind of a huge jerk. In order
to get the Cobra Kai to stop giving him trouble, Daniel decides to learn karate from Mr. Miyagi
and then fight in a martial arts tournament in order to prove himself. So far so good. Daniel enters the tournament
and in his final match goes up against Johnny, the top student at the Cobra Kai gym. Johnny
isn’t a particularly bad guy, but his coach pushes him to use unethical moves to cripple
Daniel. However, it’s important to note that while the moves were ethically questionable,
they were still within the rules. Eventually Daniel pulls out the famous crane move and
manages to kick his opponent right in the face, winning the match, getting the trophy
and living happily ever after. However, we’re told that kicks to the face aren’t allowed,
so Daniel should have been instantly disqualified and had his trophy taken away in disgrace.
There’s no explanation for why he’s allowed to get away with this — the judges simply
stand there and do nothing as he flagrantly violates the rules in the most important moment
of the most important match. 3. The Dark Knight Rises In The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan
turns Gotham into a dystopian wasteland of crime that’s somehow still incredibly crime
free looking. Bane takes the entire city hostage with a giant bomb threat, breaks all the thugs
out of jail and manages to get the entire police force locked in the sewers. Also, the
villains get a hold of Bruce Wayne’s powerful technology after he becomes bankrupt overnight,
thanks to Bane and his terrorists attacking the stock exchange in broad daylight and making
trades in his name. There are two main problems with this. First,
the idea that the stock exchange wouldn’t reset or put their numbers under serious review
after such a blatant act of terrorism is downright silly. There’s no way such a plot would
simply destroy someone like Bruce Wayne overnight. But what’s even sillier is that the police
commissioner is giving orders from a hospital bed. It’s unlikely that anyone, even the
Mayor, has enough power to send the city’s entire police force into the sewer at once,
and it’s equally unlikely that even if he did have that much power no one would stop
and point out what a terrible, terrible idea that is. 2. Man of Steel In Man of Steel, General Zod and his accomplices
are captured after they try to overthrow Krypton’s government. The planet is dying, and Zod felt
that it was the government’s fault that nothing was being done. The elders of the
dying planet decided that it’s necessary to punish Zod and his men for their crimes,
but they’re a civilized society that doesn’t believe in the death penalty, so instead they
sent them to space prison. The problem is that in this case their space prison doesn’t
make any sense at all. Krypton’s society is based on the ethical
philosophy and principles they’ve built, but what they send their prisoners off to
is a fate far worse than death. They freeze them and hurl them into something called the
Phantom Zone, which makes no sense for multiple reasons. If the space prison capsules can
eventually open without outside assistance, there’s no reason that at least some of
the people of Krypton can’t use them to escape the fate of their planet. However,
if the capsules are designed so that they can’t normally be opened without outside
assistance, and Krypton is going to be wiped off the map, then they’re literally sentencing
these people to an eternity of imprisonment, which seems to be far outside their culture’s
ethical standards. With a little foresight several innocent civilians could have escaped
in the prison capsules, while Zod would be long dead along with the rest of Krypton. 1. Attack of the Clones In Attack of the Clones we learn that someone
is trying to murder Senator Padme Amidala, and the pair of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin
Skywalker are assigned to help her. Anakin serves as her personal bodyguard while Obi-Wan
is sent to track down the assassin and find their employer. Kenobi follows a clue from
a dart used by a armored bounty hunter to a rainy ocean planet called Kamino. Here he
finds a clone army being made for the Republic and interviews bounty hunter Jango Fett, who
is the basis for all of the clones. He’s a legitimately employed man, and after some
verbal sparring Kenobi decides he has nothing solid on Fett and leaves him alone. At this point, Kenobi has no reason to associate
Fett with the assassin he saw flying away. Fett is legally in the clear and Kenobi leaves
him be. Fett’s next actions therefore make no sense — he decides to straight up attempt
to murder Obi-Wan, first before he even leaves the planet and then later during a space battle.
All Fett had to do was chill out and call his space lawyer, but instead he made it obvious
that he was the bad guy. Then, without checking to make sure his opponent was actually dead,
he went straight to his allies’ secret lair, where Kenobi learns about their most sensitive
projects. If Jango Fett had acted even halfway as smart as his reputation made him out to
be, the Jedi wouldn’t have learned anything until it was far too late.

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  1. for Sherlock Holmes they shoot the guy and cover it up with an explosion. The only reason they did it is to be sure that he dies and the explosion would cause a war from which Moriarty will benefit. Again they could rely on explosion only but they used the sniper to be completely sure that the guy will die…

  2. I love comic books & everything, but their translation into movies is generally not that good or in some cases utter trash. 
    The X-men & Batman movies to me were never really that good, I'm still waiting for both franchises to be done right. 
    I can only imagine how much better they would've been if they were made by Disney/Marvel instead.
    Here's hoping Disney acquires the rights to every comic book franchise. LoL

  3. this is officially the stupidest video of all time. Word to the wise, if you want to be a smartass, you first have to be smart…

  4. I disagree with the Days of future past. The ending shows that there are good mutants, that not all are bad creating the sentinals would not be justified

  5. Indeed, it was stupid of moriarty to send the bomb to Dr hofmannsthal in a package, but it would've been more covert to place the bomb in the auction house itself, because Sherlock Holmes wouldn't have been able to track it as easily. Moriarty clearly knew that Hofmannsthal would be in the auction house as he sent Irene there, so when Hofmannsthal is in the auction house, use the wireless remote invented in the previous film to remote activate the bomb, and  it would seem like another terrorist attack plagueing Europe and Moriarty would likely win. Giving the bomb to Hofmannsthal directly led Sherlock to correctly conclude that he was the target all along.

  6. I think Obi-Wan sees the mandalorian armor and jetpack at Fett's apartment, before they close a door to hide it. Even if he didn't get it, it might have been enough for Fett to worry and want to take him out. A jedi followed him home and might have seen his equipment. That, or you can invent some convoluted reason based on Palpatine's master plan. Or plot hole.

  7. Eh, almost right. Your assessment of "28 Days Later" is wrong though. The primary goal of the infected is to spread the virus. There's no reason to infect the already infected.

  8. All the problems you claimed the DC movies had would be correct if those characters were supposed to exist on an earth that is the same as ours. DC has many fake countries, cities, sciences, gods, but also fake politics and fake economies. To judge how societies would have acted through a human paradigm, living in the real world is too harsh of a standard. The reasons you gave for the plot holes in superman was literally jor-els original plan, Now as to why he put the codex inside his own biologically created son i have no idea i suppose its just an excuse for superman to exist. But in the end his plan was to send a few people and the ability to make more on a ship storing them in the phantom zone. Lastly your very critical of the plot holes in DC flicks even though Marvel's plot holes are so large they don't even bother covering them up they just say "franklin richards" if anyone complains.

  9. So dumb, some of these aren't even plot holes…10. The president canceled the sentinel program because he saw that not all mutants were evil, and also he saw that sentinels can be manipulated anyway. Also, Charles let magneto go because Charles would eventually want to rehabilitate magneto, and the fact that he knows they work together in the future is part of the reason he thinks this..ALSO, in the comics, magneto is actually the Charles of that timeline(he fights for humans and mutants against the sentinels) since Charles died, since he's a good guy then he must live.
    6.darth maul was obviously trying to play with him, by creating sparks with his saber this is obvious. Likewise you can't just spam the force, it is on a limited energy source.
    Also want to add that to all you hating on the phantom menace, stop bitching…it was not a bad film, I'm a huge Star Wars fan and I enjoyed it(except for jar jar of course).

  10. are we really not gonna talk about raiders of the lost ark? i mean come on, it has a plot hole so massive they made an episode of the big bang theory about it. 

    and another huge plot hole is in pokemon the movie 2000. 

    a rich dude collect rare pokemon. he decides he wants the legendary birds. this upsets the balance of nature in the region and causes all kinds of chaos. eventually, ash and the gang team up with lugia to free the birds and save the day. 

    the problem is simply that IF the pokemon world had an organized military they could have stopped him long before all the chaos started. its not so much a hole in this movie as it is a hole the entire concept the pokemon world. because there is no police force (beyond the few officer jennys.) there was really no one to stop him before it all got out of hand. 

    and no one every considers the fact that a light saber can cut through literally anything. so why do jedi get stopped by closed doors and thick shielding on ships? why did they have to enter through a air vent in the death star when they could have just cut a hole in the damn thing? and why did whatshisface have to hide inside a corpse on hoth to keep warm when his light saber burns at like a million degrees? just turn it on and stick it in the ground. instant space heater. and all those light saber battle scenes where they slam light sabers together? if there made of light and cut through everything, then how dont they just pass right through each other? and why dont ships just have giant light sabers attached to them to cut enemy ships in half? the same goes for ground ships? seriously, why did they need cables to trip up the atats? just get a giant light saber and cut it to pieces. and why do jedi that can use the force even bother fighting anyone? just choke them from accross the room and be done with it. and come on, no one is as bad a shot as stormtroopers. NO ONE IS THAT BAD AT SHOOTING! ITS JUST NOT POSSIBLE. and please explain to me why R2D2 talks in beeps when voice synthesis clearly exists with C3P0? and if princess leia is so important, why wasnt she trained to be a jedi? some simple self defense training would have prevented the entire plot of that movie. 

    seriously people. there are so many OBVIOUS holes on star wars that it may as well be the movie equivalent of swiss cheese. star wars is stupid and poorly thought out. and SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED SCIENCE FICTION! IT HAS NO BASIS IN SCIENCE! its so stupid it makes me brain hurt.

  11. For your Sherlock Holmes movie, the reason the plot hole doesn't exist is simple. Moriarty loves to challenge Sherlock Holmes. He often leaves clues to get Sherlock on the case in hopes of beating him. He considers Sherlock's deductions to a nearly unsolvable case to be a game, and his greatest hope is to stump Holmes by committing a crime that Sherlock cannot trace back to him or prove.

  12. The whole point of Jango Fett trying to kill Obi-Wan is that Jango Fett
    was paranoid. That's not a plot hole at all.

  13. Darth Maul was playing with Obi-wan. He was taking his time in killing him. How dumb do you have to be to not understand this?

  14. technically number 6 doesnt really work. because any one who uses the force cannot use it on each other…. however as they do it at random through out the films i guess it still counts. yet another reason george lucas almost killed his own franchise……

  15. Also in Dark Knight Rises, there's a prison that's essentially a hole in the ground where no one stays in their cells, everyone has TVs, can recuperate from back injuries and leave if they climb out because there are no guards.

  16. The 28 days later aint a plot hole! They're just enraged hence the name of the virus. They make a point of it in the film that they dont eat, just kill people.

  17. Top Tenz, there is something you should know about the blockbuster universe. It is ruled by a deity called… Plot Convenience

  18. too many holes in your theories. in SW the Jedi are embassy reps. and con search a persons feeling. and would not start an indoor conflict with jango in front of the Kamenos. rather he went outside and immediately reported finding the bounty hunter. that's when the fight broke out.. also he DID see his armor before young boba closed the door. some of your ideas hold water but about half don't and I don't care to explain it all to you right now… so yeah boo to you bud dnt quit your day job

  19. So, I know Im prob gonna get a bunch of neg comments, but your twilight plot hole has its own plot hole. The vampires sparkle in direct sunlight, not daylight, and since the town they live in is the cloudiest/rainiest in america (as mentioned at some stage in the movie), that is the reason the cullens live there, and can be seen happily walking around in broad DAYlight, with cloud cover. There is also the part you missed about Edward et al not being in school on sunny days, again, showing that they are careful to keep the secret. I know peoplke are prob gonna tell me I'm wrong, but thats fine, I know I'm right, but, if you have a PROVABLE instance of one of them walking around in front of the humans in direct SUNlight, not just DAYlight, by all means post it and pm me the link

  20. MOS is addressable one of two ways, either that the Council didn't believe Krypton was doomed, or they're adherents of the Principle of Double Effect (PDE; or DDE for Doctrine of Double Effect), which distinguishes between direct intentional actions and side-effects. Even if that's not a widely adhered to philosophy today, that doesn't prevent an alien culture from having it so ingrained that they follow through with it until their last days; assuming otherwise is arrogant cultural imperialism.

    The whole parable of Krypton is that they were stubborn, unchanging, and that lead to their downfall… is it at all surprising that their justice system may follow inflexible rules that defy our own? The alleged "plot hole" is nonsense.

  21. im not a fan of twilght, but have read the books, and the 'plot hole' is explained to make sense in the 1st book, they live in forks because it has over 300 over cast days a year (cant remeber the mumber but its like over 90%) and they only sparkal in direct sunlight, like a diamond out side wont refract light in a clouds shadow, but in sunlight it will, it uses this logic, a bit skewed i know but meh. also every sunny day the cullens are pulled out of school for "camping trips" hence no sparkle. and because you mentioned the book by saying even if you haven't read the books you would know these vampires sparkle therefore must included there knowledge in your plot holes

  22. I got the impression that Jango Fett was under orders to kill Obi-Wan. If he had called his boss and reported a Jedi nosing around it is not out of the question that he could have been told to kill the Jedi.

  23. Okay so im a former twilight fangirl and I feel obligated to say this… The reason that the Volturi didn't kill Edward or Bella despite him exposing their secret to a human was bc they think that Edwards mind reading gift is too valuable to waste. They denied his first request of death for that same reason. They would have only killed him if he made a huge scene and since he only told Bella and no one else knew they didn't find it necessary to kill him but they were going to kill Bella but Alice showed the Volturi leader that Bella would become a vampire with her mind reading abilities and that's why nobody was killed.

  24. pt 2. The vampires are seen outside during the daytime and aren't sparkling bc they live in forks Washington and apparently is cloudy most of the time and when it isn't the Cullens don't leave the house to avoid blowing their secret and have everyone believe that their parents just take them out for hiking.

  25. In Game of Shadows, the explosion was said in the film not to be strong enough to kill everyone in the room absolutely, and since it was the late 1800s, they couldn't use anything more power full because it would've been to big to hide in the room. The explosion was used to cover up the assassination by making it look like an attack on a group of people rather than just 1. They do something similar in Jack Reacher.

    But, apart from that, great list. I'm subscribing.

  26. I could be wrong, but I think tournament rules said someone walking into your kick or punch is ok. I think this brought up in part 3.

  27. Zod and his soldiers where released after krypton was destroyed and because of that the phantom drive failed and they watched their world die in horror zod even explained how he escaped the zone because of it in the movie

  28. the terminator , how can john send back kyle to protect his mum? he is john father, so john would not have existed to be able to send him back and in pregnant sarah in the first place.

  29. 10 is not a plot hole. Xavier's (and Mistique) actions proved to Nixon that not all mutants are evil and you don't need to gather them all up and lock them in death camps. It was also revealed that Trask was willing to sell military secrets which got him arrested and possibly a prison sentence for espionage.

  30. I'm not sure if this video is a recycling of all the other videos that did the exact same thing or the other way around, but then again it You Tube

  31. Many of the so-called plot holes are merely things that are not spelled out to the audience in baby blocks. There are a few things, however unlikely they are, that can/could be explained with information not conveniently available in the film. Some people just have no imagination or for example: they just don't like superman and will try to find anything wrong with him. And yeah, many of these films were not  sublime works of perfection. Few movies are man, what do you want?! Reality is F-ing boring and sucks most of the time when it isn't boring. You want total realism? You think we don't know Hollywood isn't selling perfection?

  32. 10) Magneto was actually key to the plan. They needed to make sure the Sentinel program never got off the ground, and Magneto did just that by taking control of the Sentinels and turning them against the president, making sure that they would never be put into mass production and thus never get advanced enough for the future. It had nothing to do with making mutants more popular, just stopping Trask's Sentinel Program. Not a plot hole.

    8) I missed the part where they said the infected couldn't differentiate between themselves and noninfected. It's pretty clear that part of the infection means not attacking other infected. Not a plot hole.

    4) This is a popular myth. There is no face kicking rule in that fight. Not a plot hole.

  33. just to say about what you are saying about the phantom menance people who are force sensitive must call upon the force in order to end up getting the speed bursts it could have been that obi-wan was to exhusted to be able to do it or more then likely he felt fear for his master and did not think before he charged off leaving his emotions rule him and causing it to block his judgement. its not that they can all just run really fast they call upon the force to do it which if you read the books it says it takes strength to do

  34. These aren't really plot holes, they're just things you didn't understand in movies. It's okay, we all want to be hat cool "everything sucks" guy that is smarter than everyone else. But… a lot of the time that mentality is self failing.

  35. technically, the infected in 28 days later would function as a symbiotic virus, meaning that its primary focus is simply spreading as far as possible.
    that would be a plausible explanation to the plot hole, as no team of scientists could not gather any substantial data that determines the nature of the disease in such a short timespan.
    It could have been done better though.

  36. 9. (I've never seen it so correct me if I am wrong) but wouldn't a weapon that vaporises water not just instantly kill everyone? We are made mostly of water?

  37. Twilight plot hole: Bella is a woman.

    What happens to a woman once a week that would attract vampires?

    Why is Edward scared of hurting her when all he has to do is wait to get plenty of blood.

  38. well if obi wan used to speed he would have been runing to fast and not be able to stop aaaand fall into the whole

  39. Most of them ruined for me. However, in defense of the 28 days later, have you ever tried to run down any animal? They tend to be pretty fleet on their feet. In the phantom menace there is no force speed, and force push can be deflected by force users. Do you even star wars bro? -.- Also, on the Dark Knight Rises the city looks crime free? You probably left your eyes at home or something. And the point of the phantom zone is the crystals on their forehead slowly erasing their "criminal tendencies". Fett had to kill Obi because he found out about the clone army. Duuude. Where did your quality go?

  40. Darth Maul didn't use the force because he was opposed to killing an enemy so easily. He essentially didn't push Obi-Wan down because his whole mentality was to kill and enemy with a sword in their hands. Also, he didn't like the use of the force in combat, and only used it against Obi-Wan when Obi-Wan's ataru offensive pruved to be too much for the sith Lord.

  41. 8. No, no, no. They aren't driven to eat. In fact, by the end of the movie, many starve. They just want to kill people. The biting is just another way to attack. I'll grant you that they should be attacking each other…in fact, they should be attacking anything that even remotely could be confused as a living creature. Toys, drawings, statues…

  42. you missed one of the simplest plot holes in the second Back to the Future movie the DeLorean is activated by a bolt of lightning but it's not moving 88 miles per hour, a pivotal plot point in 1st and 3rd movies

  43. In 28 Days Later humans were figuring out the infected, they didn't know crap until much later. Everything they said about 28 Days Later was explained in 28 Weeks Later. They are not mindless and not only recognize other infected they even recognize their loved ones.

  44. Oh please I like your videos but learn how to pronounce actors or characters names it's very annoying and effectively ruins your videos for me

  45. more plot holes with star wars attack of the clones :
    Why would jango a bounty hunter hire another bounty hunter to kill padme he's a fucking bounty hunter it's what he does.
    Why does the robot sent to kill padme shoot out poisonous worms why not have a blaster in it to shoot her or a fucking grenade.
    When the second bounty hunter is caught and being interrogated she's killed with a poison dart and jango flies away but instead of shooting a poison dart to just kill the bounty hunter why not shoot the fucking missile he has on his back and kills the Jedi as well.
    Obi wan clearly sees jango's uniform in an open closet but just ignores it for no reason.
    And when obi wan was sent to investigate jango he came on a tiny has ship with room for only one person what would he have done if he actually caught jango make him sit on his lap? 😐
    And finally when Count dooku is fighting yoda and pulls down a big thing down on obi wan and anakin to get away and it works buuuut, 1.When dooku pulled down the thing and was running away why didn't yoda quickly with one hand force push dooku to a wall knocking him out, 2. When the huge thing is falling why don't anakin and obi wan fucking move anakin got his hand cut off and obi wan got a scratch they could have easily walked, crawled, rolled, run away from the falling thing but no just stay there for no fucking reason and 3. When yoda is holding the big thing why doesn't he throw it at dooku's ship so he won't escape 😡.

  46. Where did the idea that contact to the face is illegal in The Karate Kid come from? I see it in lists like this frequently, but it is without foundation. The rule, as explicitly stated by Ali as the trio enters, is "Anything above the waist Isa point. She then gives examples: ribs, sternum, head, all legal scoring areas. Other matches are shown with contact to the face scoring.

    The third movie tournament has a rule against contact to the face as a key plot point, but that's a different tournament in a different movie.

  47. It's a shame this video doesn't came out in 2016, you could do an entire top plot just for Batman V Superman

  48. right in the beginning you don't make sense. basically in 28 Days Later it's implied that they have that hardcore testosterone Gene running through their brain. so they see a sign of weakness they then attempt the most grossest form of domination, beating you and eating you. by the way throughout the movie( the gas station scene and the scene before they meet the Army individuals) they show multiple dead animals. probably because they're in a city you don't see a lot of them eating animals just right there in the street

  49. As for X-Men remember they were in a desperate situation. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and all.

  50. Also why did Ra's al ghul teach Bruce ninjutsu and all the ways of the league of shadows without making sure he shares their ideologies first?

  51. A much larger plot hole in Man of Steel was Zod's plan to turn Earth into a Krypton that would have reverted him and his minions into ordinary people again. Zod doesnt strike me as the kind of guy that gives up ultimate power for altruistic reasons.

  52. The vampires in twilight sparkle in direct sunlight. Still makes no sense, as UV rays penetrate clouds, but that was the idea- daylight is fine, just not the sun’s direct rays. Plus the Volturi have a few humans in on their secret. Clearly there are exceptions, which is why Edward gets away with Bella knowing – though only after Alice shows Aro Bella’s destiny.

  53. Let's think about this. Jango Fett going after Obi-Wan makes sense if you remember a couple of things. First, Jango was secretly working for the trade federation and Darth Sidious the entire time. So, Obi-Wan shows up on Kamino, which he shouldn't know about, and finds out about the clone project, which he shouldn't know about either. So, it makes sense that Jango would take the opportunity to kill Obi-Wan. He was snooping around where he shouldn't be and was an enemy. Then he shows up at the docking bay while Jango was trying to leave. Which is highly suspicious to when you consider him to be your enemy. Jango jumps to the reasonable conclusion that Obi-Wan is after him and so he decides to take out the threat. Yes, Jango was wrong and should have left Obi-Wan alone, but this isn't a plot hole. It is a reasonable course of action to drive the plot along.

  54. I am surprised you left out the "letters of transit" from Casablanca. The idea that documents would exist that would allow anyone holding them to travel wherever they wished and be immune from interrogation or detention is preposterous. It makes for a great movie but the letters of transit are a huge plot hole.

  55. what about the fact that the sentinels dont exist at all in the original future. i know they said 50 years to make but they would have been tested and indentified via espionage during 80's to 2000's. they didnt just 'turn up' after last stand.

  56. In the phantom menace i agree the running part is dumb but darth maul did wat he did because of his ego he wanted to mess with obiwan and was gloating about defeating two jedi

  57. Pretty sure no Rage virus zombies try eating anything, I'd have to rewatch it as its been so long but the premise is that the virus makes them feel uncontrollable rage, not hunger, just like its name suggests. Viruses, fungal infections, parasites and bacteria have been shown to have purpose, almost like intelligence, creating a fear of water or dispelling a rodents fear of cats. It's not unconcievable that the infected in 28 days later would only target uninfected.

  58. Fine, I'll be the resident Star Wars geek. Jedi and Sith don't *always*, automatically use the Force. The Force is used consciously (or at least it is most of the time). A trademark of the Sith is arrogance. Darth Maul just killed a legendary Jedi and then knocked his padawan over the ledge. Isn't that a moment for an arrogant individual to become arrogant? You see him slashing his saber along the edge, making sparks. He's laughing. And that's when Kenobi caught him off-guard. Maul was less disciplined in his temperament than Kenobi, and that's what determined the dual.

    As for the fast running, you got'em there! Obi Wan should have been able to force-sprint past those ray gates. Some might say that he forgot, but even then that's a pretty flimsy excuse to have in a screenplay. I'd say George Lucas forgot.

  59. 7:34 Huh? I've never seen Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows but that makes no sense. Why would Moriarity have to "discover" Moran's plan when Moriarity is the one who hired Moran?

  60. 6:15 it is interpreted in the novelization that Darth maul started toying with obiwan and got overconfident, allowing obi wan to kill him

  61. The movie ET the Extraterrestrial by Steven Spielberg has a hole in the story that you can drive a truck through. In the beginning of the movie, ET and his cohorts are on earth just looking around. Suddenly humans show up, and the extraterrestrials freak out and start to run back to their ship. ET is running in fear, but arrives after the ship takes off. Then later in the movie, this same guy who had to run back to the ship, suddenly has the ability to make a boy, a bicycle and himself fly. Strange that ET wouldn't have been able to cause himself to be able to fly back to the ship rather than hoofing it…

  62. Number one was perfectly reasonable for Jango Fett. He knows that Jedi have incredible capabilities and not trying to murder one on his tail would be a huge mistake on his part from his point of view. He's from the cutthroat and vicious underworld, not some politician that is an expert in legal games (though even they are rather cutthroat in Star Wars anyway).
    Not a plot hole.

  63. For Twilight, this is actually blatantly explained in the books, though maybe not in the movies, it's been a loooong time. Basically, the only reason they are allowed to live is because 1. The bad guys didn't know about them originally, and 2. When they do find out, the Cullens promise that they are planning on turning Bella, but they first want to let her get a bit older because it would be suspicious for a 17 year old high schooler to just disappear. Especially one with a cop for a father. The vampires have rules, but not letting some humans know isn't one of them. The group that reins over them all actually keep many humans that are either permanent food sources, spies that are able to go anywhere at anytime, or will at some point be turned into vampires themselves. The vampires have long trusted humans to perform certain roles and the Cullens telling a single human would not prompt any ire from any other vampires. The only thing that reins hell onto the family is that they are jealous of the vast array of powers that have been amassed in the Cullen family and were looking for any excuse to seize those that they could. I'm not a huge fan, I just figure if you are going to pick a flaw from those movies, of which there are MANY don't pick one that is clearly not a flaw at all, but well thought out for once.

  64. Obviously missed the part where Magneto took control of all the Sents. That moment the whole program was useless.

    Moriaty was being thorough. If the guy survived even by a margin, plan is foiled. He was making sure he had every piece backed up

    Karate kid never had the no head rule. Its clear in the movie.

    Krypton doesn't do it because ethics. They are not pacifists. The government is clearly unethical and refuse to listen to reason. They have an army who they deploy at the drop of a hat.
    In that mindset, a fate worse than death makes more sense. It is the ultimate punishment.

  65. I reject your statement that the school of the cobra kai in karate kid was poorly run bc "karate is meant to be used in self defense". Many weapons are designed to be used for self defense and are often used for other reasons. Guns obviously being the biggest but pepperspray tazers and pocket knives are also common self defense weapons that are often used in the commission of crimes. My point being, anything designed for self defense can be used for any other reason if put into the hands of someone with ulterior motives.

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